Do you have old video game magazines you don`t

December 21, 2021, 7:42 pm
Do you have old video game magazines you don`t
Do you have old video game magazines you don`t know what to do with? Consider donating them to our charity! Every magazine we get - even if we already have it - benefits our historical preservation work. Find out more here:

We have done the Super Game Boy guide, but are missing the other two. DM us if you want to send them in to be scanned. For anyone with NP Guides, check here to see what we already scanned - At least 5 SNES and 10-12 PS JRPG guides. I cant recall how many art books I imported. All else I can continue to store these until youre ready

I don`t have any magazines to donate, but would these be useful for your preservation work? What about old strategy guides? I may have an art book for Xenogears in cold storage as well

Every once in a while I get nostalgic and look up old PSMs on the Internet Archive. However, they are all titled and labeled inconsistently and a lot are missing. Anything I can do to help? (aside from not throw out my collection in 2015 :(

How can i order a pink gorilla repair kit??

strategy guides? i have bookshelves

Can vouch what Video Game History Foundation has said above. Without them we would have not funded Retromags for 2021.

I wouldnt ever need them to, i trust you. Was just probing and to be fair, with the exception of todays blog post i dont think its ever been mentioned unless if its buried in an old blog post. Your website should be more forthcoming with that info, thanks for the education!

@smbcmr Additionally, we paid off the Retromags hosting fees and have purchased hardware for them because, as you said, they do all this for free. I`m sure will vouch for this if you need them to.

no i read the blog post, its about the only relevant piece on your website. terribly sorry, those scanned mags how exactly do people view them? the fact is that there are actual magazine preservation sites around, and all they ask is that their hosting fees be covered

the point being that someone gifts you their collection in the hope of preservation and you turn around to charge someone else for it but at least it comes with a homemade certificate of authenticity

to be fair and upfront, every magazine you already have gets resold for a huge markup and disqusting shipping fees.

Great question! Our physical library will take magazines in any language, as will the scanning groups we work with. But we only sell English-language issues in our mystery boxes, so we`d probably ask you not to send ones we already have. Question from those of us outside of the US, which languages do you take?

Love old gaming magazine and own a few from you all over there

We`re going to experiment this year by blasting this messaging out while everyone`s home for Christmas. Let`s clear out those attics and childhood bedrooms and put your old paper to work!

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