Every game on mobile: - I am an incompetent

February 7, 2021, 10:37 am
Every game on mobile: - I am an incompetent
Every game on mobile: - I am an incompetent man foiled by large spears, rescue me - I am a princess who didnt get picked for the prom, please make me dumber and pluck my eyebrows -When I drag the one color into the same color it explodes - Spell cat to save your brain - Tanks

I`m gonna go with Twisty puzzles being on both...move the coloured square over and it spells cat.

So I feel I`ve mostly avoided that over the years. Speaking for myself, Tanks are OK. We don`t need the other things.

....which one is pokemon go

Vehicles of warfare, but they`re anime girls. Anime trading card based RPG. RTS WW2 but the commanders are anime girls. CIV 6 but everyone is an anime girl. Anime chess. Anime SUDOKU. Word puzzles that stereotype ancient China a bit too much. Temple run but remixed.

Drag tanks piloted by spear princesses to spell cat, get colourful victory explosion?

you should check out the number 1 racing game on iOS And lastly... Gatcha

Or Gatcha.

Emulator? Have not played any games in years, I`ve had a few good ones, and a few ugh ones. I don`t like playing games on my phone though... too much of a work tool, tablet is ok though :D There is that one ship game I like, it works can be fun. Esp when the stories are silly.

you forgot: - dragons, and also, tits - how are these 2 pics different? - click the tool that puts out the fire; now click the tool that fixes the broken water pipe; now click... - a horde of unwashed masses is coming to steal your resources - mow them down with a machine gun

I was gonna question the plucking eyebrows one then remembered there`s literally one for popping zits. Ech.

Mobile games were a mistake. This is why I stream from my gaming PC using Moonlight.

Where does COD:M fit in here? Is it basically a tank game? I will say +1 for no ads that you have to sit through.

Wait... Is mobile Scrabble no longer what`s hot in the streets? I suddenly feel out of the loop.

Yup... The only studio I found that is decent is You forgot: build a harem of warrior princesses and battle other players harems

Oh shoot where do I get "tanks"? Also you forgot "numbers go brrrrrr"

I keep telling myself to carry my switch around, but (no gachas)... Monument Valley (+ 2) Hungry Cat Picross Purrfect Edition ($2 remove ads) Mini Metro Bloons TD 6 Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector (not really a game)

And now I feel incomplete somehow for attempting to learn Go on my phone.

*Looks at his emus and roms* There`s a bunch of good indie games where you don`t have to put up with that. Some that don`t need much focus too. Threes, Kami, Mini Metro, and a bunch of others. Check the list of Android games that has been on Humble Bundle.

Among us - social game/deception 5* Magium -text based adventure 4* Infinitode 2 - minimalist TD 4.5*

And all 5 have an icon of a cartoon man yelling.

And doodle jump. I miss doodle jump.

I only have two mobile games - Plague, Inc, and a ridiculously overdone version of Klondike with 3D raytraced animations, sparkles, and all manner of utterly pointless, and delightful, decorations.

Progress bars but more animated

And Steppy Pants.

do number puzzles fall into exploding colours or spelling `cat`?

You forgot bubbles popping (or does that fall under colors?)

geoGuessr is fun, you get randomly dropped into a Google street view and have to figure out where you are by looking around.

? Space pew pew, industry, exploration. Yeah ok, its tanks in space.

I enjoy the "make fish jump really high" game.

I grew up playing the "real" versions...with real people. Skill and strategy and thinking over speed and dexterity and luck.

Of I might offer up some exceptions to this time: Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP This War of Mine

Also, this one, which I still haven`t been convinced isn`t some kind of kink thing Praise be I have avoided these. My games are Sunday Lawn (and some other Donut Games originals), Dumb Ways to Die and Runway (2F) - mind you not played any in a wee while.... happy gaming :)

Spider Solitiaire - since SunOS days. Contract Bridge. Hearts. Spades.

Also: after 30 seconds of game play please sit through this 60 second ad

And they`re never half as interesting as the ad for the game is

would like a word

i only play Black Desert and Marvel Future Fight, so

wow apparently I`m playing the wrong games

Tanks are cool.

Is there a category for "Spin the wheel to potentially unlock a hi-res picture of your favorite fictional character with big eyes and an absurd outfit"?

you forgot gacha games.

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