Did you know: Google never bothered to remove the

July 4, 2022, 8:37 pm
Did you know: Google never bothered to remove the
Did you know: Google never bothered to remove the flappy Android logo game easter egg from android. Here it is working on Android 11, you can open it if you know where to look

which phone make you think that 4.4 was slow....... some old Galaxy with Mediatek/Spectrum CPUs ?

yeah, but it still works fine, even if the Android its running is nearing 5 years of out of date

for me its the fact that i can still use a 6 year old phone with modern apps just fine, get a 6 year old iPhone and its already been cut off of life support and will lose app support as the years go by

In all honesty most of mine were too lol. But it was the Windows Vista problem; underpowered devices meant it just didnt do well. Once I experienced it on something higher-end I was just in love with the platform.

i have a solid experience on my 6 year old phone lol

My jelly bean experiences were beautiful. The interface looked absolutely amazing, and never got to use it sadly

I had a Galaxy S8, S9, and a Note 10. The only one that stayed good was the Note 10. I totally feel you though, I do miss a lot of the openness of android, for a while I carried both. Just got to where I didnt trust it or want to use it full time.

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I mean I get that, but android phones seriously are getting worse and worse. I bought an Android phone brand new with better specs than my old one... And it runs WORSE than the old one. Constantly slow and crashing. It`s absolutely messed up

Ugh. This is representative of the entire feeling of Android since 6.0 Negligence, cut corners, and no real improvements. I bought an iPhone because I was in a bind and the SE was cheap. When I tried to come back to Android, it was a mess. I gave up and got another iPhone.

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