Do any Autism/ADHD-ers have any good "to-do list" type

February 6, 2021, 4:05 pm
Do any Autism/ADHD-ers have any good
Do any Autism/ADHD-ers have any good "to-do list" type apps that also include room for longer term `goals` and may even have reminders or alert features? Clean, intuitive, not over-stimulating, easy-to-update. But juuust enough customization that it`s not a glorified Notes app.

Amazing Marvin

Not that ive found

i think this is super individual but Google Keep works for my brain. note cards can hold lots of details for a project or be a brief todo. offers time, place, and repeating reminders. also labels and colors for creating an organization scheme.

Mine morphed into a binder with like 30 dividers. Its as sad as it is hilarious As soon as I got it as perfectas possible...I never touched it again. So...basic ADHD lol Im back to writing on the back of envelopes or 74 individual iPhone notes I cant keep straight

Habitica is free, Alarm Clock Xtreme has a free-with-ads starting install, but is very worth paying for no ads and the full features, imo. It`s hands-down the alarm app that works best for me. The alarms are really customizable.

I`d recommend either Google Keep, or Google Tasks. I`ve also heard good things about ToDoist, but personally I get overwhelmed with it every time I try. (That may just be me though.) The Google apps are simpler, IMO.

OMG I had the same issue it got out of control. I wanted to try again...I LOVE the concept but thank you for saying that, Im not the only one if it werent so embarrassing I might post pics of what mine became

Forgot to note above that: I have an Android. Also, no money, and part of my need for simplicity is my OCD can be task-oriented and needs to use *every* feature. Bad news bears.

Yup! I use them on Android.

I was wondering! I included links from my iphone just in case lol. Android should have some of them. If not, there are more apps that I can recommend that I use or have tried. XD

is a big proponent of the BUJO (Bullet Journal) and has some great vids on it. Im a big fan, and even if you use apps I think theres a lot to be said about the BUJO concept and why its probably superior for ADHD brains for a lot of reasons as a home base.

The way it organizes its lists is actually why I use Habitica. The "game" part is cute, but I honestly mostly ignore it. The way you can enter in tasks/goals as either constant Habits, repeating-schedule Dailies, or one-off To-Dos just works better for my brain than most apps.

I use or have used a number of apps so not entirely sure if this is what you mean but: one I use is Lists to Do always used paper but I lose my longer term to-dos by the time I need to recall them. I also use Reminders on my phone so much I chuck em outta my way undone. Same issue w/ losing longterms. I recall stuff suddenly & gotta jot it fast before changing tasks/putting phone down.

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