January 29, 2021, 11:28 pm
FF/DevShare (VIDEOGAMES!) Share a game your working on / RT Follow and Like other gamedev Tag other devs If not a game dev feel free to tag one to get some attention for them. It`s been a little neglected but check out a game I`m working on .

Hey nice to meet you Thanks Pher!

Cool! We love deck building and dice games as well xD

Well, I don`t have much yet (considering it`s only 2days old); but I`m working on this lil farming game. Hey, thank you for this! Were working on a sword that is a pistol, or is it a pistol that is a sword? Thank you very much! Really glad you enjoyed it

Thanks for the support We are working on dice deck-builder where you need to save the galaxy by using your cosmic dice to purify decayed creatures! Here`s some concepts of Moonie, one of the playable characters =) Thank you Pher! Flip Shapes is free on Google Play & App Store Tagging Not a dev myself but I am working with art and animation for the game Stream Quest, and some other nda projects. =)
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