Couldn`t have illustrated any better

January 18, 2021, 9:06 pm
Couldn`t have illustrated any better
Couldn`t have illustrated any better

Xbox game pass ultimate: Xbox live gold 100+ playable games no extra cost 88+ games EA Access Xbox game streaming Game pass for pc New First party titles in game pass from day 1 straight to game pass All for 10.99 ($14.99 us). Bargain if you ask me.

They knock gamepass, but want it on their console. Get out of here.

I think youre forgetting those 20 free games with plus and the 36 other free games to.

Xbox is filled with games just got my hands on series S for the room waiting for the series x pop up for living room

It`s been 3 months and you stil don`t have a single next gen launch game... Waiting for e3?

xBoX gOt nO gAmEs tHo I`ma throw another big brain comment like when I dropped the 1440p console and frame boost last year. They be asking about us about having games well the way they`re going we will be saying "sony doesn`t have any consoles" in 5 years. With all the stats floating around. Sony=sega

15$ a month for hundreds of triple A exclusive games vs. 70$ for one single player action Adventure rpg about real or fake, rydas or punks! Which side are you on

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