Finally received my first ever game console at the

September 21, 2021, 8:42 am
Finally received my first ever game console at the
Finally received my first ever game console at the age of 42 - a late birthday present (PS5). Jesus, it`s complicated! So many buttons and controls. I`m hoping I can get the hang of it!

I got the Oculus for Xmas 43, VR is basically witchcraft on steroids - and Im here for it!

Id recommend getting Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order, Star Wars: Squadrons, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Spider-Man. All brilliant games

Thats awesome L! I just got a console (a switch) for the first time in a decade. And you know what? Its fun as hell

Man!! You are trying to fly too high, our thing is Atari 2600. Im an N64 girl I cant work the new ones

May the PS5 be with you. Always.

Sounds like its going well!

Welcome to the gaming club.

Should`ve started with a Nintendo 64.... haha have fun

You don`t celebrate birthdays do you Lloyd? Mr. naughty Lloyd. Don`t tell Watchtower because they might disfellowship you.

Update: There`s something wonderfully therapeutic about cutting through stormtroopers as Luke Skywalker on Star Wars Battlefront! I`m warming to this whole gaming thing!

The kids will show you!

I use to tease my parents about not being able to work out the set up and controls for my N64. When I got a PS4 the karma came back to haunt me

Oh, my husbands jealous!!!!

Time for some Jedi Fallen Order?! Lloyd, do yourself a favor and try RDR2. Its been one of the best gaming experiences Ive had in a long time Lol first console you`ve owned and it`s a very difficult one to obtain. Lucky!

Wow. I remember I wanted a Tamagotchi. But it was too demonic

Please do play both of The Last of Us games. Having said that every other game will pale in comparison after.

Youre brave.

Happy belated birthday and congrats on snagging a PS5!

She really is!!!

The light will get brighter and brighter on how to use it Lloyd!

I still dont have one

Stream it on Twitch

Wait - did you just say PS5 ?! How ya get ya hand on that you lucky lucky boy you lol

Youll be fine with this. Ah okie, that makes sense. You have more than a few strings pulled here to get hold of one of these. Have fun, and don`t let it distract from the other fun you do on the 501c3 you appear on.

Congrats! Have to admit, Im a little jealous! How did you get your hands on a PS5? Ive been scouring the sites looking for that or a Series X. Most are asking two to three times what its value is. So nice job on getting one. Have fun!

Wait what. You have got your hands on a PS5. You have a machine made of solid gold my friend.

Good luck. I went through all the games systems when I was a kid. Now when I play my son, its like Im a sloth trying to catch a fly between my two claws.

Also the buttons on the controller are labeled. Just look at the controller a Few times. Those I`ll give are a little weird to get the hang of L - Left R is right R2 second most right button. Things like that.

Lloyd my man, you just gotta plug it into the TV and the wall. It`ll walk you through the rest.

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