Congratulations to everybody on the team that worked so

April 26, 2022, 12:40 pm
Congratulations to everybody on the team that worked so
Congratulations to everybody on the team that worked so hard to make this happen. Some details on the PC client is available here:

I was so excited to hear abt the cross-progression. I love the option to play on the phone when Im out and PC when Im home! That is the ideal situation for me.

Cant wait to try it!

Maybe the true phone was the friends we made along the way.

Looks like we`re going to make it after all!!!!!

With an iOS client, arent you also really nearly done with a Mac client? An M1 Mac would presumably be able to run the iPad client as-is, it just might be letterboxed. Are you going to go the rest of the way and release an official Mac client?

Have no phone... Is this a late April Fools joke or something? This is something that honestly would`ve kept a lot of people interested in the franchise and restored trust in the company as a whole. At the moment, the company`s reputation is amongst the worst. Fixing past mistakes now won`t help.

Guess we didn`t need those phones

I really hope you are feeling good man. Thank you for keeping the drive and pushing forward with this project. Big finger to the haterz and the pieces of trash humans that felt as if it was appropriate to make you feel the way they did in the past. Keep up the fantastic work.

Congrats to you, and the teams there for the reveal today! As always we`re keeping a close eye on anything Diablo.

Jokes aside the best thing about the announcement is not only PC version. But moving with WASD, That`s a major win.

Top tier mate. Good luck with the launch!

Absolutely psyched to try this out. Whilst I don`t play a lot on mobile having to option to pick up where I left off from my PC whilst I am out and about is a really good incentivisation. Is there controller support on Mobile?

Looks like you guys dont all have a phone after all

It`s a no brainer. Easy win for you guys.

But I got a phone to play this. You mean I can play on PC now? Hyped to finally get back in game! Feels like ages since beta.

I am so beyond pumped it`s going to be on PC with controller support ! Finally. took way to long. I never understood the arguments in the forum`s. Let people play the way they want to play.

Finally we guys dont need a phone

i guess no one had a phone XD

You should`ve anounce it with the pun "THIS IS NOT AN EARLY APRIL JOKE"

Can`t wait to give it a try!

Good job everyone, cant wait to try it. Love all your games and been a huge fan since the beginning. means a lot to me. The games really help me to take focus off my disabilities and stay focussed. Keep up the amazing work all of you.

I formally retract my "Boo". Well done for listening.

So is this replacing what would`ve been D4, or is there something I`m missing?

Yo, what the hell though. I bought a phone for this in particular, now you`re telling me it`s releasing on PC?!

Please make the iOS version playable on Silicon Macs... please!

Typing this from my phone Thank you for listening. The convention was obviously uncomfortable for you guys but you managed to rock the game

Thanks Wyatt and team for delivering so much for the franchise I grew up with! Some fans love all the work you guys do and it`s this guy right here!

Thanks for including PC at launch!! Bring on 02 June!!

Looking forward to playing soon. I hope micro-transactions won`t take away from the fun.

I am SO excited for the release of Diablo Immortal! The PC client is just icing on the cake! I`m most likely going to be playing 99% of the time mobile, but I love the fact that my progression is carried over to PC and that they can co-op together!

I strongly dislike gaming on mobile but I was going to make an exception for Diablo since I enjoyed it at BlizzCon. Looks like I can enjoy it on PC now

I`m glad it`s hitting up PC.

But did you wear that red shirt on purpose at the youtube announcement?

I am disappointed at the lack of a macOS version. You have compiled it for iOS, it would be trivial to compile it for macOS. But yet you wasted time to port to Windows.

Diablo immortal on PC best news ever

I`m surprised people even want this game? It`s basically Diablo 3 all over again. Like a mini expansion pack.

I can`t see this. I don`t have a phone.

Thanks for listening to the community, i`m sure a lot more people will be willing to try the game now that it`s on PC too

Cool. Nice. But if you do it for mobile too, esp. iOS , can you please allow playing on macOS on at least M1s too? I know, I know - more QA- but shouldnt be to bad with the iOS build.

Thank you for adding it to PC!

Awesome! A Diablo game I can play at home and continue while on the move. Great work!

This is such great news and should have been there from day one But I can understand that it`s a bit clustered to have 2 Diablo for PC in the pipeline But I really like this news

I guess we didnt need phones after all :). For real though grats to the team for making it happen!

Thanks for listening to the community and making lemonade from the lemons that were the official reveal.

Being unable to play this on a mobile device because it`s an ergonomic disaster, I thank you

Yesss!!!!! This is great news

I`m at work, can anyone let me know if this means cross -progression- is also on the table?

Yo Wyatt now if anyone complains you gotta hit them with, "You guys don`t have PCs?" At that point it`d be in good fun thanks for the work you guys put in to making this possible though

Are you sure this isn`t a late April fools joke?

So you guys don`t have phones as well after all I guess!

Logging on to the PC client for the first time should give you the achievement Do you not have a phone?

I hope the amount of bad jokes coming at you about this doesnt get to annoying. Glad to see this happen looks awesome.

very nice! PC <-> Mobile cross play is going to be really fun, controller support too!

Congratulations to the team. This was a long road for sure and understandable that people would try on PC via emulator anyway.

Congrats, Wyatt. I did meme on you guys, but only in good fun. Im definitely going to enjoy playing.

w00t! Congratulations!

Happy for the team game looks very neat (said by a big d2 fan) with a tone of vintage graphics makes it more interesting.

do you guys working also for macOS and PS5 support?

Hell, it`s about time! Congratulations to you! If my character in D2R HC ladder does not survive, I will be able to test it thoroughly on PC, unfortunately, I won`t be able to test it on the Steam Deck until Q3 2022 :S

Congrats on the announcement this morning! Happy to hear about PC support and cross play from the get go, it will give Immortal a strong start

this is an awesome move. Great job by everyone on the team.

Wow congrats to you and your team!

Great presentation today Wyatt! Loved it, so happy to hear about PC and Cross Platform from you and Pre-Registered on iOS and cant wait for 6/2!! Must be such a relief to see all the hard work about to pay off!!

Thank you for this Wyatt and the entire DI team! This was something we were looking to! The game already is great, this just made it excellent! 10/10 decision.

Congrats! I was wondering if we`d get to play it on PC - it`s grown so much as a game and unique experience, it deserves it. PS - SteamDeck compatibility seems pretty likely given the interface and controller support... here is hoping!

Completely out of nowhere! Thank you!

real question here! is this just a way for blizzard to desensitize pc player to be more accepting of micro-transaction ?

But but but, I have a phone

Do you have any plan to take diablo immortal to consoles like switch? Or xbox? BTW Congrats for the amazing work done!

Hell is frozen over, Diablo is coming. I am 31 years old and I am happy like a child from the premiere of Diablo Immortal, I can`t wait. I am a mobile player and I am glad that I will always have my beloved Diablo with me, although I was counting on an earlier premiere.

Excited to see all that hard work!

Lmao but I thought we had phones bro

Thank you for controller support. It was one of the features that were missing for me in Diablo 3 on PC :-) Congrats to the team, job well done.

Dont u guys have phone?

You made me very happy with this! Thank you!

But why? I already have a phone

*Insert joke about thing said in 2016*

Can the hud be rescaled back up? Im Legally Blind so if you shrink it down tiny it takes away one of the best aspects; players with vision loss being able to see things. Its nice as a Blizzard CONSOLE fan to finally be a knowledges that we exist in recent years.


What an incredible announcement! Congratulations!

How about Console too? It would be perfect for the Switch.

Great to see! I just went from not intending to play, to being super excited for launch! Good job!

Glad this is not an out of season April fools joke! I personally don`t play games like this on mobile so I`m very glad it`s coming to PC, look forward to trying it out!

I think its really interesting that crossplay is here between mobile and PC. However, Diablo 2 did not get crossplay

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