do developers who normally enjoy coding get tired of

June 10, 2021, 5:42 pm
do developers who normally enjoy coding get tired of
do developers who normally enjoy coding get tired of it? asking for a friend

not mentally tired but as humans we can be physically tired

Yes. Sometimes you need a break, something different

Anyone can get tired of something they enjoy at times. Some projects seem to go on forever & have a way of irritating. But after some 35+ years of coding, I enjoy it more than anything else I`ve done to earn money. And not just the money - also the freedom that I`ve developed.

After ~20 years of coding you realize, you need more than code to be the next version of yourself; so your focus and intention diversifies. But nope. 20 year in; never got tird of writing code that I enjoy. The cash cow code that I dont necessarily enjoy?: Different story.

Yeah you do get burnouts sometimes when u do. Time for a nice vacation... Sometimes u even get tired of working on the same language.. Time to do some open source stuff..

Theres a point where you know what you want to do, and you know how to do it, but it still needs to be done. Thats the worst point. Its like waiting for code to compile. I find focussing on the joy of crafting each line helps.

No, you don`t. Ever

All the g*****n time.

Nope. It`s a life long learning adventure

do you?

I`ve enjoyed programming since my early teens, but I`ve always gone through phases where I just get burnt out & look for other creative outlets. Sometimes go years without coding at all, then an idea strikes me and I dive back in. No shame in stepping away imo. Find your flow. :]

Not yet but only 15 years so far.

Yess defo! I`m very passionate about what I do but when I code too much I tend to get burned out and need a little break. Don`t feel bad about being tired sometimes

My HS guidance counselor advised me to make a career out of doing what I loved. Then I met IE6.

Yeah, sometimes for a really long time. Take care of yourself

Yea, for me, it happens when I get stuck in a problem or task

I don`t get tired of coding but I do get tired of being frustrated (because of scope creep, unsolvable bug, etc.)

Yes, sometimes it happens. At other times, it`s impossible to code without having a nervous breakdown. It happens.

As far as I`m concerned: nope!

Ive spent 20 years coding, and I do it almost every day. No signs of burnout so far - probably because Ive never stick only to one language/platform for more than 4 years. Backends, frontends, mobile are changing every year. Social interactions help too (teaching, leadership).

Nope, i dont think so

Yes if they spend too long in an environment of all stick no carrot. People think this applies to work but it also applies to hobby programming of there`s some achievement in mind.

You need the odd evening off... With a beer or 5 and non-techie random conversation.

Every. Goddamned. Time. I generally compensate by: * Working on non-code geekery at home * Working on a project in a different language at home

I think they get tired of working on the same project.

Nope. I never get tired. It`s so fun and great!

I know a couple of people who did.

It`s never boring. If something is boring you can usually make value by automating it - oh look, a new interesting problem.

No, not all of us, if anything I enjoy it more now than when I started working as a coder 20+ yrs ago.

I haven`t experienced that situation where I get tired but maybe I just haven`t coded long enough.

just like everything dont u sometimes get tired of something u enjoy get some rest and go back to doing it, if ur friend enjoys coding it wont hurting trying to learn it a bit and see for them self

Thats why in Brazil you have 30 days of remunerated vacations!

All the time. Non-coding, non-computer-related hobbies are just as important for me as continuing education. Some people are happy just coding and coding, but depending on your position, you may need to just get away from it.

why not? it`s normal to get tired of anything

I get burnouts here and there but I genuinely like it

You can get burnt out. It happens to me temporarily.

yes, but im sure if my brain could keep going it would- theres so many things to tweak!!

I still enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it 17 years ago when I was 15. I cannot even inagine doing a job that you dont like.

Gonna have to split this question: Get tired of it completely? No Have moments where it feels a bit too tedious? Yes But biggest one: Getting frustrated over a singular functionality, be it minor or major, that after long hours remains with little to no progress? Absolutely

I love coding but I love finding ways to do less code .. Some technologies will require a lot of code and some others will require less..!

I started first paid programming job in 1994. Yea, I get tired of it sometimes. Then something will usually spark my interest and bring it back. Its ok (especially now) to not be ok or normal.

not literally tired of coding, but realising that my brain and or body needs a bit of rest. I just learnt how to shove in breaks, be it a short or long

Yes, it doesn`t mean we like it less, it just means we need a break, sometimes taking some time alone from your loved one doesn`t mean you don`t love them anymore

Not coding but dealing with work environment sometimes gets tiresome.

I think it depends on you. I did the Microsoft certifications in the late eighties early nineties, then worked as a network engineer, and did the whole CCNA thing. Then after about 10 years in what I thought was my "dream" job flamed out. I don`t know if it was job, or place.

I get tired of Other Peoples Code.

Ive been struggling with this myself. I love to code, but the problem has to be interesting/challenging. At least thats what I think keeps me doing it. The problem ends up being working for companies without interesting problems.

I did, pretty epically. Everything and anything can become a grind. Tasking can seem mundane or overly stressful. Interests can wane. A project might seem as career fulfilling as one settles in. So short answer: Yes. Long answer: Yeeeeeeeees.

I am motivated to solve new problems but dont enjoy the rest anymore. I prefer top level architecture type tasks and directing.

I got tired of iOS programming at the top of my game and "retired" from iOS programming refusing to even touch it. I love programming though still and have taken up lots of other challenges!

Sometimes it gets tedious, especially when you have to write something for work thats not very fun. And sometimes I wont have fun for a few weeks in a row, but I dont consider that the same as being tired of coding. Its been a decade and Im still glad this is my profession

Oh yeah, we burn out from time to time.

Yes. That can be true of pretty much anything. If you do get tired of it, take a break from it. Getting tired of it doesn`t mean you`ll never want to do it again.

Can`t get tired doing what I enjoy

I do get burnt out sometimes, but every time I tell myself to take a break I find myself coding or reading about coding

Some do but I havent after 30+ years. I still enjoy it.

Yes that is why on sundays; i avoid do any coding related task....

Its a love hate thing. One moment youre banging your head on the keyboard for like five hours straight and then the next youre dancing on the moon When I do, it`s usually the environment I`m working in, rather than the coding itself. When that happens, I explore other roles.

You must have heard these two words saying no, A / B testing. But very few people would know what is A / B testing?

can get tiring, one can get overworked. But for me when there`s an exciting project on my plate the passion always reignites

Sarcastically no because they make us manage / lead real talk I think if I did the same type of projects repeatedly Id get burnt out, Im lucky to have a job that allows me to roam across many types of work and a lifestyle that lets me take time off for personal code

Do I get tired of coding? Hardly ever. I get tired of all the stuff that comes with being a professional developer though.

YES! I absolutely LOVE it but have gotten tired of it in the past due to burnouts. I see tweeps saying that they code on the weekends too and vacation too. That`s just sad, IMO. You don`t need to code 24/7 or tweet about coding to love it.

I get tired of everything I do. That`s okay. We`re human, we need breaks, we need change.

I burned out from build the same type of app over and over, followed by supporting the same operationally for several years. Variety is the key I think. I ultimately moved into management and started solving people problems and solving bigger business problems

Yeah definitely. If the non-coding part of my job sucks or I get stuck on one thing for too long, I just have no desire to do it at all anymore. Its gotten easier with better work environments but, days off are crucial

Yes, it`s completely normal. Don`t forget to take breaks, rest and don`t let coding takes your life. The best way to about burnout is to have something to look forward to after coding.

I get tired of the project, not coding itself. Bad or repetitive projects can be draining

Once every 2 hours on average

If the purpose of coding is an incredibly interesting and challenging task to accomplish than joy from the process is sky high

I dont, but for this to be the case, you must constantly expand the challenge you take on, either by increasing the difficulty or doing new things: the psychology of flow explains this in more detail.

while (sleeping != True){ code(); }

Depends on the day and the kind of "development" you have to do! I would assume that everyone would get tired once in a while - atleast I get tired every few weeks, take a couple of days off(ish) and start at it again!

Only when you are forced to do so

For sure. Usually I have seasons where I love to develop and start a hundred side projects, but there are also seasons that I hate developing, those seasons I try to read more and study more theoretical things like Architecture, Agile, and so on.

sometimes...the eyes get blurry

i may get tired of the technical stuff (setting up the api, getting the classes in order) bc i just want it to work, but i never get tired of the magical act of building something that started out in my head. coders are ultimately makers, and i never get tired of making.

your question really engaged people with thoughtful and articulate comments and insights. It was a joy going through comments. This makes Twitter a better place.

Check it out my gig on fiverr I will do logo design for your clothing brand or streetwear line Check it out my gig on fiverr i will do logo design for your clothing brand or streetwear line No I have side projects that are different to the day job.

been taking 2 months break from coding, yeah we do get tired

True of any job, you need to limit the hours per day you work, take breaks, use your vacation time and do other things like hobbies and socialize.

There are always new things to explore regarding coding. Still enjoy it as much as the day I started learning how to code. I`ve tried to do side projects after work hours but end up binging some shows due to tiredness. But weekends can be nice for 4 hrs side projects.

Yes. Burnout is very real.

Never if you are seeing good results. The tiredness creep in through other factors e.g. code not turning into minimal viable product, good product but minimal audience, bad apis making coding way harder than it could have been, bad language design, making coding harder.

for me, its about the problems I solve. I enjoy solving problems so much that I never get tired of developing.

I dont enjoy code or coding, but I do enjoy making stuff. My mind never stops creating so I enjoy coding because it allows me to create.

Whether we enjoy doing something or not is much a matter of quantity and conditions. One thing is to code 2 or 3 hours a day alone on a project we enjoy. A totally different is doing it 8 hours a day, during a fixed schedule on a project that doesn`t mean much.

More important than the act of coding is the project you`re working on.

No, engineers don`t get tired of pwning the planet. Hacking InfoSec CyberSecurity

Sometimes I`ll get bored with using particular language or working on particular project but usually not project as a whole unless I`m burnt out and even then never more than a few weeks or so

Yes sometime we got tied with monotonous life, Break is needed

No not really if you love something you never ever get tired of it.

Coding was a hobby for me 10 years before it became my career. I will eventually retire from coding professionally, but hope to still keep it as a hobby

The answer is: it depends. As long as the problems you`re working on change and are at least a bit challenging, most developers won`t get bored. However, if you keep working on mundane tasks for an extended period of time, burnout is inevitable.

I don`t, and it`s been over 41 years.

100% - I`m personally very weary of anyone who claims the opposite.

Not because art is constantly changing

Once you become conversant in code, asking you to stop coding is like asking you to stop thinking. Like asking a writer does he get tired of using words.

Yes. Coding is only fun when its your own project.

Sometimes but then I just seek other micro projects

Not really tbh

As everything. You need some rests and vacations every certain time to be completly away from coding.

I don`t get tired of doing coding I like. When I have coding I don`t care about but have to do for my job, like writing Terraform for example, I can definitely get tired of it.

Yes. Then I take a break for a few days with holiday and come back to enjoying it again.

yes we do get tired

I mean, do you get tired of your favorite food? Sure.

No, Never. Its always bring it on.

People get tired of anything they have to do.

There`s only so much brainwidth!

I really enjoy it but I have found things I prefer, like debugging CSS and learning different JavaScript frameworks like Gatsby, Stencil, Vue, etc and things I dont really enjoy, like Bootstrap, ughhhhh.

I need a break some times. And have others hobbies beside code in work and code in free time.

Yes, yo me, was that I got tired of doing stupid stuff, like websites, I wanted more, so yes, I got tired but still coding, just changed field and I love coding Happy Coding!!

The brain needs rest. Plus other aspects of life need attention too

Yeah it comes and goes. Especially when I have to do something pretty mundane/not exciting. Thankfully, it`s always returned!

I think there`s quite the divide on this where some devs end up working 5 or so years in CS before getting sick of things, and then the rest spend their lives coding. But burnout is indeed a thing in CS as well. Lastly, I know that coding is quite tiring when you`re new to it

Yes. In waves. It comes and goes. But it always comes back.

Switching topic and trying learn a new thing is really frustrating, takes me about a week to get into the flow...

No doubt. Thats why a lot of cutting edge companies let developers only work on what excites them because its really hard to pull a developer out of burnout while still being productive.

44 and still cant get enough of it.

It`s kind of like when you hear a song that you like for the first time, but then overplay it... however, if you take a break from it, it`s always great to go back to and enjoy!

Yes, I personally do! It can be overwhelming.

I have phases i can`t even look at it

Its totally possible... people change..circumstances change

Absolutely. Especially when I`m losing intellectual curiosity from doing something repetitive or tedious. It`s happening more the longer I`ve been programing. (~6 years) It`s only exploratory but I`m starting to think about what I can do next in my career.

Coding is my passion, but sometimes I hyperfocus so much on it that I`ll burnout for a week or two. I always get back on track after that though.

Neva ava. youd have to force yourself out of it. Or just start digging in some really shi**y code and you will find your way out.

Speaking for myself, not exactly. I have periods spanning about a week of deep, creative work and its not uncommon after that for me to take it easy for a few days at the minimum. And that also includes work time. I cannot say I get tired of it. Breaks are mainly for self care.

I get tired of eating too much cake...

Yes. Some projects are like marathons.

Yes. It`s fine to get tired of things you love.

All the time But at the end it`s worth it

Sometimes it can happen yeah , especially when it becomes more of a burden than work itself

Get tired of a specific project, not coding in general.

I don`t dislike it but it is kinda hard to get super excited about something you`ve done daily for 20+ years

yes, when the libraries you have to use are buggy in unpredictable ways its not fun anymore

Heck I practically took five months off doing side projects. Got tired of it and started spending my time doing other stuff. It gives you a breather and invigorates your interest when you dive back in.

I never got tired of coding. Always trying to learn something new helps me a lot.

I don`t get tired of programming in general, but I do need to take like a few days every so often to not do any programming and "reset".

Only when its for a corporation

Yes. Having hobbies outside of tech helps!

Regularly go through highs and lows with coding, several times a week it`ll be the greatest thing and then hours later it`s the most hateful part of my life.

Ive been coding for more than 20 years and teaching coding for more than 10 years. And I still love it and want to do it for the rest of my life...

its called a burn out which is very common but just 1 or 2 days of getting away from coding/ work gets you through it. Just take some time off without your laptop and just talk to people and play/ exercise.

Duh, obviously, yes

I`ve definitely gotten a lot more defensive about my unpaid time.over the past few years. And TBQH I`m not sure I would want any additional paid time outside of my job right now.

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