do you prefer iphone or android and why? /gen

January 21, 2021, 1:35 am
do you prefer iphone or android and why? /gen
do you prefer iphone or android and why? /gen (im considering getting a new phone)

iphone bc of ft and all that stuff but i can tell the new samsung`s are pretty good and when apple makes a new phone, older phones get worse, just like my iphone 6 is. but overall i prefer apple

NFKEJDKE it`s pretty new and it`s really cool i like it a lot actually

iphone, a lot of people have apple which makes sharing stuff through things like airdrop sososo much easier

I dont know I dont really have high standards I just care if it can download apps and run youtube and if it can do that I consider it a good phone

Well I never had an iPhone so android ig. But my mom has an iPhone and it`s genuinely better and easier to use.

android bc iphones are hard to use, u have to pay for everything u use like spotify, etc etc when on android u just use an apk, my phone (galaxy a31) is really smooth, it gas a good both front amd back camera, i have so much space and i can keep going bro

honestly a lot of my family use androids but i genuinely cannot stand them, the layout is weird n i just find my phone a lot easier to use, it all comes down to personal preference tho:)

Iphone, its just easier to handle in my experiences

ive had android my whole life up until christmas where i got an iphone and prefer iphone,, everything just runs smoother on iphone and its easy to use


iphone because imessage games

ive had a android for like 8 years and just got a iphone last month but i still prefer iphones

i prefer apple mostly because of imessages and ft and the fact that i know how to use it, if i eliminated bias then android because you definitely get more for your money

iphone, i simply dont like the operation of android

iphone i have been using it for quite a while and you get used to it, and all it`s features n stuff

iphone, just more convenient bc more people have it, so u can facetime and have the updates etc. the quality also looks better to others

iphone, only bcz ive alw had one and just more comfortable w them :)

iphone, idk i feel like it`s easier to use and simple

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