Dear Commandants, Thank you for your patience

July 19, 2021, 10:44 pm
Dear Commandants, Thank you for your patience
Dear Commandants, Thank you for your patience. Our team has had to scramble to action over the weekend, delaying our response slightly and for that we apologize. Below is a shortlist of issues brought up by players over the launch weekend, and what`s being done to fix them.

Wow. you really didn`t give an inch regarding the Rainbow Cards denomination and Monthly black card pricing.

ANY gacha game that has a monthly pass at 5 dollars has a way to ensure that you can get the monthly pass without being forced to buy more than they want or need: Arknights, Alchemy Stars, Honkai, Genshin, Touhou Lost Word. CN didn`t have this issue, so why do we?

Punishing: Global Release Classic "we`ll implement changes that double down on the bad practices we are being called out for" response. Global devs in general need to learn to treat us as well as the other markets; something which y`all aren`t doing. Rethink your changes.

Disgusting devs. :) This game won`t have me whaling for sure. I`m sad I already spent money on it. A mistake I will not repeat. Time to go back to other gachas.

all the people who are complaining are just another set of whale milkers to spend as little money to get the most out of it in order to be the best player in the game. calm down they are trying their best. this is fastest time any dev team has responded to the their community

seriously, in the first place, you just need to copy-paste the worked version in CN to GL, then translate. You literally create new problems then sell the solutions for what lmao

so we got a cheaper monthly pack with $0.01 difference but with lower rewards as well? that`s your solution? ffs just throw the 2nd currency away. who knows what kind of new shit you tryin to sell us in the future with $1-2 more than it should be. the rating won`t go up kuro

I realy don`t think that it`s gonna be enough to aplacate the angry mob, kuro started with a let`s gonna say a misunderstanding you need to show good will, i love te game but the start of our relationship was not good, i thin kuro have to reavaluate what it can do to us.

You can clearly see the difference between F2P and paid players in the thread. I didn`t see anything wrong with it. People will continue to hate, but frankly, the silent majority will continue to enjoy the game regardless

so they`ve basically just gave an excuse for everything , said they won`t make any changes to the problems we have , aside from an extension to the event because they "can`t" change it where they won`t even guarantee it`s a good change AND will only make "changes" for the future

Im sorry dev . You are miss one problem. There delay movement in coop gameplay please fix it

Take your time and wait for the follow-up compensation, right? And CN service opening is also a problem to follow up slowly good, the same EN service follow-up will also focus on up, unwarranted blind sometimes only the worse, do not rush.

Keep it going lads, we are still here to support yall keep it going !

I still think the whole Rainbow Cards fiesco are stupid. Novice Missions rewards halved. I understand the reasoning but is still not pleased with the "Receive BC less for cosmetics" idea. This opens the possibility that F2P players won`t get enough BC to pity every debut banner

Jesus christ, these peoples are complaining here a lot. Chill out, they have made out a statement, and it will take some time for them to apply in the game. You cannot expect them to happen immediately.

greed brings destruction

energy recover event : hi we extend that day, so SPEND UR BLACK CARD TO GET THE SKIN = literally solve nothing rainbow card: I heard u notice the price change in global server, we want to eat ur $1 + tax cause why not, opps u found it, let delay n see how the reaction over time

I just hope from this issue we can expect more from you and hope you guys don`t fall from grace like Mihoyo, who`s blatantly well known for prioritizing China over all. *cough*@HonkaiImpact3rd *cought*

The RC issue isn`t really the fix everyone wants. They don`t want another option for the 28 RC. They want the 28 RC purchase option to be brought up to 30 RC. On all the other servers you just straight buy the the pass with an exact amount.

Saying the skin is worth 1000 BC is a lie. CN got it for free, it has no BC value anywhere, what do you expect us to not be able to see what other servers get?

TL;DR - We did the bare minimum to deal with the issue now move on and wait for a solution

This isnt fixing most of the problems in the game. *Providing another monthly card is pretty good however purchasing RB for less value is still a major problem. *Most players dont care about skins this early on in the game. Getting a skin over 1000 BC is incredibly shitty.

Hope u guys fix it so we can play on our mobile data. Sucks only being able to play on wifi

If it was skin selector of the uniform it would have been fine but why B Nanami. Not all people like her. Why didn`t you give it to beta testers then? It was supposed to be for beta right? What gives

so in other words while acknowledging that there are indeed problems with what you did, you`re not actually going to fix them, further cementing that the global version is just a cash grab and you have no intention of sustaining the game, as expected of chinese devs

1k less black cards when on a sped up schedule with people saving for Alpha is a cash grab, plain and simple. Its very easy to see why the decisions were made to treat global players like this when all we want is to be treated equally.

Thank you for giving me more time to explore Inazuma

Dear PGR team. I think I have a nice Idea for your game. I would like to have a stage for weapon supplys so you can level your weapon even better. I really love your game and enjoy playing it. Please keep up the good work. Thanks for your Service.

Welp, never spending again in this game, I planned to buy the monthly/100packs as long as I play, actually I bought it already on day 1 with other packs, when I heard about he `generous` reputation they had from others. Lies. Losing a paying whale forever now.

Smh..this is disappointing

This is such a lame way of giving out solutions to the games main problem.

This is a new game after all it isnt going to be perfect. But this game has so much potential just let them fix it and be patient

Epic Seven screwed up their global launch and they admitted to it and owned up to it. They eventually gained back the support and trust of their fans. Kuro game shafted global server and then proceed to add more salt into their wounds with pointless reply.

Jesus chill out guys it`s not even a week since game launched, are u guys doin a speed run or something? just give Devs some more time it`ll get better sooner or later Also yes I agree there are somethings wrong But I can wait and controls needs some work it`s kind of MEH thankU

I was part of the minority that thought people were overreacting about the issues but this might be the most politically written response possible. The communication is appreciated but is there anything else tangible you could say or change to not make us all feel shortchanged?

You have no time to fix these issues. Idolmaster collaboration with Azur Lane is right around the corner and Inazuma is almost released

Thank you for your hard work.

This fix makes the global devs actual look competent and smart at running a mobile gacha game You know honestly was thinking. Wouldn`t a better option have been to give us the 1000 bc and then those who wanted the costume could buy it for 1000 bc. Maybe people would still complain though who knows.

I don`t care about some silly exclusive CN skin. Give us the same BC numerations for awards is all we want. You will not receiving any support from me until it`s fixed. Was hoping for more compensation, but I appreciate the fast response. Either way, I like the game enough to keep playing to see if they keep their word.

The only good thing on this dev blog. Not even about the current issue. Finally some transparency on pc client. Actions speak louder than words. I will wait and see what you do and that will decide whether I support this game or not.

Hi , can u make the game available in morroco ? Thx

I understand the move you made to offset your CN whales anger by offsetting our BC rewards towards the beta skin. It`s a bad move. Global don`t care about skins we just want the correct numeration of BC rewards. keep the skin for your China whales to be happy.

This is not the right solution for the monthly pass. Just update the RC value on the packs!

Disappointed but it`s not a surprise, fixing nothing,etc... Good for you kuro, you have a horde of white knights working for free, welcome to the club of scummy devs ( nexon, superism ( chameleon games) boltrend games and gumi

In other word you only reduce the bc required to finish the top reward. Thats what you call solution? THE SOLUTION IS BC SHOULDN`T BE REQUIRED AT ALL TO FINISH IT. How hard is it for you to understand it? So basically what i get from this was ; We know the event is fucked up so we will give you 1 more week to get salty over it. We will make a beta test skin avail permanently for all players by sacrificing 1k bc from all players? JUST GIVE US 1K BC AND PUT HER IN THE SHOP ! FFS

This is why I trust dev that actually go out the way to respond to us Im glad you guys do Im still enjoying this game

Can i take the 1k black cards instead of the skin. The skin is just a cosmetic for a charater i dont even use while i can actually use the bc and have it impact my account

Anyways... Thx for response and for done work on this! I`m still quite hopeful about game`s future on Global! And you just have to make it so that the monthly pass can be bought for $. At least in long run.

Just please fix controller support. I used my ps4 controller without problems for 2 days, but today suddenly the game doesn`t react when i move the analogsticks or the d-pad. I tried everything i could think of to fix this...

Why is the very first event of the game for whales only? You literally can`t complete it without dumping dosh on a game that you barely started playing. Why?

Dude this devs are fast as thunder nice to read this improvements applied after community feedback and nice to see they`ve recived it and will keep it in mind for future versions/events. Keep being this transparent and it`s a win-win. Nice and fast communication devs-players

Player on iPhone (X Sizes 5.8) have lots of the text covered by the notch, yes it doesnt matter whether your notch is on the right side or on the left because some text shows on the left and some on the right. Please just get the text content inside the SafeArea

A lot of people ain`t gonna want the skin bro. Just make it a choice or something, like they can choose between getting 1000 BC or the skin. Simple

Yall did your best if you need some better moderation team im a MOD for the north american mobile legends discord. I have faith in the global of this game and what it could be lets talk

So, in the end we will pay the same amount of money for the monthly pass than CN, but will receive less BCs for it?? BS!

Wow... Is this real?

Nothing are so kind

So tl;dr is: -still have to pay to get the event skin -still get less rc per $ -still get less newbie rewards than everyone else Unless you give me a way to toss that skin in a wood chipper and roll the gacha with it, I don`t see how anythings fixed.

Pathetic response basically fixes nothing..

All you have to gotta do is to translate the game. No need to change anything..

All u said was deal with it

Wow, they straight up confirmed that they aren`t changing the novice rewards. The justification for it is pretty trash, IMO. I would wager the majority of players would take 1000 BC over a skin for a character that may not even want to use.

I want to ask something `bout monthly, why don` t you just fix the plan A by reduce the price and give me back my RC? Also, novice mission, please put the skin in to the shop i promise i`ll buy it later but give me BCs

Then fu*king change it. We want the 1000bc instead of cosmetic. Yeah, no dice. Youre forcing us to buy a skin since youre removing our rewards from novice event. That is scummy. Youre also keeping prices the same when other CN games keep the same prices across servers. That is greedy.

Yall did an admirable job handling a very strange and unexpected situation. Definitely some things that can be improved but overall the product is excellent. Bad response... but at least it`s a response... Even if nofing really changed. My first impression is that those responsible for these initial "exclusive" changes for a global release are either unprofessional or just stupid enough to create this whole situation.

Thank you for this response. While some may still not be satisfied, I for one am happy that the dev team listened and are trying to solve the issues. This bodes well for the future. Thanks again PGR team - keep it up.

Not good enough, dropping this one.

Devs true response why would you make a C-Pass when you can LITERALLY just take -2 off of the A-pass?? "MINUS an amount roughly equivalent to two rainbow cards" what kind of solution is that? you`re saying 300 immediate + 100 per day is worth more than 5$ a month for global players

Here we wrote some feel good BS while we will continue to solve nothing, push you over and do what we want. - translation of the tweet. No thanks! Back to alchemy stars I go.

I`m glad Kuro Game chose to take action immediately. I love the game (though I love Honkai Impact more) and I want to continue supporting it. Thank you for all the hard work you guys are putting into this product.

You just do not respect the players from the global, and what could be expected.

so you are still trying to push away as much as possible to exclude the players with similar solutions, namely the addition of a useless skin instead of cards, which would be more useful for beginners.

One of the worst starts on the global that I have seen, in addition to the fact that the game is as secondary as possible, and is 99% similar to Honkai Impact, so you still release a stub from the game with a delay in the content of one and a half years.

You are literally not fixing anything. It would be better for you to give a short answer like "We are working to better understand and solve the problems". But that kind of answer will only hurt your team.

To be strait it looks like you try to milk players and they unfortunately don`t like this. And then you don`t even give us some rewards in apology. Honestly i feel schemed.

Maybe i`m overreacting but you realy expect us to belive in "We didn`t think through the design of the Energy Recovery Event". You are trying to say that you push random numbers and it was like "ooops too high prices. We are so sorry ".

Game bug? Of coz there will be more whiner even though dev already try to fix thing well time to eat my popcorn to see this salty comment

Y`all are doing great. Keep up the good work

Who the heck care about the skin, put it in the store and give us back 1k BC

Wow, this isn`t even funny anymore. You literally didn`t fix a thing - from halving our black cards and the Rainbow Card issue. Did you even listen, or are just purposely being the most tone-deaf developers?

Wow a response where you fix absolutely nothing, good luck on getting the ratings up

So, they converted rewards for the Skin (what shoud be free because its a event) with no permission and try to convince players about that. bad ideia.

Thanks for costing us AT LEAST a thousand black cards, that we could have used to finish our first GLOBAL EXCLUSIVE EVENT, for a skin that CN users got for participating on the beta FOR FREE. (For B Nanami even.) 1000 BC lost?... For me, that`s the only thing that bothers me...

issue and mistake are two different things. everyone can make a mistake and that`s okay. the main thing is that you considered it and offered a mutually beneficial option.

I dont know why everyone is so pissy about this, a quick response was more than I expected to receive

How about the timing for the coop missions coz timezones exist? Why are the timing for coop missions only favor those in NA?

reading these peoples comments below dude TLDR: "We are sorry. This is the first large game we released internationally, but we still flipped up." "RC? We ain`t gonna change anything, but just gonna give y`all some alternatives and work it out yourselves."

Thank you very much! I appreciate it!

Can I use gamepad on my phone? It`s a powerful one that I can put on the TV

I`m just confused why you setup a SEA server using NA time and rate. There are other games that allow purchase through Google with regional currency- or at least use SGD for SEA area. USD is so.. punishing. Heh.

Its 4 am for me, and i cant be bothered to make a sentance, but im glad that you guys are trying to fix the problem. I`ll continue playing it as long as its fun for me, Hope the game will be successful in the future.

So basically all they said is "It is what it is" deal with it kids. We give no compensation. My god their reasoning behind 2 less RC is taxes? C`mon we all know better that if it was taxes the pricing would be different not the RC cuz apple/google doesn`t care about that.

So.. nothing is being fixed, RC prices are still screwing ONLY GLOBAL players over, monthly pass for SOME REASON still can`t just be sold for 5$ instead of RC.. Energy event was extended by a MONTH and people STILL need to spend BC clearing it? fixes, no money.

Can you please fix the time for limited event (CO-OP)? Yes it is 1-5 and 17-21 UTC but to people mostly on SEA (South East Asia) (UTC +7?), which is asia server, the time basically is 0-4 and 8-12 which makes it in middle of the night and at work time, so not playable.

are you serious? who will prefer useless outfit to the gacha currency? and STILL HAVE TO SPEND bc for event? you deserve your 1* now, really.

can`t say i like the concept of giving us a beta coating over 4 pulls, personally i couldn`t care less abt a coating

CN got this skin for free as a BETA reward. 1000 cards got depleted with no actual reason.

Anyways, for those looking for better games with similar gameplay i recommend honkai impact 3, fun gameplay, gripping plot and they give a fuck about global server, i`ll swing by to see if PGR release another statement but it`s unlikely. GL to those that stick around!

Thanks for the consideration!

That novice reward approach is probably one of the dumbest responses I`ve ever seen from a company. I`ll give you an easy solution. GIVE US THE CHOICE BETWEEN THE SKIN OR THE 1000 BC. Is it really this hard? I don`t want mediocre skin I`ll never use over more chances to pull.

It`s so sad to see so many people getting the wrong idea that anything is fixed after this notice, because there`s barely anything you did about the problems concerning global players as well as players who just want to enjoy a nice event...

I rather still get the black cards for the novice mission I dont even use that character yet alone need the costume

I know that a lot of people will always want the Black Cards instead of the Costume, so why dont make it a choice? So the player can choose between the skin or the 1k Black cards. That would be very nice.

This does not, in fact, seem to be it chief.

If youre smart youll get this up to speed for console. Id buy it

Honestly Im quite sad of all this . I hope your game will have success on global. After playing Cn version i was waiting for this Global for few years .I`m happy that you did it And i LOVE and ENJOY your game so much .All love

You didn`t check your own event? are you joking, you knew full well that people wouldn`t get the skin and a skin for beginner event for a character 85%won`t have is so bad, what are you doing it just shows you are either greedy and seriously don`t care enough about GL

Thank you for responding in a quick and consise manner and offering good reasoning and solutions I feel that you have properly responded, and I will buy both monthly packs now

Awesome, you love to see it. Thank you! I am extremely happy about this news.

thx for you guys fast reply from many player feedback and i hope pgr global can continue without any problem at all and hope those player who feedback feels fine from ur resolve :). I know its not been a week for the game release but, i hope best for you guys Kuro Game

Is that difficult to let us purchase the monthly packs directly with money. Is that an extremely difficult thing that just the genius can program into their games

Seems like you are not very interested on making this game reach the first anniversary eh? Also how can you give a value for something that was free in first place? Another good game ruined by a stingy global release, such a shame.

Man, these guys are relentless lol. Thanks for the update post Devs.

Let me get this straight, you gave a big "sorry, not sorry". Reduce the BC of the monthly pass compared to the CN counterpart; Event still requires BC to finish; and the "free skin" you are FORCING us to pay 1k BC is still robbing us those 1k BC? Will keep my 1* review, not ty.

man im glad they addressed the problems even if not everyone is please with every solution. Also for them apologizing for the whole situation no blame game just we messed up were gonna work on it keep it going kuro!

Please one more thing, is there controller support?

Why are y`all so pressed about the outfit thing... Im happy we are getting a free outfit for Nanami so I dont have to worry about crafting it... yeah BC are good and all but its not that hard to get them, the game is not even one week old wtf y`all trying to speed run???

Thank you for responding. People can`t help but to compare and feel cheated. But I enjoyed the game so far, we can grind bc like any other crystals/gems/etc in other games. Honestly it`s not that big of a deal imo. I see you say will consider better for the future, i hope you do.

how about the horrible input lag problem that some of us are facing in co-op? everytime I play co-op there`s almost 1-2 seconds input lag :(

Thanks for responding quickly, don`t you think it would be better to give the black cards instead of the nanami skin and whoever wants the skin just buys it in the store?

You could`ve just put the skin in the shop for 1k BC and give everyone 1k BC, so the ones who like the skin can get it, and the ones who don`t like it can keep the skin value in BC. But no, "you don`t like the skin? Too bad, you get it anyway and no BC for you"

This is great. They managed to respond fast but there might still be a few places left unchanged

No matter how this ends, I am grateful for finally playing this game. Thanks for your hard work.

Is Africa and India getting servers or are you still ignoring them

Punishing Global Region

From what I`ve read, I may not agree on some things here, but I can overlook them since the game is still fairly new for Global. Overall, the game feels good, the controls are nice, evading will need to be tweaked a bit and some more F2P areas will need to be added soon.

It`s quite easy. Give us the missing 1000 BC.

Translation of this tweet: Thanks for saying a lot but refusing to fix anything, yeah, great job! Just be fair already, change the pass value to a specific bundle and just dont throw us some skin without the choice of bc instead.

The skin thing makes no sense. You could take the skin out of novice rewards, give back the 1k bc in novice rewards and then sell the skin for 1k bc. That way ppl can do what they want, instead of you taking 1k bc from everyone and deciding what is best for us.

Tldr: Nothing is fixed

For future reference, this is not a good launch event, for people are in need of bp related items (Weapon, Memory, Character) over cosmetics for character who they may or may not have. This is why bc can do so much more for it can make up a portion of said bp in stamina & rolls.

you know i cant even fully say for future events just make black cards the main prize and put skins directly at the store. because you might take that as a way to get rid entirely of skins to get for free in events as observed from other servers.

Assigning a value to a skin that is 1. Generic and possibly for a character that people may not use or like and 2. Permanent and thus has no time locking and 3. Was received For Free on the launch of another server isn`t even fair. Most people would just want the 1000 bc.

I dont develop games, I literally have no idea what goes on behind the curtains and what hoops u have to jump through to satisfy the Google and Apple stores. Its a step in the right direction and I MASSIVELY appreciate the developers reaching out to the community like this.

Are those devs similar to the mha devs?

Kuro Games just so you guys know, you have many competition in the gacha space and the most popular is gonna have the Inazuma update for in a couple of days. Goodluck with your game.

I understand that the situation can`t be perfect. Its clear the kinks are still being worked out and that is fair enough. Bravo on responding so quickly; many will appreciate this timely post.

Did they listened at all? The game will die like that. Games are nothing without community

I don`t usually rant but this is awful. You aren`t fixing anything like this. The event will still require most players to spend to get the good rewards while most other gacha games put the good rewards somewhere in the middle of the milestones. The pricing will likely not be fi-

But like....I don`t want the skin. The events aren`t fix. Foolish me thinking GL won`t be shafted by another CN company

Please make the featured S rank banners after Alpha 100% pull rate on pity like you did with CN server. Thanks

honestly? the monthly pass c is the funniest "solution" i`ve ever seen regarding this kind of issue. thanks for the laugh and nothing else.

So you fixed pretty much nothing.

Appriciate the honesty, it`s an overreaction by the community, but we are used to being fucked over, for me apology accepted, and I will continue to enjoy this amazing game that I do not wish to die due to such reasons. Thank you!

For now I can only say: Thank you. I am still worried about how the global version will be handled, but at least you have had an eye on us and that cannot be ruled out. You have a mine of now in your hands .. exploit it in the best possible way. GOOD LUCK

Very well done response~. Wishing you guys a healthy and long game life, because while I don`t usually mess with gachas, the gameplay here is special. Eager to see what else you all have in store.

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