Dear @Apple! Visited your store on 5th ave in

September 14, 2021, 3:51 pm
Dear @Apple! Visited your store on 5th ave in
Dear Visited your store on 5th ave in NY! Impressive! There were watches of International Olympic collection representing flags of various countries! Was disappointed not to see INDIAs watch there? I wonder why? We are one of the largest consumers of Apple products!

Americans don`t like to add ever Great Bharat, because they r not able to understand us.

You should switch to an android phone in protest

India one of the largest consumer of apple products

Well said , I wonder when I out country being notified to them

Yes it is super strange & there are many other places where the Indian language or flag is still missing...I don`t get it!

So beautiful watch

India Flag isn`t for commercial use.

boycott apple if they don`t put our National Flag

Thats a really good point sirjee

The covid orgin country manufacturers it so they won`t make it.

Apple is jealous of Androids domination in India. That`s the reason. Apple

Very true sir

India is not one of the largest consumers of Apple Products. Like your guru Narendra Modi, you also lie!

Let Apple learn how to repair their existing laptops properly, instead of replacing parts that cost a bomb.

We aren`t one of Apple`s largest customers. Apart from that you can definitely ask/request them to have an India watch.

It has nothing to do with but our DhwajSanhita which doesnt permit National Flag use for commercial purposes. Back in 1999 when I visited the UN office in NYC I was disappointed to see that UN visitor store sold souvenirs with all country flags, except India.

India is only a big market for them with full of dumbness

Must include Indian flag.

when rich people get disappointed only things matter to them.. These Bollywood people are more selfish Still you will not going stop using what`s fruitful!

Sir, that`s how we become largest consumer. To make us feel proud we will buy 3 watches with white,saffron and green straps.Jai Hind.

We r a market that`s all for the whites

Now all unemployed bhakts might trend BanApple and vandalise these stores because their Celebrity troll is unhappy!

I will make one for you Not apple but a indian watch

[email protected]_ab93 look at this ludicrous tweet !!

A) Apple doesnt care a single bit B) Your analogy is as far from truth as it can be !!! C) If you are talking about Olympics, then surely you wont name in that space for the moment D) As you stated its 5th Avenue, NY not Mumbai

Why ? Tell us They dont have significant market share, and neither did India has good medal tally in International Olympics when compared to other nations....

Maybe our constitutions code of conduct regarding our national flag

let me correct you here anupam these watch bands does not represent nations presenting in Olympics, they are just displaying as an example of the bands the have for national flag ,they do have one for india you can see on their website.

Because does not consider us in their decisions.

Then now you should not buy any apple products onwards .

Good Must be needed

We all are fools sir, still we have tendency to welcome other`s. Bycott apple

India is a poor country.

Deliberate exclusion. Too bad.

There is no wonder they always treat india as dumpward and m really annoyed of such pathetic behaviour

Great observation ,when have our bit in olymics and paralympics ,there should have been one

Let`s follow either my way or highway.... Means either respect india or don`t bring ur products to India. Simple.

We r one of largest consumer market but this brand is very costly very few buy their products in India..In India where more than 80 cr. population can`t buy food but have to depends on govt free ration. & majority middle class don`t find sensible to buy costly unessential things We should boycott These type of business Houses

We have to blame ourselves. We are very much fascinating To go for Imprted Items Be it watches or ward robes

Indian flag is not supposed to be used as a wearable, you should have known that better.

Good Question

They can`t afford to have our flag there...

This is not fair

chill down guys 1st we`re not the biggest consumer of apple, instead we`re at the bottom 2nd just think and tell can anyone if u afford an apple watch except the rich people? none so why`d apple waste money on manufacturing something that probably no one can afford?

And then they beg to open their 1st apple store in India in front of the Indian Govt

how tf ur gonna sale that cause Apple scuks

Using tricolour for any commercial purposes is against the `Flag code of India (2002)`

Then give up your iphone first...

Not only consumers, Indian engineers are bringing technology to Reality at Apple Everyday!!!

It`s not fair. Apple should look into the matter and take proper steps. If not done so, we should raise our voice and stop using Apple products. Well done Anupam ji

Its Apple Sir, not your bollywood which runs as per your desire. It`s their wish to keep flag of specific countries on their product. If you don`t like, please go for Freedom 251. But please don`t beg like this.

Jai ho Ji...ap hukum karo.. hum hazir karenge .. DM ur address and i will ship u ijdian flag watch and case and golf markers and iphone cover Siri also doesnt know Hindi

Sir good you share this post It will impact

But RW, BJP, RSS dont recognise our tri color flag?

Went slow mo on your video and it does not even show my country as well Mauritius

Quit whining bruh, India is not the centre of the universe ffs.

Sir, Please buy one watch for me

Apple was/is slow on India from long time and this doesnt surprise! Having expectations from them is a

Valid & pertinent observation, India does deserve a place in Apples watch collection ... its better late than never ... do add asap & respect the emotions of billions population of sub-continent

Follow Because India is poor.

Performance..???? I think we need to improve our performance then.....

Here again with Anti-National Flag

Exactly sir!! India is the great market for Apple. Disappointing. I hope your tweet reach them and they understand their mistake!!

you can start selling them at the street corners . Made In Nagpur watches .

Yes thats a really bad,having one of the biggest market share but still not considering India

Thats not good there r many Indians working behind the apple they shud not do that

BjpAndhBhakts to add another company to boycott list ?

boycott apple

Maybe this is the reason: Might be in the make

please answer for this..i am Indian customer

Pakistan has one??

True Sir...

It is time, India develops a better product than that of Apple and stops using Apple They rarely respect Indian people using their products, till last year they had no store in India, product launches were always delayed in India till recently

Apple making fool`s of Indian Boycott Apple

May be it was out of stock :-)

Awwww are you butthurt?

True.. India should be there.. there are so many software developer in Apple

With Due respect sir, if u really care about India then why don`t you raise your voice against " Dismantling global hindutav"????

Yes sir absolutely right,agreed

Even no estore facility for India, moreover no customer care facilities for Hindi speaking people. Their customer care executive knows only English and other Foreign Languages, if you don`t know English then you can`t claim your services.

Apple be like : discount chahiye toh seedhe seedhe mang na!

U can find it here Not even in top 5 consumers,, lol, check facts and figures

May be you should find India Apple watch in India and not in NYC

Because you don`t know about the market share of Apple in India. Ask Modi or Shah they might know. Been selling India, would know about market share more than you do.

Dear all, it might happen that our citizens don`t use much as other countries do but yes if Indians stop buying Apple will that not effect Apple`s revenue? So please think logical before commenting. MORON PEOPLE. Negative commentors u r like " giving light to neighbour country"

No wonder why stock market not picking up

Indians like BANANA The poor man`s Apple, it is available across country.

Anupam Sir Indian flag is not for sale n personally I dont want it to be used it for any kind of commercial purpose. As it is pride for every Indian which hoist n fly up above.

They have lost their innovative touch. People are scared to update their products now. If they continue the same track, by 2030 apple will be rotten and some Mango might replace it. I just hope the Mango is Malihabadi Dussheri.

Nu a pam jee danking lecction.

Do we need to boycott apple now??

don`t warry if apple can`t able to understand India customer value then why we should go for apple product bycott apple products switch to samsung_product or sony good opportunity for both of them try to provide best product in Indian market.

Discrimination with India is in Top list

Only a nationalist can think & react like this. For rest !

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