confession: i do not own a gaming system &

June 24, 2021, 9:07 pm
confession: i do not own a gaming system &
confession: i do not own a gaming system & all i have currently is a little bb macbook air that gets way too hot and overwhelmed when attempting to load even a simple game of Sims. so WHAT GAMING SYSTEM DO I BUY AND WHY, PLS COMMENT BELOW

Xbox. Game Pass. Sorted.

Nintendo Switch and a gaming computer will get you exactly where you need to go. Most PS or XBox games are available via PC

Xbox serie S with gamepass is the the cheapest way to play a lot of games. But if you like fps, you shold consider to buy a Pc, in long term, the investment is whorth

A Playstation/Switch combo has a huge chunk of my gaming needs met, so it might work for you, too.

You should play destiny and then hopefully get a chance to voice a character in the future!! Destiny will get cross play later this year which will open up your opportunities to play with lots of people on all platforms!

A desktop/tower computer can perform well for years of you spend like $1500 on it through a PC builder website. I spent about $1200 about a year ago and assembled it myself, but I think this will be the last time I do that (I ran into some issues). Having a site build offers ins

As an added bonus, after this thread you will be an expert and be able to do a video about choosing a gaming system like a normal person.

Nintendo switch so we can visit each others islands on Animal Crossing

IMO your best bet is either an Xbox series X or a PS5. In terms of deciding between them, I think the easiest way to do that is look at a list of exclusives for each console and pick the list you like better. You really can`t go wrong with either

Xbox. With Game Pass, you get a bunch of games to try right away. This includes Halo Infinite day one when it launches, and Hades is being added really soon. You can also play on PC/Mac with xCloud if your rig isn`t amazing. Plenty of advantages.

Switch! It`s what I used to get back into gaming after not having played anything for 15 years. I got Ori and the Blind Forest, Hades, Dead Cells, and the latest Mario game.

Sounds like Xbox with Gamepass would represent the best value for money in your case. Generally home of the FPS and Hades (amazing game) is on its way. Gamepass gets you Doom Eternal and Halo right out the gate.

You cant go wrong with any! Xbox w/Gamepass is a hell of a good package though.

Ps5 DOESNT give bill gates money

Get a PC - ten times better than a console because you can download Steam and play *all the games*, a tons for free or very cheap. If you decide to go a PC, all you need to know is your budget. I can point you to some resources to help from there. PS5 is best. Excellent games console and great for FPS

Since youre interested in first-person shooters, I would definitely recommend a PS5 or Xbox Series X - assuming you can find one. The performance on both systems is excellent, and there are a ton of current and last-gen FPS titled available; Destiny 2 is a personal favorite.

If were talking console, not pc as an option, def ps5 imo, has sooo many more good exclusives, although xbox prob has better multiplayer cause of gamepass

* PC works for most types of games, including games not often found on console. RTS, MOBA, sim games, lots more indie games. * Consoles you`ll probably buy for their exclusives or to play in a living room setting instead of at a desk. * Switch is both a home console and handheld.

Go with the Switch. Nintendo has a TON of great games.

So how do you get your Hades fix?!

Buy a pre built PC! Dont need anything over the top gpu wise.

If you like FPS then a PS4/5 might be your best bet (if you dont want to invest in a PC). Otherwise I`d suggest Switch just for the sheer variety of games available on it. Their indie offerings are really good. You can be a LAWYER or a FARMER or a BOUNCER or a HERO OF TIME

Hades is coming soon to Xbox and PlayStation, and with how difficult it is to get consoles now, by the time you snag an Xbox or ps5 it`ll be out I bet. For you I`d suggest Xbox series X. Game pass is a really good deal and will let you play a ton of stuff.

you get a gaming pc, you play final fantasy 14 and then you enjoy the rest of your life

Budget ? A gaming PC or laptop + Xbox Game Pass for PC would be your best bet and give you the most value for money over time

And Hades is coming to both Xbox and PlayStation. I am ride of die or PlayStation, but Id go Xbox because Game Pass ROCKS.

It depends on your style, if you wanna something casual Video Games is the best platform: PS youll have more cinematic exclusive games, Xbox youll have more games paying less and a lot of good exclusives, mainly RPGs +

I would say PC but GPUs are outrageously expensive right now. I`m gonna stuck with my 1060 for a while.

Reccomend getting a ps5 first (Destiny 2). and can help you get one

PlayStation entirely so you can play all the good exclusives (and also friend me )

If you get a PC I will gift you a copy of deep rock galactic, which, atm is my favourite co-op FPS

pc would be a good one to go with for shooters, unless you like using controller and don`t mind consoles. xbox might be the better choice for strictly consoles though (gamepass and all that sounds neat).

A desktop gaming PC

Hey Avalon! If you`re into shooters, I would suggest a PC (though the prices for components are crazy rn). A ps4/5 or an xbox can be good alternatives, if you`re comfortable with aiming on controllers. Take care, you`re great :)

If you want to play all of the above, you should get a PC. Best Buy has pre-builts for less than 1700

Obviously gotta build a computer

I`d say ps5 once its available but until then maybe an xbox since gamepass will have hades and a bunch of first person shooters.

Hades is coming to Playstation and Xbox soon, though!

For shooters, PC takes the cake by far

Switch is an absolutely perfect little gaming machine. There are tons of charming games on it, and you can take it almost anywhere. If you`re going to play it on your TV, the pro controller is also very comfortable.

A Switch or an Xbox with a subscription to Game Pass so you can play a bunch of games, Netflix-style.

Series X with Gamepass. Best way to play tons of great games for cheap.

Maybe a good idea to use a streaming service like Xbox game pass or Google stadia

i like first person shooters more than anything, and would 1000% also love to play the games i am in (most of them are/will be avail on both playstation & xbox. hades is the only one on switch)

Depends on what you want to play honestly. I like to game on my PC most of the time, but I do love the nintendo switch, solid gaming library with Nintendo exclusives and its portable if you want to take it places. Xbox and PLaystation are also great picks.

I would say Xbox Series S. Last gen console with an affordable price in case you don`t want to commit to buying a $500+ console/pc, you have a huge catalog, and with the Xbox Game Pass you will have tons of options to play. And of course, all of Supergiant games are there :)

Really depends on what kind of games you enjoy and what kind of time commitment you have to gaming. All 3 companies put out great systems with their own unique benefits.

Depends on what games you want to play really. Hardcore/Competitive FPS or MMOs: PC Story Driven Adventures/Casual Multiplayer: PS5 or Xbox Indies or anything Nintendo: Switch Some Indies and Gacha games: Your phone

Either a switch or just purchase a solid gaming computer

I get the most use out of my Switch. Lots of variety, all the good indie games are on the eshop, and it`s portable. Plus, it`s relatively easy to acquire right now at a reasonable price.

Get a Nintendo Switch because 1) Hades, and 2) the portability of taking your game console and carrying it around with you is so cool

Nintendo Switch is the only right answer. Pros: Tons of great first and third party games, it`s portable, cartridges are neat, the console and joycons are pretty. Cons: Joycon drift, not very powerful (but honestly, who cares)

Switch, any Xbox with a game pass are good deals. I`m a PC player but I don`t think it`s a good option now

tbh all the consoles are going to be hard to get at this point. but switch might be more your thing regarding games, unless you like the selection on the other two more! also if you ever do pc in the future, you can use the cross-save functionality in hades from the switch!

Switch. And get Enter the Gungeon (after Hades)

Joining the chorus of replies to suggest Nintendo Switch, which is where I have been playing Hades every day for months and I cannot put it down

Or like others have said if you just play games casually a switch is the best option

Switch, so you can listen to yourself while pooping

PC buy one prebuilt online. Its wayy better and you can play everygame at its best quality and maximum fun ness, us you can use it for work. If not then PS5 because all the xbox games you can also play on PC so and Xbox is redundant

I guess it depends on your style of games as well as whether you plan to game with friends or solo. Cheaper option would be one of the newer consoles (Xbox is my vote). If you want to go more versatile, get a gaming rig.

If you want portable, get a Switch, if you want a good next gen experience, get PS5 or Series X, it honestly doesn`t matter, if you want to be able to upgrade the parts for future-proofing, buy a gaming PC.

Depends on what you want to achieve, PS5 is a good deal but there`s very little games right now, Switch is good if you`re not home often and want to play on the go.. PC is king if you want access to wide variety of games or productivity, but there`s a shortage of components now.

I have a PS4 and a Switch, I would say the Switch for its play options(home or portable) and there are plenty of different games.

The switch is so nice to have wherever you want it plus it can hook up to the TV if you do feel like having it on the big screen. So many games end up getting ported to it. Youll miss out on some exclusives to the PS or XBOX but its worth it.

i own a ps5, a switch and a modest gaming computer. what do you want to play? bc it depends

Switch, it`s portable, lots of fun games, and Hades is on it.

Switch. Portable, neat selection of games, and probably the least steep barrier to entry of all current systems. That said, an upgraded version might be out by the end of the year, so it might be good to wait

pc if you`re gonna be home, high end laptop for portable use, ps5 if you like their exclusives, wouldnt rly reccomend xbox unless you want to play halo and ori. They all have pros and cons and yourr a multibillionare so it shouldn`t be much of a problem LMAO


one of the new xboxes along with their subscription service (gamepass) is probably the best way to start out and get a good sampling affordably

a high end PC can play pretty much most games, unless you`re looking to play something specific. I recommend pre-built because building one is a pain in the ass

nintendo switch: -portable and not enormous -tons of great indie games (like hades) along with amazing aaa titles -you can actually find it in stores

What kind of games do you want to play?

Switch might be the cheapest option to play Hades with

Switch (Lite or regular)! Relatively, lots of good games (Hades cough cough) and you can take it anywhere.

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