Don`t know who needs to hear this but owning

January 14, 2021, 2:37 pm
Don`t know who needs to hear this but owning
Dont know who needs to hear this but owning an iPhone is really not a flex...

Naija left the group chat

Most of the people who think like this own old iPhones 6 or 7

coman see something.... It happens there too?

They basically rate you in 9ja based on how latest your IPhone is!! Total Madness...!

Its just a smart phone !!

Especially in 9ja. I only see it as a flex if u own one of the latest versions.

I saw someone say they`d rather have a broken and non functioning iPhone 4 rather than an android

I say thanks for this with my Samsung ... The respect they give niggas with iPhones In Naija

Mod are you back to base yet?

Abt time a guy with your size of audience say this man, every once in a while ppl bring up my android phone when they lose in an argument as if I`m supposed to be offended lmao

But sadly that`s the truth bro Not everyone can afford an iPhone

So you own an android

No phone is a flex. If it is to certain individuals, their priorities are misplaced.

True story. I`m tired of this!

welcome to nigeria

Yea, I don`t know why people think this way.

Let people flex whatever they want to...Na their or iPhone

Literally using an iPhone in Ghana is a flex They buy data anyhow but can`t buy food for themselves

Pple who do this are not yet ready to live life

Mod with a rare good tweet you know Haha tell them right in uganda the network is down people with iphonex and 5G network are offline too

Neither is being 9th and 3 points ahead of relegation bound Arsenal despite spending 250m

Watch out the 12 year olds are coming for u

the ones who are flexing with these are the 8 yr olds ffs

So true. But deep down, I want an iPhone.

Some phones really have bad cameras Itel you

- Tweets from an iphone

You tweeted this from an iPhone? Facts my whole fam got iPhones but my mom said she prefers android and she has an android

I know buh I go like Sabi that iPhone feeling and flex

Yeah everyone has one these days

Deadly worst

he says that while owning a iphone

What is he on about? edgy?

Werey lopoju ninu gbogbo won How can you rock an iphone and still beg for data subscription . The last time a dude asked me for HELP I said NO If you can`t sustain your iphone or any gadgets , sell it. Not hating, just facts.

Man I can tell you , mist ppl strive to get even just an iPhone 6 like it defines your wealth

I switched from Android to IPhone few months back and I hate it. Many of the apps I could use on android I cant on IOS Agreed with the different platform gives better security,bit more speed and best camera. But androids freedom is unmatched. You cant just compare.

A lot of people dont know this

How is owning a phone worth over a 1k not a flex? Not everyone can afford that its not nbd

So it happens there too

It`s not a flex but apple zombies will try to justify

Depends on the kind on Iphone,I use a 12 pro max ,and to soo many people here its a flex

This daily argument of Nigeria people

Someone said it finally

Stats wise samsung r now superior anyway but people are not ready for that convo

Especially when you have the iPhone on lease lol

Tell that to some nigerians bro

Yep. Owning an Android is the real Flex

Owning an android doesn`t make you edgy either..

I know some man out here with iPhone 12 Pro Maxs that are asking me to give them 50 for groceries since they broke but no, they have an iPhone so they rich

Makka Pakka can relate to this being a Samsung user

Are you still in Lagos?

It`s a fricking dog, Apple, Samsung, Nokia... Whatever it doesn`t matter...!!! It only makes a difference to those that are fashion vain... Anyway... Up the Samsung....

A phone is a phone bruh

Android is clear in every aspect

People out here with Twitter for iPhone but running iPhone 5s and think they the next big thing. It dont mean nothing its just a bloody phone

Are u okay with United winning the league?

In Nigeria it`s a flex and you are probably a millionaire if you have it or you be Yahoo boy

It`s the worst when people owning IPhone 6 mock S20 users

Ios = solid for people that dont care about customization and dont care about price Android=good variety way more good deal to be made and alot of customization plus a way bigger ecosystem around it

Agreed bro its not a flex at all but people will do it for some reason

Thankfuck someone said it

Tell that to deluded Nigerian girls

Watch out 15yr olds with iPhone 6 are coming for you

I dont really flex on having an IPhone

Exactly You can have an iPhone 4 and another person will have an s20 or suttin and the guy with the iPhone is seen as higher class like wtf

They`ll say it is just because of the emojis

Winning as a fan and winning as a person..Mod

Honestly, they think they own Gucci or sumn

I`d take samsung over it every day

It is in Nigeria. Na poor people full here.

Make we rest for iPhone people matter na

Me I just want loud money in my acc and continue using my small iPhone 6

use football as a getaway from my real life stress I`ve been a Liverpool fan since 1965 I can`t suffer anymore being a liVARpool fan was the worst decision of my life am going to Manchester where the city isbluecan`t support a team that rely on penalties

Give me yours first, Lemme test it

I don`t get how people think it`s a flex lmao

Lol he tweeted from Twitter for iPhone

- tweeted from an iPhone

Am waiting to read a whole lot of Comments

Nigerians will never listen

Neither is having Havertz at your club. Hope this helps.

``Twitter for Iphone``

Wow finally a tweet I can relate

No one needs to hear this

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