First phone: iPhone 4S Last phone: Galaxy Z Fold3

November 30, 2021, 3:53 pm
First phone: iPhone 4S Last phone: Galaxy Z Fold3
First phone: iPhone 4S Last phone: Galaxy Z Fold3 Best phone: Galaxy Z Fold3 Dream phone: ...Galaxy Z Fold3... Phone with the most falls: Galaxy Z Fold2.. by far

First phone: huawei y3c Last phone: honor 7a Best phone: iPhone se2 Dream Phone: iPhone 13 pro max or galaxy z flip Phone with most drop: Honor 7a

First phone: Siemens ME45 Last phone: OnePlus8T+5G Best phone: OnePlus6T and OnePlus8T Dream phone: ROG5 Pro or Sony Xperia Pro-I Phone with most falls: Sony Ericsson w830 (had the screen replaced twice).

First phone: Mitsubishi (yeah, way way back) Last phone: Galaxy S21 Best phone: too many to choose just one. Dream phone: Galaxy S with iOS eye candy UI Phone with most falls: none, I don`t drop my phones.

First phone: Lenovo Vibe k5 note (hand down) Last phone: redmi note 10 pro Best phone: redmi note 10 pro Dream phone: mi 11 ultra Phone with the most falls: Realme 5 pro

First phone: iPhone 4s Last phone: Motorola G9 Plus (currently have iPhone 11) Best phone: iPhone 11 Dream phone: iPhone 13 Pro Sierra Blue Phone with most damage: iPhone SE

First phone: Samsung S5230 Last phone: iPhone 13 Pro Best phone: iPhone 13 Pro Dream phone: 13 Pro or Z Fold 3 or S21U Phone with the most falls: Galaxy A5 2017

First Phone: Nokia 5800 Last Phone: iPhone 13Pro Dream Phone: Yet to exist Phone With Most Falls: Xperia U

First phone: some Archos windows Phone Last phone: note 10 lite Best phone: uh idk my best phone is my current one, best overall(not mine) s21u Dream phone: note 22 ultra Most falls: some other Archos Android phone with KitKat

First Phone: Galaxy Note 4 Last Phone: Poco F3 Best Phone: iPhone X (For its time) Dream Phone: Mi 11U Phone with Most Falls: Galaxy S8+

First phone: Nokia N8 Last phone: realme 6 Best phone: Galaxy S22U Dream phone: Galaxy S22U Phone with most falls: Galaxy S4 (7 screens broken in a matter of 3 years) I spent a total of $700 on repairs on it

First phone: ericson gf388 (i think) Last phone: iphone 13 pro Best phone: palm pre series Dream phone: android with cam & battery on iphone but with size max 6 inches

im all over first: samsung galaxy a10e or ipod touch 2nd gen last phone: iPhone 4S best: iPhone 7 (current) dream phone: iPhone 13 Pro

First phone - Samsung Galaxy SIII Last phone - iPhone Xs Best phone - iPhone Xs Dream phone - iPhone 13 Pro Phone with most falls - iPhone SE

First phone: Sony Ericsson W715 Last phone: iPhone 11 (my main, as I use multiple devices) Best phone: MLS IQTalk Great Dream phone: ...Nokia N9 Phone with the most falls: iPhone 11 by far

First phone - Sony K750i Cybershot Last phone - Galaxy Note 8 Best phone - Galaxy Note 8/HTC One M8 for the time Dream phone - S22U/Note20U for already released ones Phone with most falls(dropped right?) - HTC One X+

First phone: Allview P5 Mini Last phone:Technically Z Fold3 but im back at the Note20U Best Phone: Note20U Dream Phone: S22U Phone with the most falls: S6 by far, broke my camera while doing it

grand prime, grand prime, s9, s21u, idk

First phone: iPhone 5(hand down) Last phone: iPhone 6s(hand down) Best phone: iPhone 7(hand down)(current) Dream phone: ...iPhone 13 mini...

First phone: S10 Current phone: S21+ Best phone: S21+ Dream phone: Custom made GoogleSamsung phone (as per my specifications) Phone with most falls: iPhone 11

First Phone: Nokia X Last phone: LG G8x Best phone: LG G8x Dream Phone: Note 20U(Sd) Phone with most falls: Galaxy note 3

First phone - Samsung corby Last phone - Flip 3 Best phone - S21U Dream phone - Pixel 6 pro Phone with most falls(dropped right?) - S6 Edge

First Phone: Nokia Asha Last Phone: J2 Prime Best Phone: J7 Pro Dream Phone: Any Xperia Phone with the most falls: J2 Prime / SDuos 2

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