Dolby Atmos in Theatre >>>>>>>>>>>>> Dolby Atmos in Phones

October 17, 2021, 11:22 am
Dolby Atmos in Theatre >>>>>>>>>>>>> Dolby Atmos in Phones
Dolby Atmos in Theatre >>>>>>>>>>>>> Dolby Atmos in Phones

TRUE but DOLBY ATMOS in theaters works well because DOLBY SPEAKERS Reflect sound in Theater because it`s a closed environment For Smartphones DOLBY ATMOS will only work Best when you you wear Wired or Wireless Headphones/Earphones Because these help you to ignore unwanted That`s like saying low end phone >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> flagship

100% agree with you!

4K in theatres>>>>>>>4K in phones

Also earth size>>>moon size. Since we`re here to state the obvious.

Yes, the floor is made out of floor.

Having dolby atmos in phone >>>>> Not having Dolby Atmos in phone.

I`m Lenovo user. Always Dolby Atmos experience very good.

Im not sure how this comparison works. But its just plain dumb. Its like saying water in the ocean >>>>>>>>>>> Water in my cup.

Why tf is he comparing these!? It`s like Airplane > Car. Well thank you for letting us know, Expect

It`s Obvious Bruh!!

Arent even comparable

Bruh unfair comparison U compare a few hundreds dollars phone and a sound system worth 1000s of dollars

Due to the surroundings and packed area of th hall clears the quality of sound Where as in phones the outside nois e is the problem

Screen size in theatre > screen size on phone.

Dolby Atmos in phone works awesome cuz my better half has RealmeX2 n it has Dolby Atmos and it surely make listening experience great me .

Dolby on phones makes sound natural , vivid and clear keep comparing phones to cinema it`s like comparing motorcycle to space craft

Still I m happy with stereo speakers in my OP7T.

It`s like hdr 400 vs hdr 1000

In phone it is equilizer

Lol.. is it a comparison or just random thoughts?

Yeah. The floor is made out of floor.

What did you expected

Both of them are different things. For a proper Atmos , you need at least a 5.1 Surround Sound System.

I mean of course, doesn`t even make sense comparing both of them :/

This is like saying water is wet

Theatre has next level experience

Theatre > OTT, TV, Smartphones..

It`s such a basic fact

What about dolby atomos on airpods pro?

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