Do you remember Android 1

September 23, 2022, 6:41 pm
Do you remember Android 1
Do you remember Android 1.0?

i used Android 2.0 back when it was the latest and greatest. good times

Yeah seen these on HTC devices

No, but I remember 2.2 which reminds me a lot of that design.

Yes I do remember it but didn`t use it. It didn`t look like much

that looks like it`s been AI upscaled using Waifu2x or something

Dogelon Mars I wanted the G1 so bad

The copycat of iOSs beginning.

you mean after Eric sat in iOS board meetings,copied the iOS code directly,changing his original? but couldn`t bring himself to copy the icons too? ya I remember. but hey it was Job`s fault for letting Bill see the Mac OS first, then Eric see the iOS code. but who`s counting

That looks better than Android 13

So very simple

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