Don`t ridicule iPhone 13, Samsung price of $ 1,000

September 15, 2021, 7:46 am
Don`t ridicule iPhone 13, Samsung price of $ 1,000
Don`t ridicule iPhone 13, Samsung price of $ 1,000 Flip3 has the smallest camera main sensor (1 / 2.55) and the slowest charge (15W), even the iPhone 13 mini is stronger than it. A person who likes to tell the truth.

Are you truly comparing a foldable phone today vs a flagship phone(or what it was supposed to be) from apple? LMAO Admit it guys, apple is by far surpassed and Samsung as of today is the king of smartphones. Apple is dead to me. And I`m a Google pixel user!

Oh really ? That`s your take ? Comparing flip and a regular phone ?

Oooooo Ice Universe is being cold now

Man that`s the price tag for a Folding phone you can`t compare it to a normal phone

It`s apple tho. Overhyped bs

Unfollowing the cat for his absurdity lately

A foldable phone on $1000 is okay, at least it a nice upgrade from their last gen. But WTF with iphones? The notch from iphon X... The camera almost same with their iphone 11. At least all iphones should have 120hz...its almost 2022.

since when did you become an apple diehard?

Camera is the reason I took Galaxy Flip 3 off my list.

Ice Flip3 is not the same category to remind you. For that look at S21 and compare with mini or 13

One shouldn`t compare a folding phone to an overpriced device like iPhones.

Listen, if you want to start an uproar hey I`m fine with it...I love to argue BUT you are looking so good coming out with shitty comments like that? Right now you`re like 60 on the IQ rating test

Comparing two different segments is just bad, one can fold the other is a regular one. A person who wants a fold will not look at other phones because of the fold. It`s like comparing laptop to espresso machine

Totally agree. But fold 3 is a beast

And the iPhone 13 folds! .... Oh wait.

When you care so much about numbers that make very little real world difference that you forget that a phone literally folds in half.

Allright we get it, you turned into an Apple fanboy.

Flip has foldable display but iphone doesn`t...

Flip 3 has same camera sensors as fold 3 ?!

Flip 3 is not the top-level flagship. Because the form factor is different, it is difficult to compare a derivative. Folder smartphones are expensive because manufacturing costs are expensive, so if you put all the latest technologies, the price is much expensive.

At least it fold & has 120hz lol

Btw you may have noticed (or not) the awesome features of the folds OMG and in a good way not like the iPhone 6. I wonder hiw much Apple would charge for it roflmao Lol can the iPhone 13 fold lmao?

But the Flip has 120Hz hole punch FOLDING SCREEN

I don`t need to ridicule it. It`s doing a great job on its own lmao.

Interesting how you`re comparing a folding phone that had millions of RND $`s poured into it while being the cheapest foldable out rn to a iphone 12 with new specs..

Agreed - saying this on my equally disappointing fold 3

cat`s high on weed lmao. comparing a literal foldable to a mainstream flagship.

Still iPhone 13 sucks, atleast the Flip3 flips so obviously downgrades will be thr. Can iPhone 13 flip?

You`ve already received the payment

Imagine comparing a foldable vs a regular phone two different phones as well two different methods. You sure are making some bad arguments on all your tweets so far

Itsnt flip 3 25w charging?

Tell your to bring some innovation like Samsung

Z Flip 3 can be folded If apple made it, would it be $1000?

Hold up your brain for a while. Consider the price of a flip launching from apple and then compare. 1500 dollars or more??? S21 FE might be at the same price with 13 mini. So you could compare them.

Can the flip 3 be compared with iPhone 13?

I feel like something is being missed regarding the Flip...

omg can you stop spitting fax

Also the flip has a pure plastic screen

All i can say is Note is Fail

Show us how the iPhone 13 folds please

Flip 3 gives 120hz and iphone take 80k an gives that old 60hz

Comparing Apple with Orange.

Technically, you cannot compare the two with each other. Two different set of technologies. One folds and other doesn`t.

Whats wrong with this guy recently with dumb agenda? Samsung literally bringing new technology (which is foldable screen now) while Apple doesnt do one ffs. I`ve been using iPhone for my whole life and can say this is a dumb opinion. New effing tech and dont expect to be cheap.

Yeah you can`t flip the ip13

Facts Flip focus is the fold capability

Moreover no water resistance and glass screen. That`s a lot trade off for just that folding form factor

But iphone 13 can`t flip like Z flip 3

Regular iPhone 13 models would have been even better if they had 90 Hz displays.

Also you are comparing regular smartphone with a flip, which does not make sense

Samsung is out here FOLDING GLASS & iPhone just got widgets. C`mon now??

But you can fold the phone

15 W for the flip

I think you are comparing iPhone 6 with Zflip. Only iPhone that can fold.

Wallpaper time

Today ice universe taking class of samsung

The flip is so useless. Its a notmal phone that filds in half, while the fold is a phone that goes into a tablet, a lot useful in my opinion.

does iphone 13 has flipping mechanisms?

The new 13pro promotion is the most power efficient 120hz amongst the competitors Like with the 13pro max you get 120 instead of 60 from the 12pro max moreover you also get longer battery life by 2.5 hrs. As usual apple is the latest to join the club yet did it better

Wrong comparison (in my opinion)

Samsung has taken a dangerous path

On the flip side, iphone mini is flat and does not fold. (Pun intended)

Yes I know but I just still don`t like iPhone . Not getting the Flip3 anyway.

The price must be due to the fold mechanism.

Its more about innovation. You can`t compare them

Flip has his own screen technology which costs a lot than old 60 hz iPhone 13 screen

Compare it to an s21 though that`s the actual competing phone

Samsung is really making not so worth product these days tbh. They should provide fast charging , better cameras on their fold / flip series cause they already expensive

iPhone didn`t fold though. There are space constraints in each half of the flip 3.

Maybe iphone 13 mini can flipped

At least Samsung are innovating though. What are Apple doing? Standing still by the looks of things...

What flip offer`s that no iPhone does But what iPhone camera offers samsung has s21 ultra with even better zoom

The person who likes to tell the truth also conveniently left out 1 major point - The flip 3 can fold.

I request to all scamsung fan plz switch to iPhone you will never regret

Who even use flip.

Samsung is becoming more of a joke lately.

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