Congrats to the great team @ArkaneStudios on the launch

September 15, 2021, 10:09 am
Congrats to the great team @ArkaneStudios on the launch
Congrats to the great team on the launch of great to see the response from the community to innovative new IP and gameplay.

The guys at arkane are wizards. We need more teams that work on different types of projects

Too bad cannot play on Xbox..

Too bad this game isn`t even available on the Xbox it`s only for PlayStation. And it`s going to stay that way for at least a year but whatever good for the PlayStation crowd not so much for the Xbox krowd

So Xbox release about september 2022? Until then anyway enough to play ;-)

Genuinely hope that the studios under Microsoft will be allowed to strive for innovation, to work in less financially successful genres & to express themselves creatively. Arkane are the last AAA immersive sim developer, I hope they`ll still be able to keep making them.

I prefer the Xbox but I switched to Playstation because they do not require the mandatory online connection to install a game in physical version.

This game caught me by suprise.. Seriously good game

That`s cool can`t wait to play it next year on gamepass.

When is it gonna be on Game Pass

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