Extremely excited to work with

December 8, 2021, 2:46 am
Extremely excited to work with
Extremely excited to work with [email protected]! Playside is one of THE BEST AAA studios in the world that will deliver an incredible game across multiple platforms and genres. Add in [email protected]_volk and chefskiss. Visit to see their portfolio! SHIB

Great News Welcome Aboard !!!!

PLEASE fix the supply issue so the price manipulation stops! All this doesn`t mean shit till that is done.

Love This Partnership Major studio you say??? No man we know you are working with your buddy at the gaming studio developping over 40 games pouring grapefruit flesh all over your sexy body. Stop lying. $grpft grpft More stuff I know nothing about but still happy to know it. Go shib!

Wow! SHIB with own Ecosystem a one stop shop Games, Healthcare,retail shops,cars,travel,theater,major exchanges. " SHIB is for teh ppl"

SHIB to the moon this EOY 2021

The power of shib is starting.. SHIBARMY in the


A card game

LFG!!! SHIB SHIBARMY congratulations Shytoshi and thank you for letting us come along on your dream

Boom The greatest meme leader of all time

So bullish on this

Proud to be a SHIBARMY !! We Feared Nothing!! NoFUD

Great move bro! Congrats for all hardwork!

sounds like an amazing game

Anything with the Rock atm is surely to blow up!

Let`s go!!!

This makes me giddy Les`t Go together SHIBARMY SHIB Here for the obvious negative tweets. They`re just too funny.

Cant wait to see $SHIB inu game coming out in the future!

Many peoples have hope on this platform

Awwww that saying lol

shibarmy for life

$SHiB need a little burn sir shib is so awesome

wow this BOMB !! Can`t wait for IT... SHIB SHIBARMY

SHIBARMY to the Mars!!!! LFG.

Is there only card games?

Loading new Millioners in town

This is amazing!

I want to fuckinn die pls give my money back, my lord, jesuschrist..!! fuuuuuuuuck maaan Was expecting more of a MMO Voxel like game that allows you to use your coins to purchase housing and land as well as have an open field where you fight monsters to gain materials/equips in which you can sell/buy with shib/shib exchanges. But I guess card games a start for meta

Good stuff. Excited to see what lies ahead shibcardgame Stronger Together People saying that its a card game and aren`t impressed are missing the bigger picture. Pokemon is a card game too and maybe this one starts digital but later sells physical cards in stores which can be bought with normal money or shib coins. Stop thinking small

Awesome ! SHIBARMY

I wonder why with this another good news, $SHIBA price is not moving up at all? there is something weird in this situation..just look GXC, going up like crazy with only tiny good news, can someone explain it?

Card game?

They have some dope Games... Hopefully Shib makes more games other than a Card related Game A VR experience for Oculus quests would be Crazzyyyy can only hope for the future.

SHIBA, SHIBA,SHIBA INU, HOOOOOOO!!! If ya know then ya know. LFG Oh ya and its multi platform for consoles and ios and android! That covers alot! Of people!!!!

cardgames... burn tokens when?

Exciting News I know you get asked this a lot but is there any update on the Circulation Burn thats been reported online?

Sweet so a digital card game with battle mechanics and a AAA game studio with an 8 month time line to complete. Awesome that means shibarium should be ready by feb or so. Unless the process has been sped up this games gonna be siiicccckkk!

kind of lame to be honest

Exciteddddd beyond words!

Which champagne goes best with the current dip?

Shiba literally made it to top 10 cryptos and the team decided to make a card game Please can somebody with some real buisness sense take over this project?

Love this studio. Their graphics are par the best in the world. Go shiba inu. We are Shitoshi! Go ShibArmy

Good news again keep up the good work. But investors invest in a company or coin to make some % also and with this supply its hard to letting shib rise. People wil move to other projects as there not come a decent burning protocol

Hahahahahaha and the media and all think we`re a meme token .

discuss with indian government to accept for payment. What do you think Lets go

Let`s Go!

When its ready, does playing contribute to token burn? Will it extend past a card game format? My bad if it was addressed somewhere. Cheers.

To the moooooooon

Now it`s officially delivered!!

$SHIB, an extremely and surprisingly resilient and adaptable coin, trying to shed its identity as a meme coin Solid news but not salivating wheres the niche? Everything and everyone is clamoring to have some sort of P2E game now. You know its a bubble when

Amazing! Shibarmy SHIBAINUGAMES SHIB william_volk

Boss level! LFG

Meme coin or not

i thought the studio will be Activision or Bethesda..lol well,card game i guess..

Great news

Would love for this to take out before Christmas

Shiba very very good partnership Great shiba team,many many congratulations

Saving my money for games. I hope. I hold. We go together

$SHIB to $.10

What did you do there? why 2023?

this is the sign !! come on it`s time to the

this is big

Shiba is not a meme token/coin.

How long until completion?

I guess one would have to ask is this video game worth 20 billion dollars?

you are embarrassing

Are you kidding us? Seriously? Do you want to enter the Metaverse with a game of cards? ridiculous!

still shib down.. what`s the use of good news from you

Thank you for being a part of some very special....Shib! For nothing on market

Wowwwww!!!! Awesooooome!!!! only the Target What about leash!!!

Cant say anything my jaw just drop

Love you guys! LFG!

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