Delete your period tracking apps today

June 24, 2022, 9:53 pm
Delete your period tracking apps today
Delete your period tracking apps today.

Start using the apps to falsely track your period. That "data" might come in handy

You may need to ensure they aren`t made compulsory.

Deleting doesn`t wipe data. You must request that your data is deleted. I am so sorry you guys have to even think about this. I hope you can turn things around in the future.

The hysteria from the Socialists is wild. I can`t believe how brainwashed they are.

How about I just delete my periods?

Delete an app that helps you track your period, that could also alert you to other female issues you may have going on? Youre off your rocker & should not be giving advice. Also; Is there any other medical procedure that is governed by fed law? Nope. All are state governed.

Next comes the overturn of women`s right to vote.

Good grief I didn`t even think of that.

This is Alex Jones level tin foil hat material.

Should be we deleting ALL medical care apps? I already deleted my insurance co`s app and will be contacting them on Monday to ensure my data is secure.

Have you torn off your clothes and screamed at the moon yet?

Why should we delete them?

What app is safe to use?

Dumbest tweet of the day by far.

While other celebrate companies, like disney, who will pay for abortion travel. Literally recording who has an abortion.

i just did lol why

They opened Pandora`s box. That might be a very wise move. Or if you can put it on your boyfriend`s or husbands phone. A close male friend or relative?

But I don`t want to.

There never used to be such things. If you need one, carry a pen and paper pocket calendar.

Who the hell even uses that - in my day we used a friggen calendar

Imagine getting pregnant and just. Logging your period as normal the app only knows what you tell it yal are so dramatic and Ive skipped months logging my period before.. bc I forgot not bc I was pregnant.. yal giving these apps too much credit

Get the app my vagina is not an amusement park.

On the contrary, Im thinking of getting one and diluting their data.

Everyone writing millions of paragraphs about that abortion thing that tweet right here , thats all

Or dont have sex until youre ready for a baby

Juneforth The day Roe was Overturned

I encourage all men who support women`s rights to download the app.

All you gotta do is say ya on your period Lhh yall act like the people in a cooch tracking

Oh heck no! That tracker has saved my a$$! Planning to go to the beach next weekend, uh no thanks will already be surfing the crimson wave!

I think my mom uses one, but she can`t get pregnant anymore after getting her tubes tied, should she still use it?

No i need it for my periods

Just a heads up: deleting the app from your phone doesn`t necessarily means your account is terminated. If your account still exists so does your data.

Have fun getting pregnant lol

this tweet broke my heart

Never had one lol, I don`t track my periods ;-;

What if it`s on Samsung Health?

Anybody know if Eve is safe?

This is laughable but hey theres always excel!

Does anyone know if Eve collects data?

Yea I dont think the P.C app is safe either.. thoughts? And try a new app called when do I ovulate.......

I wonder how Apple is gonna deal with this?

And why should I Gtf

Im wondering if this affects the period tracking within the health app on iPhones. Apple has been kinda 50/50 on privacy (they dont like to handout info but their devices are still being cracked open by law enforcement) what are you doing to protect bodily autonomy?

Delete Period Tracking AppsAbortion Rights are Human Rights RoeVsWade

Who would even use these?

And sadly you may have to say I dont remember when asked by your doctor as Missouri got caught tracking them from patient records. Dont think for a second they will be the only state to do so.

There are FOSS (free & open source software) apps available for period tracking like Drip that should be ok as alternatives. Since period tracking apps will be targeted for data, it`s best not to use any period tracking apps that upload your data to any server.

please also delete the app reminding you to keep breathing.

Sending love and strength to American women denied body autonomy.

Congrats to women, no more periods!

Call for a s*x strike. Woman unfortunately can`t risk otherwise at this time.

You should be much more concerned about your location tracking data. Cycle variations can happen for a whole host of reasons app data alone couldn`t possibly meet the burden of proof. Your phone saying you were at a known abortion clinic during operating hours is what`ll get ya

After reading through this feed, our country is so fucked up. Amazing that a government has the manpower to monitor this when we have other pressing issues: gun control, racism,environment. Hard to understand why my uterus has to be monitored.

get a long term bc option, implant, IUD or pill. get script in another state for pills and order online. stock up on morning after pills and clear your browser history.

Don`t just delete the app, but tell them to delete all your data as well.

does anybody use clover???

I never had one. Always had someone inside me...checking It for me

Lord, there`s an app for everything. Why put every bit of your life out in the universe for all to see - nothing out there is private. Keep up w/your lives w/o artificial help. They make it sound so helpful for a reason, don`t take the bait. I know, I know - don`t crucify me.

My God, this just made me cry for the first time today. That we should be hereI have been expecting this for decades and Im still aghast.

I did that ages ago dude and also what is going on-

No need for that. We already use end-to-end encryption as part of the safety data-protection protocol, but were now taking it a step further with our Private Key Encryption feature. This is an extra layer of security designed to ensure our users safety. Stay tuned.

Stardust app on iOS is women owned and ran and do not sell your data.

Unless you are post-menopausal. Or a guy. Then install one, just to mess with their data

Whats going on ?? Like somebody tell me

Yeah how about we dont fear monger. 163k people need to chill.

Delete heterosexual men who can`t keep their sperm to themselves if they aren`t ready to bring a child into this world.

Back to paper calendars and keep the locked away and hidden.

Go for it, the pregnancy will be a surprise for both of you

Lmao. Yall are only showing the world how truly unhinged you leftists are.

No thanks, I really need mine

Kpop the apps.

Jesus America is a backwards shitshow.

Dont some women use those apps because theyre trying to get pregnant?

thats genius, telling women to not be responsible

This may be the saddest post I have seen today. My daughters should not have to live in fear because the SCOTUS majority`s God complex.

This is just sad

I never had one of those apps but good idea to delete them. I dont trust the government

Take whatever you`re feeling and bring it to the polls... this year and every year. VoteBlue

Glad I never used one.

YES!! "More recently, Mississippi prosecutors charged a mother with second-degree murder after her smartphone showed she had searched for abortion medication in her third trimester, local media reported." RoeVWade ASAP! And pay cash for all birth control products as well as feminine hygiene products. Dont be trackable!

Please stop scaring people!

It shouldn`t be up to the government or a state imo. It`s a personal decision between you and a doctor.

yes normalise having pcods pcos

Ive been tracking for like 4 years

As a lawyer, this is objectively bad advice that would make tracking (say) a risky potential pregnancy harder. Any real risk here^ would require the app to provably ID all users and share all data with a (Dem-led) federal gov`t, with then this being shot TO states w bans. nah

we cant have ANYTHING oh my god.

is the health app okay?? But tracking is how I prevent pregnancy

Or use birth control or here is a novel idea..use self control

If you live in a blue state, there is no need

sighs use calendars, a marker and boom a easy solution if you cant use a app!

I signed up for all of them. Menopausal. We got you.

Asking in all seriousness, what are some examples on how to avoid answering invasive questions and examples of invasive questions?Some hps ask things differently so Im curious.

So you get pregnant on purpose?

Im a man actually

Does anyone use. Eve?

I recommend , it stores all data locally on your phone.

I can`t, I never bothered installing any :).

Delete location tracking/history and store apps. Do not talk about it in texts or emails or to people you do not know well. Use cash. Please share for those who need to know! Im busy and 41. Come after me. I dare you.

The audacity to tell us what to do

Keep the period tracking app, delete your Twitter account.

Go old school, write it in a calendar

This is an absolutely useless piece of advise. Unless you are paying cash for tampons/food/medication - with no digital receipt, theres so many other ways the government could access your data.

I didn`t even know there were such apps! Am I like the only person left still using a calendar?

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