January 17, 2021, 5:06 pm
Curious.... iPhone or Android? Why?

I like stuff that works seamlessly: iPhone

iPhone since June 2007 (the day the first one dropped). My BlackBerry had just died a few weeks before. Apple products have never let me down.

Google android. Cheaper to replace phones and I have a bad habit of accidentally destroying them.

I have iPhone just because its my husbands hand-me-down phone. I have no clue of the differences and dont care

iPhone because I hate the bloat carriers put into Andriod, and I prefer the minimal UI.

iPhone because my job pays for it. Cant beat that deal.

Samsung. Kids and grandkids have IPhones and think my Galaxy isn`t as good even though they cost the same. BTW, I`ve had an IPhone in the past.

I had an iPhone eons ago. Didn`t like it. But only because it blew up. so I vowed never to go back and stuck with android since. My daughter has an iPhone, everyone else in the house has android.

Android; apple`s obsolescence plan is nuts.

Android....I got it as a, Android!

IPhone. idk

I phone. Used to it.

Android (exclusively Samsung).

Used to be an android user until 2 years ago. Android devices start good but gradually slow down for some reason, and even after a factory reset its still slow and you can feel it. iPhone however was different, and I like the user interface.

IPhone. Apple has all my music. I cant live without it.

Android - apple sucks.

We refer to Apple as Fuckapple in my household. Does that answer your question?

what I don`t like from android is they only receive 2 years of update, IOS you can have up to 4-5 years of update

Android. Hate Apple interface and hate their "closed" ecosystem.

I have a google phone because Google will one day be our overlords, I want to be in good graces. So android it is.

iPhone. Carrier bloatware sucks.

Android. I`m frugal & it`s all I need.

iPhone because Ive only used Apple computers since 1982 (never used a PC) so the ease of compatibility is logical for me.

I had an Android up until a year ago and loved it. I have an iPhone now and love it.

Android becuz i hate the Apple interfaces. They all feel too minimalistic to me. I don`t want to have to stare at a menu & think real hard about how to navigate it.

iPhone cos work pay for it.

If you bought a ford truck, and every song you listened to, had send a penny to ford. You could only get fuel at a ford dealership, you had to have ford`s permission to have a passenger, and ford forbade you to use certain tires. You would have the iPhone business model

Android. It may be less secure but I like the convenience of being able to easily transfer files into and out of my phone nice and quick.

Android ~ Just better and more open to differing platforms where iPhone is limited to just their own platforms.

Android. Idk why tbh. I had iPhone, hubs switched us, I went along for the ride, now I`m used to Android & prefer it.

Android, I don`t apple

Can open...worms everywhere.

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