Finally got a shiny! Lol https://t

June 4, 2021, 1:48 am
Finally got a shiny! Lol https://t
Finally got a shiny! Lol

Samsung has been quality picture, it just does too much. You can literally do so much at the same time, but that being said iPhone is still tops for me. Im a simple man who likes simple things in life.

Hahah I actually have 3 phones and Ill jump my account onto that phone based on what Im doing but Ive been playing on my iPhone 12 and its comfortable

FFS..... you know Im gonna have to do it now

I dont even know if its iPhone or if its an update lol I just know on my Samsung I didnt have that and on my iPhone I do lol

Current 10km pool :) Every event they change the egg pool. They just changed them. If you have IPhone they show you whats in the eggs.

Bro I didnt change just Niantic doesnt want me to have riolu in fact Im gathering 10kms so I can hunt him

Bro you know I aint that cool to have one of those you would ask for one of the hardest ones to come by

So fricken lucky! I want that bunny

Lol... I never heard that one... I always catch that daily spawn, maybe I should stop catchin it!?!

I used to have 6 spawns by my house and they were all in my neighbors yard but when they changed the spawns I got over a hundred from my house to the end of my road. I`m pretty sure its cause of how many pokmon ive caught. At the time of the change I was well over 150k caught

Same... I live in the middle of nowhere so I dont have any gyms close to me but thankfully I have tons of spawns by my house now.

I go thru dry spells too... But it seems like the more I catch the more shinies I get, could be just I`m clicking on more Pokmon but when I just shiny check I don`t get as many.

I know what u mean... I finally got one today after days without one!

Congrats! Such a cool shiny!

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