Face down; Facebook goes down, users can`t post (or like!)

October 21, 2013, 4:15 pm
Face down; Facebook goes down, users can`t post (or like!)

We are not used to see Facebook facing troubles. But this is exactly what has happened this Monday morning!
In-numerous users around the world are reporting that they are unable to post on Facebook as well as comment on other posts, or even Like!The world`s most popular Social Network has in effect become unusable this morning.
How have users communicated about all this mess?Using an other social network of course (which was still working...) Twitter...Facebook going down provides a very interesting indication as to what happens when a major site, and the 
 associated with it,
 goes down for millions of people around the world.
Facebooks malfunction clearly shows just how important the electronic way of sharing information and communicating has become to a vast number of people of all backgrounds and ethnicity and the complications created when technical problems arise...
Even though we are sure the Zuckerberg`s team is very busy at work trying to fix the problems, there was no official word from Facebook as to when the popular Social Network will come back... 
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