Divine Deities! This hotfix is rolling out now to

January 28, 2021, 3:57 am
Divine Deities! This hotfix is rolling out now to
Divine Deities! This hotfix is rolling out now to PlayStation users. We`ll continue to monitor for stability over the next few hours.

Aaaaaand i got 3 dc from start in my game (PC) and they couldn`t return into the game (enemy team got 6 pentakills), love you

As fun as 2v3 joust has been Itll be good not to have my friends dc

2nd night in a row you guys cant get it together yeaaa im good on buying gems for a long time ima have a talk with the crew too why support yall with buying gems if you cant provide a functional product

Servers down again?! Jesus.

Thanks for the patch PS4 working! Just finished my first game in season 8!!

Good job releasing a patch to fix stuff only to break the game even more.


Anyone else saying currently under maintenance?

Its not just PlayStation, Im on Xbox and friends on PC can even log into the game for the past 3 days

Lol still kicks me and mad glitchy after update whats gooood?

Yall just took servers off for maintenance again.

Downloads patch* Servers are currently under maintenance... HOW

And it started crashing again

Yo how did the patch make it worse?

Why is it saying the servers are under maintenance when theyre not? I was kicked out of a ranked match and Im so annoyed

I just had a 27min game where nobody dced and it was ranked

My game just went back to servers are currently under maintenance again

Thanks for the rollout of the hot fix update. Why isn`t there a pts or something for the consoles so that you can stress test thing before you do a full release? Not trying to mean by asking. But just a question I`ve always had. Thanks again though for the hot fix and hard work.


Aight so I was on the loading screen and just got erased and found myself at home screen, joined back and was placed in the main menu. Closed the application and joined back to end up at the loading screen again and be the told the same message the first time.

20th crash man glad they took out freya instead of fixing ps4smite

its still crashing man...

Your game is DC`ing everyone. No one can get into a game

Cant even log in! Good job smite!

Thank you for working hard to fix this. Your work doesn`t go unnoticed, and we understand accidents happen that are frustrating sometimes. Thank you Smite.

I have played a game with this hotfix patch and I completed it, fair to say that it has been fixed! Thank you Hi-Rez

Thanks guys <3 you all

No crashes!!!!!! Thank you!!!!

got a banned for 12 hrs cause my game crashed thx smite. hot fix deserter penalty

So how`s the update for everyone? Still disconnecting or is it sorted? I can`t check myself but I hope it`s done now

Pedestal isnt working either

Did the update. Immediately crashed as I logged in

There you go Are we going to get compensation for all the missed rewards?

Try playing games kept kicking me out in the middle of the game happen everytime I play :(

Would it be possible for playstation users to have the 2x everything extended for the days we couldn`t play not a hard ask tbf

Okay so I WAS gonna get the battle pass for the Aphrodite skin, but not anymore. Hi-rez stretched it`s dev team across multiple mediocre games when the should`ve stayed with ONE and made it PASSABLE.

Could we get a gem sale for dealing with tht plz

Thanks for the hard work.

Death stamps or loading frames wont work

This update is poor. Nothing new except skins and the conquest map which I honestly don`t think is that great. The only good skins is probably the buba yaga one. "The event" is just another shop. And the battle pass is shit.

I love you. Your best game

This better work!!! Give us compensation gems it`s not my fault you broke your game. Games been out for how many years now and you still can`t manage to have decent update launches cracks me up.

Info on smite playstation cross-progression please!

20th crash pluse a 15 deserter penalty please fix smite ps4

This is the only game I think I`ve every played that cares enough to invest two days doing nothing but investigating everything so their community can get back to playing

PS4 lives really do matter! <3

When u fix the ranked borders ?

Thank you for doing absolutely nothing Alright boys im finished installing ima say what happens when I play a game

2 days and still can`t get into a game on XBox

I`m still Disconnecting and Crashing. I know you guys are hard at work! You always deliver in the end! I understand that rolling out these updates on console are a haste the first day.. but why not cut out the middle man and give us PTS? And, since we spend money on your game, we should either get a x2 everything extension or gem compensation. We missed out on a lot.

So Xbox players should`t be having troubles? Couse I can`t play since yesterday

I played and havent dced once since season 8 came out. Yalls internet must be trash.

I hate that Doesnt work still crashing

What`d I tell ya boys? Welcome back to purgatory.

Right in the middle of a 34 kill Cabrakan jungle game with 5 trips and a quad, that`s when this decides to update

300mb update... 1 min to download A hour to install lol great lol

Game still crashing every match:/

Loading frames still arent fixed? How does this happen literally every year. Lol this is why smite is laughable compared to other mobas. Best idea for a moba by far, but the execution is what kills the daily active user numbers. Give me my GM frame.

For the people who are dumb like me there is an update

So that was a lie 19 crash of the day fix ps4 smite

Does that include the crash issues for ps5 as well?

Now i sit and copy for 20 mins

Update here wohoo!! ON PS5 when are you gonna make a next gen version and get rid of all the 4 different log in screens? Make use of the SDD ffs. The game crashing so hard made me realize how much downtime i have to go through to get back into my match.

I`m in a game right now lets see if it works

Is anyone having the same problem as me of the update freezing at like 284.3MB/308.5MB?

Anyone on PS4 wanna play some ranked or whatever my name is OutcastMosquito. I play nearly all gods and roles but like to play support mainly

It`s XBOX too! Please send that got fix this way as well.

Do we have to update our client?

I hope this fixed the servers I just want to play

Hopefully this helps. I just wanna play the new map :(

Haven`t heard anyone say, "it`s still broken" yet. Can I assume this was the genuine fix?

Thanks guys ! Been a shame not to play for 2 days but at least now after watching the streams I know which Jungle Buff to start now... Maybe .... Who knows .....

Thank god what about compensation or extend on 2xp?

PS xX-DN2-Sk1LzZ-Xx wants large gift.

Do I need to download a patch or something? Or should I be good to go by just logging on?

nice! once this is settled please fix whatever is wrong with freya, she is my main

why you lie for, still crashing i want medium gift plz. utter noobs. ps ive lost all my god maxed ranked

Does it work now? can somone confirm this?

Can I install the hotfix now?

Im playing ranked rn

As upset as I was, I`m glad it`s fixed. Maybe I can play tonight. Loving the new map btw

Is it a downloadable hot fix or...

So does this mean I can play? Downtime? Cause I`m scared to play at this point

increase the x2 everything for us too pls

Just crashed 3 games in a row. There is no stability.

So uh.. PlayStation users can expect something for all this trouble, right? Other games do it

Does the Hotfix require me to update the client?

Maybe I can play a match without dcing 4 times. >_>

Let the crying under this tweet begin (Especially the "I played Ranked and lost/disconnected/crashed" players) So does this mean I can play without it crashing or lagging me out cause if so I will definitely play but if its gonna keep crashing then I cant wait to play until its fix

Wow! They take quick action to fix the problem or at least try and some of you STILL bad mouth them? Why even bother? Yall the very definition of Toxic. Smdh...

Thank you for everything you do! Its been so disheartening to see our community be so abusive towards the hardworking devs these past few days :/ yall do amazing, the passion and effort that go into every single update are beyond incredible, major respect.

Wish I could finish 1 game without getting error

Is there downtime with this?

Can we console players just have a normal update

Yall interrupted my good game

Thank you guys so much for busting your asses to get this out to us. Much love to the dev and server teams!

The servers as soon as this hotfix finishes See you in 4 hours when it still doesn`t work

Thank you! Now we can finally get our 2x worshippers

I believe in yours

Finally maybe I can finish a game without it exploding

Thank you guys for the hard work

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