Do you agree? One Plus peak was the 7

January 28, 2022, 6:14 pm
Do you agree? One Plus peak was the 7
Do you agree? One Plus peak was the 7 Pro Samsung peak was the S10s (debatable, Note 9) Apple peak was the iPhone X Google peak was the 4XL Huawei peak was the P30 pro

iPhone 12/13 Pro Max > iPhone X, and hat`s literally just me taking battery life into account

I disagree One plus peak was the one plus 8t Samsung really did good with the s21 ultra Google`s peak is the pixel 6, the pixel 4 series was an absolute failure. Apple us still doing great even with the iPhone 13 Dunno about Huawei

Oneplus i agree but Samsung peak was S8/ Note8 Apple peak was iPhone 6/6s Google peak was pixel 2/xl

Only the OnePlus is true, rest are still peaking

Yeah, OnePlus peak was until was onboard.

Tbh one plus 6 and 6T where the peak

As much as Nokia will never replace a phone like the N8 (symbian OS) Huawei will never replace the P30 pro my perspective

Iphone 13 Was Apples peak the rest is pretty much it

iPhones peak was Xs

I cant speak on OnePlus or Huawei. Id say for Samsung theyre not done yet. For Apple, the Apple Watch. For Google, the first gen Pixel, but theyve recreated themselves wit the 6 Series, well see how this goes.

OP as "flagship killer"-yes Samsung galox-agree on both.but fold/flip is the new beginning Apple-no idea last one i had was 7 Google-while my fav is 4xl theres no googy ID no base no there`s no peak yet 6 might be the beginning.. Huawei yes

Google 4A Apple won`t peak until that ugly notch is gone.

Im not comparing the iPhone and the Galaxy head to head, Im saying that apple has had no features removed like the Galaxy has (iris scanning, sd card, glass back, screen resolution)

I love my Pixel 6 Pro and the S21 is an amazing phone.

Your peak is this tweet.

Samsung phones have gotten objectively worse and more expensive since the s10 iPhones have been cheaper and have not been worse since the iPhone X

Hahahahahahha Bro, I think we have different ways to think about market guide ... Have a nice day

Google`s peak was Pixel 2 XL.

Google peak is Pixel 6 Pro Apple peak was iPhone 11

Notch, battery life, design, no charger in the box, air pods, and know I can easily see Apple guiding everyone to wireless devices, with no connectors ...

I know exactly what you mean bro, but since X I`m seen apple guiding the market

Peak over peak, do you disagree ?

It`s hard to see for Samsung as us, peasants from Europe, are forced to use these garbages exynos chips. SD Samsungs are so differents.

It took apple a year just to release the same iPhone X again

Defo 4XL and Iphone X

googles peek was pixel 3 series not that I like them

Got it. Then yea I agree with ur choices there

If not flagships Google`s peak was pixel 4a

100% agree. Personally I would say S9 for Samsungs because I hate the Infinity-O display and prefer bezels, but the S10 was a really beautiful phone aside from that.

I`d say Samsung reaching another peak tbf

(Mine) OnePlus 8T (sneaky peak) I like the S21 Ultra (especially now that eSim is active) iPhone 13 series is fantastic - but they need to bring back fingerprint sensor somehow Pixel 3XL (again, because of fingerprint sensor) P30 Pro (anything after sucks in the US)

Don`t care. Smart phones are ruining society.

Agreeing this tweet on my OnePlus 7 Pro mirror grey

I feel like Samsung`s budget game has yet to peak! The A52 has been a cracker so far

Google peak was nexus 5 !!! HTC peak was HTC m8 .. oh Miss those beauty!!

1 Yes 2 Yes 3 I think iPhone 12 is the peak 4 Also Yes 5 I don`t know

That time is we started getting to peak of phones tbh so we weren`t seeing much changes from phone to phone

That one about Samsung I disagree!

Google peak was not the 4 XL, its the Pixel 6 4 XL is expensive for what its and have weak spec compared to its competitors

galaxy s10+ 5G, what a monster of a phone

By peak do you mean major overhauls?

Google`s peak is clearly the Pixel 6 and beyond. 100% agree with OnePlus. I had the OnePlus 7T pro. It was a beautiful phone.

S21 ultra is the best smartphone Samsung has ever made yet. S10s , Note 9. I think you havent used an s21 ultra. Also Note 20 ultra is far better than any lower note series. Trust me I am talking from experience.

I think it applies to OnePlus only, other companies are trying to do better with variations, rather regressing like OnePlus

Don`t agree with apple`s peak.

You`re a virgin. Agree?

7 Pro is the best.

I understand what you mean. Thats why my points still stand. I believe that the S21 Ultra and 13 Pro (Max) are the best devices in their time that those companies ever made. If you wanted to name phone that made them successful then the iPhone X and Galaxy S10 are ridiculous

Apples peak was iPhone 11 pro, not the X

In general tech peaked around 2018

I agree with most of it. Except the Samsungs they keep pushing their limits every year, S20 Ultra after the s10s was no joke. 10x to 100x

Dont know about others but Apple is doing good in terms of battery back up, cameras and displays. Forgot those days of keeping a charger or power-bank with you coz you have iPhone

Still using the 8T n won`t upgrade any time soon, good for the buck

The only thing where I can agree is OnePlus. OnePlus has been on a decline since the OnePlus 8 series. Things will not improve with the OnePlus 10 either. All the other brands have been improving their phones and are still making good sales (except Google).

Ahh! Well in that case I would agree with your list!

If Hauwei still had GMS, they`d peak at Mate 40 Pro

"Google peak was the 4XL" da fuq.

Tbh Apple and Samsung are peaking every year lol and with Samsung foldables u know that there`s more exciting stuffs coming up

I agree with Huawei, Samsung is pretty accurate too. Apple are still growing but slowly. Xiaomi are storming the castle with faster charging, better battery life and other specs Seems everyone needs to catch up!

100% agreed for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Still got my note 9 so yes. Bought it because I thought the iPhone x wasn`t worth the upgrade so disagree there, I think the 11 was pretty decent though.

No. Depends on what`s important. Considering build strength/in hand feel Nexus 4 Samsung S3 Apple 4S Since then all devices have felt cheap..

The only thing I don`t agree on is the huawei... I think that was the mate 20 pro....

OnePlus peak was at 7T Pro Samsung peak was at S10+ (or Note10+ , debatable) Apple peak was the iPhone X Google peak was the 4XL Huawei peak was the P30 Pro Xiaomi peak was the Mi 9T Realme peak was the Realme 7 Oppo peak was the Find X2 Pro

Id say peak iphone is this years generation to be honest but the rest are spot on.

Depends on what peak means. Does peak mean the best? Does peak represent the most improvements / changes?

I think Samsung`s peak is the S21 Ultra. It really can`t get better than this

I`ve had the OnePlus 9Pro for a few months now after having the 7Pro for 2 years. Can confirm, OnePlus has settled. I`ll stick with the 9Pro for now, but I`ll definitely be switching brands later on.

nah google`s peak of course isn`t that ugly 4xl

Nah the s21 ultra is samsungs peak... Flawless.

Remove google from the list. Everything else is perfect.

I agree with OnePlus and Huawei. About Google, I cant say. Apple and Samsung, I disagree. The iPhone 13 pro (max) and the S21 ultra are beasts.

I think both the 21s by Samsung and 13pros for Apple are peak rn, high hopes for the 22 line up

Google Pixel peak was 2XL imo

I doubt the Pixel 4XL being Google`s peak. I think people were really disappointed with Pixel 4 series but the phones were great imo

Samsung`s peak is not debatable imo. It was def the S10s imo

This is wrong on so many lines. For Oneplus it was 8 pro For Samsung I`d say S20+ but SD, definitely not the 990. I`d also pick Note 10+ and S21U(if not for the sdcard omission) Pixel 4XL? No

It didn`t but you could put

I feel like apple & samsung are strategising a comeback...Google tried tho maybe pixel 7

Iphone 6 was the peak

Google peak imo is the 6. Overall great phones with a lot of features me like those.

*Google peak would be 4A, that compact size and new design

For Samsung, I would vouch for S8.

Kinda disagree on pixel, 100% agree with samsung

Pixel peak is Pixel 6 pro

Note 9 for me but yes debatable with S10

Samsung, Google and Apple haven`t peaked yet, nowhere near it. Agree with OnePlus though, the 7 Pro is one of my all time favourite phones. No idea with Huawei, don`t use their phones.

dem say your phone was unnecessary

Goggle peak looks to be coming on Pixel 7Pro

Google`s peak is now though! With their new set of cameras, Tensor chip, 5 years of updates and that awesome pricing, Google is just killing it. The only problem is the availability!

Google Peak at 4XL, maybe not (mostly coz of Soli). Rest h/w .

I think Huawei peaked at the Mate 30 pro. I was reflecting on it while watching their P50 pro review on GSMArena. So much futuristic tech in that device, and it was at the cusp of a debilitating blow from the US. The others check out for me.

Mobile phone overall peak was Nokia 900/ Nokia 3310.

Don`t know about oneplus and all, but Samsung achieves greater heights with each of their new releases, be it in terms of innovation, customization or design. The upcoming S22 series being one such example, and the S21 series before that. And not to forget, the Z-Fold series.

I`d replace the S10 with the Note 10 and the P30 with the Mate 20 X 5G

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