#Flutter is the best Green Technology

July 22, 2021, 5:16 am
#Flutter is the best Green Technology
Flutter is the best Green Technology. Yesterday we needed - Android team - the iOS team - The web team - the Windows team - the Linux team - the macOS team. But today, one development team is enough. Flutter will save our world. Retweet & like if you agree

Dismiss the current FlutterViewController by itself, given you have more than one navigation controller on your stack. You have to go native.

No. Flutter just doesn`t fit on the desktop.

yep , already used flutter + golang in two apps.

Can we do the API in a Dart framework ?

As a tech company owner, I have changed our technology from Native to flutter it saved time and something else

I agree with the potential of Flutter to replace all of these. Platform support is not 100% though (i.e. FlutterFire on Windows/Linux). It`ll get there and i`m excited for when it does. Until then web support is getting much better.

You`re driving a valid point; however, one has to come to a perfect trade-off between cost and quality. For a young startup, for a simple project - mostly UI, for a quick release - perhaps a POC, Flutter or any another hybrid platform would do; not so much for a complex project

Until it gets to one installing infinite packages and doing checks like if(Platform.isWhatever)....

I strongly disagree. Some applications needs to be built on their native platform. Considering performance which one of the things to consider when developing software

On the game side of things there is also the FlameEngine that is build on top of Flutter Recommend to check it out (because I am biased haha): Although Flutter is a powerful platform, I caution against taking of it as the be-all-and-end-all of programming. It still has many flaws and does not replace native platforms. As with all hybrid platforms, its limits will force you to go native. Sorry to rain on your parade!

Yes sure if your app makes only api calls and shows data! Otherwise if youd want to do a lot of things with phone hardware, youd need to write native code and there youd need native devs :)

We use Flutter in our startup and way too quicker and easier to build app with it then with other technology.

Don`t forget that Fuchsia with Dart and Flutter is here

We have developed the app below with Flutter and it was really fast to build it up. And yes I`m native iOS developer since 2009 but we preferred to develop with Flutter. App is owned by one of the biggest tech blog in Turkey. But the janks :/

Flutter is developing so fast but right now we need the native developer. Flutter cant solve everything.

Can you suggest some good Flutter apps? All Ive used looked awful and out of place on iOS

We are going to the moon

Well you still need web team, according to flutter team

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