Ethan Winters steps in front of the camera with

June 19, 2022, 10:59 pm
Ethan Winters steps in front of the camera with
Ethan Winters steps in front of the camera with a new third-person mode in the RE Village Winters` Expansion DLC. Out October 28. Full details:

When can we pre order the DLC and Resident Evil 4?

hey guys, it`s doable... please!

Still don`t get the need but it`ll be nice to have

Will this 3rd mode be coming to ps4?

How will the cutscenes work now?

Capcom is really doing amazing right now, besides Re3 remake its been all hits.

RE8 for PS VR2 baby. It has to happen and I am ready!

This looks like a far better way to play Ill definitely run through village again in 3rd person

Ethan just casually looking out at hogwarts for a couple seconds haha

Mercenaries mod in 3 person too??? are you going to play this

So what ? I can play the whole game as 3rd person now? It would be better since it made me feel so sick just playing 1st person mode ..I might than give it another try ..

Will it be possible to play the whole game with the 3rd person mode for the first run ? Thanks

I hope this happens with the 7th one as well

Ok, I didn`t like RE7 and RE8`s 1st person perspective, O might actually get RE8 now.

So we finally know what the husband/dad of the year looks like?

I love the third person mode, I think it will make the game better based on the size of the map compare to RE7, its adventure more than survival.

I`m going to play it for the 1st time ever when 3rd person view comes out, I much prefer RE games this way

Pick me to buy a PlayStation 5

The perfect Halloween gif, cant wait to play it in 3rd person Capcom you`ll be like EA!!

When can we pre order

time for another Lets Watch

Please do Third Person mode for RESIDENTEVIL7biohazard next Wish they made the entire game third-person. At least as an option for those of us who dont like FPS.

Typical capcom. Lets lock 3rd person behind a DLC paywall So, does that mean he gets a face??

We need the Third person for RE7 too!

Cant wait to play this!

Might actually consider playing it now, I hate first person everything

Glad there`s options for perspectives now!

Cant wait for this! Love to get one for 7 also, 7&8 story is brilliant and love how it ties in with the previous games! Not sure it will be as good as 8 as its build for first person but it be so good in 3rd also

Not going to lie. I thought that was Hogwarts at first.

runs better on xbox as usual and also we have chicken wings

Mad hyped for this

Looking forward to the Lady Dimitrescu model swap mods on PC!

still remains an extremely bad RE game...basically isnot Resident Evil anymore ... RE 7-8 are smhting else ...sloppy made horror games mixing and matching whatever trash idea had in mind...RE games need a new experienced director to know the lore and style of gameplay of og REsis

Nice, now instead of being first person re4, its just re4.

That guy cries too much.

I hope they add a first person mode with re4 remake

Almost thought it said ethereum

They should definitely do a reverse of this for RE2 & RE3 remake.

I love it. Gonna finally play RE Village now.

buy capcom

third person is more like Resident Evil than first person. That`s at least something

fidelity mode with more image quality a 30fps no those stupid 60fps with all blurry

Plays better on XBOX

So excited about this. Now do the same for RE7

Still cant believe hes exiting first person

Now I`ll play it, this is how RE games should be played...

Bring it to resident evil 7 too pls

Hope the DLC is on the disc

So awesome they did this. A literal game changer for RE8.

Runs better on Xbox and free on Game Pass

Imagine paying for third person mode?? bloodborn 2 please !!!

Everyone: you son of a bi*ch Im in!

Common Capcom W Why you making us pay for a camera mode ?

Definitely will be replaying playing this on Xbox

Definitely replaying because of this. Good move Capcom

No one cares, drop Omori

Note to self: Don`t mention "Tail Time" around Garfield.

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