Does anyone know a good app for remembering hiragana

June 11, 2021, 4:03 am
Does anyone know a good app for remembering hiragana
Does anyone know a good app for remembering hiragana and katakana? I usually tell my students to write a lot to remember them, but I think itd be good if I can recommend apps, too.

I learned all of them using this app, it has a fast reference and a great flash card system as well! Its on Android too Of course! ;)

I Use Obenkyo. It is free and you can learn numbers and kanji too. They tell you what the partikel are used for, too. I used an app called Memrise.

Hiragana quest!!! it incorporates mnemonics and writing (which I agree was crucial for remembering).

Duolingo have hirgana and katakana drill but to be honest, for me writing is the best way to memorizing.

Unfortunately, I had to write a lot when I started because smartphones and tablets were still 20 years away

i learned both in about a week by tofugus mnemonic guide; also, the lil game linked in the article (if it still works) is golden.

As many pointed out: kanji study (Android only) by do each consonant and their vowels once. Then start from the beginning and review the set they`re on, then that plus the next so on so forth

Not exactly answering your question, I used to refer these flash cards pre app days. nodistraction

I think I just wrote them until I had them memorized

Flash cards, writing and reading vocab worked well for me and I strongly recommend it.

Im not sure why no one has suggested Memrise. Its free and very thorough

Started with Tofugu. Helped me pick up quite fast compared to the classroom lessons Im taking. And from Tofugu, I tried some of the sites they recommended. Realkana is good.

It`s not an app and doesn`t help you write hiragana/katakana but being able to read should be the first step: Tofugu Hiragana: Tofugu Hiragana: Some already said this but Dr. Moku`s Hiragana and Katana is EXCELLENT. I recommend it to everyone hoping to learn Japanese.

I was wondering that too

find anki to the best software for learning japanese characters , i learnt like 1000 kanji and 200 radical in less than 2 months using it

Kana Drill was helpful for me!

I dont know a good app, but I used the book Kanji Pictografix to learn Hiragana and Katakana and found that incredibly useful (good for Kanji, too). Kana Bimoji Learn to write the character shapes properly & Katakana Karuta Learn to distinguish character shapes Both are game-like aimed at Japanese children. Also on android. Publisher has other apps too.

Kana is the one I used. Just need something that tests you over and over

I really like the app "Get Kana"! It`s very simple and I like that I can choose which kana I want in the rotation so when I find myself forgetting I can focus on what I need. It`s a quick lil flashcard like app

what helped/helps me is simply using a 12 button keyboard on my phone though of course that probably wont do much good when they dont write Japanese on their phones

Hiragana/Katakana Memory Hint by The Japan Foundation. Have games.

I used the free version of "Kanji Study" for Android to practice everyday, it worked for me since it has the ordern strokes function Ankidroid is great. Can use it for hiragana, kanji, vocab. Whatever you need

Write It! Enjoyed using it for Korean and Arabic and they have Japanese too.

I`m not sure if it`s available for iPhone or only Android, but I found Hiragana and Katakana Pro really helpful. I just spent 30 minutes a day or so doing drills until I memorized all of them. Didn`t take that long, I found it really effective! taught it to me in a way that i pretty much memorized them all in two days.

Hirigana Pro and Katakana Pro are the ones I used.

Pastel Kana!!! very good app and simple! I use Real Kana, which is nice because it gives the option of random fonts.

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