Dell`s Ultrabook smells like “cat urine” according to users!

October 31, 2013, 5:46 pm
Dell`s Ultrabook smells like “cat urine” according to users!

Do you enjoy sniffing your newly-purchased gadget? Many high-tech lovers find the smell of brand-new electronics an attractive one, but I guess these people wouldn`t enjoy smelling any of Dell`s new Ultrabooks that much!
According to the BBC, many buyers of Dell€™s new Latitude 6430u Ultrabooks complain of 
€œcat urine smell€
!The problem seems to be quite wide-spread, making an appearance on Dell€™s own forums.Interestingly, one Dell representative suggested removing the notebook`s keyboard and cleaning it.  A user said "It€™s embarrassing taking it to clients because it smells so bad.€ Also it seems there is something wrong with the materials used, since users have swapped the culprit notebooks with new ones only to have the "cat urine" smell return. Cleaning the keyboard didn`t seem to help either.
So what has happened? Did Chinese cats attacked Dell`s plant before the workers managed to box the notebooks? Perhaps, but no-one can tell for sure what is wrong.
Dell though welcomes any of the peculiar-smell notebook owners to send their laptops back to them and have the smelly parts replaced...
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