FAA declared Wi-Fi safe during all flight phases

October 7, 2013, 5:56 pm
FAA declared Wi-Fi safe during all flight phases

An FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) committee has declared Wi-Fi to be safe during all flight phases.The decision means in practice that passengers can now immediately connect to a plane`s onboard Wi-Fi, no matter the altitude or phase of flight and start using the internet.
One of FAA technical advisors said that €œthe vast majority€ of aircraft should be just fine, no matter what application a device is running or €œwhat wireless-transmission mode they are in.€ The advisor happens to also be
a senior Amazon official.
is the Planes today are considered very resilient to electronic interference hence FAA`s decision to declare Wi-Fi usage safe on-board the aircrafts.Contrary to the Na
tional Aviation Authority of the United States` 
declaration though, the FCC still prohibits airborne cellular service, so plane passengers still can not use their data connections while flying.
expect from now on passengers to be encouraged to switch their devices to Airplane Mode but what will happen if passengers don€™t comply with that? Amazon€™s vice president of global public policy 
Paul Misener,
 believes that 
€œthat wouldn€™t present a significant safety hazard.€ 
We all looking forward to be able to use our gadgets when airborne very soon, and FAA`s declaration of Wi-Fi usage as safe, brings us one step closer to that future.
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