Everyone enjoying the new PS+ service? What was the

June 24, 2022, 8:43 am
Everyone enjoying the new PS+ service? What was the
Everyone enjoying the new PS+ service? What was the first game you downloaded?

Kurushi bloody love that game

Id seen it named in coop games a few days ago when looking but went with a couple cheaper options, pleasantly surprised seeing it was in the catalog

I gave it a little tickle when it first came out and enjoyed so will definitely jump back in at some point

I should look into it but have a ridiculous backlog and mostly just buy physical copies still!

Maybe the game ?

I want to play that at some point but hoping I wont have to buy it and it goes on the pass at some point

I was gutted my wheel doesn`t work with it but yeah a very good arcade racer

Cant wait! Ive only heard good things and seen some amazing pictures from it!

Ghost of Tsushima directors cut. How about u?

Lawnmower Simulator!

Shadow Warrior 3. Having a blast with it.

Im gonna say excellent but I got the upgrade from PSnow too early to tell if its worth 100 quid a year But wild arms with trophies yes please

Resident Evil because I didn`t have to subscribe to do so I`ve since subbed to the Extra tier and downloaded these too Death Squared to play with the wife!

First Game - Deliver Us The Moon Second Game - The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope

Ghost of Tsushima! Excited to start it!

Had a look and was gonna download sniper elite 5. Realised all it had was SE4. Unsubbed instantly and went back to the greatest value sub service in gaming. Gamepass to play sniper elite 5. Day 1. Incredible

Downloaded Toy Story 2 first, took a break from it an got the platinum on Kurushi, I`ve went back to Toy Story now

Demon souls ( for my son as he has all other fromsoftware platinums) its too difficult for me

Waiting on them sorting my upgrade price first

Returnal again, as it`s still the best PS5 game launched so far and cant wait to coop with some guys and try the tower DLC

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