Don`t worry Xbox gamers, when PlayStation Gamers are playing

April 25, 2022, 6:31 am
Don`t worry Xbox gamers, when PlayStation Gamers are playing
Don`t worry Xbox gamers, when PlayStation Gamers are playing must play NEW games like Wolverine and Spider-Man 2, y`all will have an Indiana Jones game to play that ABSOLUTELY NO ONE ASKED FOR! How these projects get green lit is beyond me. staysalty

Uncharted 4 is literally the best selling ps4 game ...... how do you not see that Indiana Jones will be massive is beyond me

Bro I`ve been asking for an Indiana Jones game since I was a kid stfu

If youre not excited to play an Indiana Jones game from MachineGames then I dont know what to tell you. I didnt ask for it but I seriously cant wait for it.

I think you may have some mental health issues, as this constant anti-XBox agenda surely cant be healthy for you. Youre either obsessed with it or a troll, which is it?

Movie tie-in lol

Adults = Indiana Jones Kids = superhero marvel games Clown post as usual from no other then the himself

Lets see if the new indiana jones can even compete with the first Uncharted game in terms of gameplay.

I guess the PS5 doesn`t have any games since another Pony is on Twitter.

Thats ok. When we are playing starfield you guys will still be talking on Twitter about Xbox rather than playing any games. At least 500k of you supported the last big Sony game returnal

I`m curious what makes you think everyone give a crap about super hero games? I couldn`t care less even if these came to Xbox so I`m confused what you`re trying to prove? Also how suddenly 2 upcoming games became must play GOTY contenders without seeing anything from them?

But if this Indi game is like Uncharted, it would be great. Hopefully itll come out sooner than later

I`m a Sony gamer, but I`m so sick of these type of accounts that just critique and try to start senseless wars. Get over it. Muted*

This is an adult?

And both companies will fill your favorite upcoming releases with in game Ads. Enjoy console gamers

There`s a new avatar movie coming soon

They dont listen bro reason man they`re all too busy racking it to their own mothers

Most xbox gamers be like who the fuk is indiana jones so sorry for ponis, only two games they have for next year (spiderman 2 and wolverine) while xbox users playing Redfall Forza motorsport Starfield Perfect dark Fable Everwild The outer Worlds 2 State of decay 3 Avowed Hellblade 2 TESVI Indiana Jones etc So sad for ponis.

Honestly it could be cool idk

Indiana Jones is a legendstaystupid

We dont even know if this game will materialized

Looks like youre gonna be featured in the frit and Alex videos again. When will you learn?

The over all numbers are swinging towards Microsoft`s favour. They must be doing something right.. The hate continues.,

Yall sony guys are simething beyond extra. I saw exact 0% of you asking for a wolverine game before its announcement but hate on a game on xbox you know zero about cause? Pretty sure itll also be a NEW game and its not a simple sequal like one of your listed titles. So We can play it on pc

No one ask for your dumb tweet

Wait for it

Nothing is must play lol cringe fanboy

Its Indiana Jones. Hes literally the inspiration for games like Tomb Raider and uncharted

I don`t recall anyone asking for a Wolverine game, but ok.

Or, we stop this really just... lame shit. Like, all of these titles are owned by the same parent company, the money`s going to Disney, and Indiana Jones is another of those great classics people enjoyed from Lucasfilms back in the day, alongside SW and American Graffiti

You are sad

I`ll be sure to enjoy Sony`s games on PC as well as Xbox`s games, my dude. Stay salty.

I asked for it.

The first one ok but avatar was supposed to be a thing in the ps3/360 era. It just never got the proper tools just like we now see UE5 with superman

This guy is really living up to his name

Indiana Jones is a legend and you know he is youre just a pathetic human being feeding on a console war.

Nah, Indiana Jones won`t be xbox exclusive.

So we hyping games years away with no gameplayso its only ok when PS fans do this lol

Why does anyone care? Most people dont even care for first party games and prefer third parties such as rainbow 6 or destiny. This exclusive gaslighting console war gets more annoying each day

Hey, the Indiana Jones games where the one good game I remember from the xbox.

Dude saying this like anybody asked for a Wolverine game. Mfer wasnt even good enough to make it in the avengers.

Y`all PlayStation fans have weird "flexes". You have no idea what Xbox is working on other than what`s already been announced. Calm down.

Why would that be a bad thing? Why is another Spiderman game such a great thing? Or wolverine for that matter. I`d love to see Indiana Jones done the well. I don`t get this tweet at all

I`ve been asking for an indy game forever. Indiana Jones is a huge franchise, to say nobody is asking for a game is super ignorant.

Nobody asked for Wolverine, but its welcomed Im sure. Just like Indiana Jones is welcomed.

You`re probably baiting but considering you`re a fanboy I actually think you`re that stupid so imma say anyway... nobody asked for wolverine either and obligatory: Diabetes king is back at it again. Colin Moriarty clapped his greasy a$$ chicks so hard that typing on his keyboard is the only exercise he gets before eating his 4th Big Mac with extra fries and an XL drink. Its going to be extremely similar to Uncharted.

Salt tweeting this Indiana is cool tho

lmao imagine not wanting to play an Indiana Jones game

In truth, xbox fans will be playing Elder Scrolls 6 when Wolverine comes out. And then xbox fans will play Wolverine. And youll STILL be playing Twitter

Settle down... you might give yourself another go fund me sickness.

Lol you ponies are so salty. Ponies: xbox has no new IP Xbox: were going to build an Indians Jones game. Ponies: no one asked you to make new IP Can`t take you seriously anymore after that humiliation with Colin

Do you have a mental problem? You should be looking forward to PS exclusives, not spending all your time thinking about xbox exclusives. Better still, just grow up.

Yes everyone is so salty because a popular franchise is getting made into a game. Everyone except real gamers that play games, or people who enjoy Indiana Jones. This dude is salty he is a casual gamer.

Indiana Jones huh. Gee I wonder which ps icon you all loved to not shut up about was based on Indy... Standard thoughtless "xbox is bad" post hmm. Yall faboys act like people cant go out and buy a PlayStation and play these games gamers are gamers period.

When GoT was revealed no one asked for that, when zero dawn was revealed no one asked for that. No one asked for TLOU 1. Terrible tweet

Literally the biggest movie in the world, Im sure a lot of people asked for it

Xbox gamers get salty? Huh.

This coming from a "fan" of Spider-Man, an IP EVEN OLDER THAN INDIANA JONES.

And you do this by... doing a rather good photoshop of Todd Howard on Indie`s body... If you put this much effort in playing games and not talking about then, you`d actually be a decent human being.

And yet the salty pony lets Xbox live rent free in his head. Nice

Ironic - the salt king is the saltiest

I`m hyped af for the indiana jones game.

Is this a serious take? An ip thats responsible for spawning games like tomb raider and uncharted. Two franchises ppl like. So why wouldnt ppl be excited for the OG adventurer. Like do you ppl really play games or just ramble on Twitter.

You know that Indiana Jones movies are bigger than Wolverine, right? That it`s why.

Everybody wants new ips. What a stupid take

Salty i remember a long time ago when uncharted came out for the first time for ps3 the world laughed and said we dont need this. So look u might not like the idea but u dont know what the out come is yet. So dont assume then wait and see.

How you and kingtrash and the rest support racism and welcome it back into your fold is beyond me

Wolverine and Spider-Man? The kids games? Oh boy... This won`t age well as usual

I hope it`s good . Uncharted like but with better gameplay. I mean more stuff to do and less climbing.

I mean.. Im pretty stoked for Avatar lol

Indiana Jones if more of a adult property,if course people like you that suffer from Peter own syndrome would be looking forward to childrens properties.

Thats the dumbest fanboyish take Ive ever herd I cant wait for Spider-Man 2 and Wolverine but to act like nobody wants an Indiana Jones just because its most likely going to be an XBOX exclusive is plain ignorant.

Aren`t most games ones that "no one asked for"?

Man I am very excited for Wolverine/ Spiderman 2 AND for Indiana Jones too! You don`t need to hate

Also Avatar we all wanted it also the second movie is coming out

What you mean Nobody asked for we are waiting years for a new one

Who was asking for wolverine? You only started bragging about it when sony announced it

This is such a bad take. Lol.

Do me a favor Manage a release date first for ur games Then talk? Saltiest gamer to ever live

Gamers will have all three.

Daddy Cory barlog still cooking those Damn DLC for 4years? What happened? Ran out of spices? I can`t wait to see ur faces when they announce Ragnarok PC day 1 If you Google the Indiana Jones franchise games they all flopped the only good ones were Legos

Yeah KeepBeingSalty on Twitter while people play games...

Indiana jones is a very popular IP with many loyal fans

Have fun playing in New York for the thousandth time......stayabitch

No one asked for a Wolverine game either

i wasnt asking for Wolverine...

who asked for wolverine?

I`ve been asking for a new Indiana Jones game since Emperor`s Tomb (Staff of Kings on the Wii doesn`t count)

I asked for it?

Oh man . You been playing Sackboy for to long.

Lmao. Making exactly what everyone is asking for is all the time is lame af. That`s why the entertainment industry utterly lacks creativity right now. To many focus groups, to much pandering to the market. Marvel movie after marvel movie, marvel games gonna end up much the same.

They couldn`t use Harrison Ford`s likeness or something?

Indiana Jones is perfect for 50 year Olds.

If Indiana Jones is not an Xbox exclusive, many will be crushed.

I asked for it lol Always wanted one

Imagine saying this when you started a go fund me just to scam people and get a xbox series x come on salty if there wasn`t an Indiana jones you wouldn`t have uncharted unless you want to take the other L where I tell you that they copied from tomb raider as well lol, so who asked for uncharted? no one but Sony still made it after they copied other games I still wonder who green lit that fake gofundme or yours

Of all the worries I have in life, worshipping a plastic brand isnt one of them. Thanks for the concern though. Im sure Xbox fans will manage.

Did you ever asking for classic GoW back in the day ?? I don`t even think so These project just come out from nowhere with alot of ideal from who ever behind those and while you stay here acting like you know everything about game development but in fact ,you dont

Wild guess, but probably the same way Destruction All-stars and Babylon`s fall got green lit

Imagine acting like this lol.

Eh, Im a Playstation guy and Id happily trade Wolverine for an awesome Indy game (though tbf, Im confident Wolverine will be good b/c of Insomniac. Well have to see w/ Indy)

Sometimes the best things are things you didn`t know you wanted. Looks interesting enough to me. But then, I don`t have to dismiss games sight unseen just because they`re on a different console, because I`m a grown ass man.

Did you ever ask for spider-man on ps4 on the first place ? Or god of war back in the day ?? None of you even asking anything and those project just pop-up and come out from nowhere so next time before post something , use your brain

Must have missed seeing my comments if you had to unblock me As a PS5 owner, Ill be playing Indiana Jones.

What up fat boi!!!!!

Grown men posting stuff like this makes me sad! Ponies are pretty sad bunch this generation!

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