Do you remember the first mobile game you played?

June 11, 2021, 9:16 am
Do you remember the first mobile game you played?
Do you remember the first mobile game you played?

Angry birds Bounce It was all time favorite .

If you`re asking in general, the first game I played was the Nokia`s snake game, If you`re asking on android then I would say it was "Hill climb racing"

Call of duty mobile and among us

Angry birds or temple run or subway surfers prolly. Maybe even pirated Minecraft as a kid (dw I have the paid copy now).

This game Bounce on nokia keypad (forgot the model)

the irreplaceable Snake on Nokia 3310!

The popular game Snake, in my first Nokia mobile.

Plants VS Zombies, mainly got it cause it didn`t take up much space but I still love it to this day

Mario in TV not downloaded from play store

Yes, it was bubble shooter pre installed in my mother`s mobile. And yes who can forget the Handheld water ring the legendary game can be played in mobile

Snake in Nokia6600 for sure !

My Nokia 7110 had reversi (Othello). I beat that game often.

Gangster 2 King of L A

The good old snake, bounce!

Fortnite before it got removed

Temple Run Angry bird

Ghost ninja zombie beatdown got taken down a while back i`d love to play that again lol

Snakes on nokia 1100

Telltales the walking dead

The old angry birds star wars game i miss it :(

I remember borrowing a family members phone to play snake on.

this is not the first game I played but loved this game and its smooth animations even on old devices *-* Snake , but as for proper game, Jungle Run.

Jet bomber and bat&ball ,, during my school in 1996.

Snake. For days on end.

Probably Angry Birds

Subway surfers que in my J2 prime xD

Yeah, snakes game ib Nokia

It was Nokia Bounce. Loved the game so much!!!!!

I think it was Asphalt 6

SNAKE in Nokia phone

In Symbian os, Probably the Snake game is my first. I`ve played with my father`s Motorola phone. Then Nokia`s Snake game and Bounce game are my fav (with Nokia 10xx)

Yeah it was tower defense game by tequila mobile

Yeah it was that snake game

Ofc i do its fruit ninja on my tablet and pou. I had an samsung tab 2 10.1

That must be snake on the nokia 3310;)

Temple Run.......Subway Surfers

Nokia snake and bounce

"Snake" on my 5120 (1999).

Subway Surfers Snake XeniaIn my Nokia Black n white phone. But from a Android phone it was Yeah I remember, snake

Mini militia (doodle army)

Hah!! The Sims 2 Castaway on my Sony Ericsson w350i. Good old days.

Some kind of bike jumping game on a NOKIA TracFone

yes ..... `snakes` on Nokia basic phone

Hill climb racing

Yes...sure the first mobile game I played was contra 4

Snake in nokia device.

Subway Surfers in 2013!

First game I played in an android phone back then was Temple Run I guess

Does snake count?

Snake Game in Nokia Phone

Yes, dead trigger 1

Yep, it was an iOS game called The Box, a puzzle where you had to fix boxes around cities. Now playing subway surfers

Temple Run is the first game

Angry birds the original

cricket in nokia phone

Yeah, it was Snake on LG Reliance mobile with a green pixelated screen.

The father of all games....snake.

Yes, on a low quality tablet, Angry Birds, 2009.

Actually snake

Bounce tales.. If it is possible please get back the game in play store.. So many were waiting for that game.

Depends what phone, when I had a flip phone I played a game I dont recall the name of but I was a pink ball and I had to jump over obstacles lol. My 1st touchscreen phone I played angry birds but my 1st fr fr phone I played subway surfers soooo

It looked a lot like this one... do you remember ?

Snake on an old Nokia.

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