Fall 2021 "I`d like to congratulate Phil Spencer and

June 10, 2021, 12:29 pm
Fall 2021
Fall 2021 "I`d like to congratulate Phil Spencer and the team at 343 Industries for the long-awaited launch of Halo Infinite" -Jim Ryan Lol, who are we kidding here? That will NEVER happen, just like most of these PlayStation fans on social media will never praise an Xbox game.

Sony fanboys are a joke

Im a PlayStation fan and I will give all the praise in the world to Xbox when their in-house studios finally put out their games that they announced to a couple years ago. I dont care who likes what I just want a good game regardless of who makes it

LOL thats a straw man fallacy attempt, darling. Im perfectly fine and got what I need. bots mad at phil spencer because he praised a PlayStation game Lol

Jim doesn`t have a twitter account

So pumped to play this tomorrow at midnight!!!!!!!

Dont need their praise.

Phil Spencer is a class act. Jim Ryan is not. Simple

Once Xbox start dropping bombs one after the other on game pass next year this time Sony fanboys will be Xbox fanboys

Why would they do that when hating xbox gets them likes?

Sony rarely communicates they too busy getting money out of their fans they didn`t even congratulate xbox back in their launch day for series x and s

People who take part in console wars

Ori is quite good so is cuphead.

stop crying

Who cares if ms is more classy right now?

Phil is better and good that way.

Phil is class personified.

Jim Ryan isn`t active on Twitter .. But you`ll ignore that caveat I guess

Most of them don`t even support playstation games so it`s really not a surprise that they won`t support other platforms.

Umm, this tweet is congratulating Insomniac (the developer) not Jim Ryan or Sony. Misinformation.

Phil is a gamer first, hes not one for clout and he loves games. We dont deserve Phil, honestly he might be one of the best in the industry. I really hope he stays around for a long time.

Some ps fans do have some class but a lot of fanboys don`t and are on interested in a zero sum game

Snake oil salesman Phil is fake as And what game would we be praising ? Passion projects that go to gamepass to die ? Well over 600 days since an first party Xbox AAA game and even when that changes it`s just halo, Forza or gears.

That cause phil is a gamer and jim isn`t like most fanboys who care about sales.

This is Twitter dude.

But yeah, looking forward to play Halo:I definitive edition. If its good I`m happy to pay for it even (first game in 2 years that might justify GamepassUltimate I snatched in 2019).

Hello Cloud Jim Ryan is the bane of PlayStation he will run this great company into the the ground with his misguided greedy decisions chop his bonuses he doesn`t deserve them,the PlayStation fans should get all the credit not executives

When Xbox has something to be congratulated on Im sure Sony would congratulate them its just been a loooooonnnnnnggg time on Xbox

Yeah Phil is GREAT and always shows enthusiasm for other games studios success

Sony has it`s head too far in the clouds to be this courteous. lol

Phil is the best in the business and class.

What goes around, comes around, envy in a camp will make the camp go rotten to its core. It will collapsr 7 years ago, it was MS` turn. Now it is Sony`s turn

Phil is a cut above thats why! philspencer topbloke

I mean Sony did drop two exclusives series x only gave us the medium so far and thats coming on the five

Maybe because halo infinite wont be worth getting excited over

Lol lets see if the game is worth praising or not to begin with.

I have the absolute respect and admiration to Phil Spencer, not everyday you see this the head of a rival company congrats a team for their huge success, this is admirable, he is truly a remarkable person

What games tho? First, you need to release a Next-Gen game in order to receive praise. Must Jim come and congratulate you for old games? or for finally having dynamic themes (like the PS3)?

Phil oftenly plays with fans too, his games are open to join if he`s in one, he`s a great guy

Well when it comes out well see what happens. Cant predict the future. Dont even have a date on the game yet

Yea, CEOs congratulating each other is the hot topic.. This message from the xbox herirachy doesn`t look very complimentary. Where`s your fake outrage post on it? Praise has to come naturally, having said that there should be something to praise in the first place.

Sony is in the business to make money. I mean both are, but only Sony doesnt communicate regularly with fans, lies about their games platform availability and literally charges devs for cross play. Worst customer service in the industry. Of course they wont congratulate Xbox

Yeah but its not as easy and practical as a tweet, you know?

Probably also because Jim doesnt have a Twitter account

Jim doesn`t play games...

Jim doesnt even have a twitter acc

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