Coding is one of the world`s most important languages,

December 7, 2021, 10:42 am
Coding is one of the world`s most important languages,
Coding is one of the worlds most important languages, and we believe everyone should have the chance to learn. Coding opens doors to new opportunities and provides valuable life skills. We cant wait to see how these young learners create, collaborate, and change the world.

PHP is the best language.

Nowadays young show their talent on coding

Mr. we want to build our carrier in this coding world`s going to fully development on artificial intelligence

Please don`t say coding...

I`m 45 years old can you teach me via Zoom!

Oh g I did apply for a security job inside apple but mans icloud phone number got stolen the next day

Especially internet cafes library`s most dangerous places to go and don`t connect to the wifi inside apple ure doomed I u do

Can people not from USA be part of the club?

Ok, then recode Dictate button in WatchOS right under a message back as it was before update. Thank you.

Ye so anyone can code ure laptop ur phone wifi the bank very good idea

Well said, coding is art, coding is the future, and it should be a requirement in schools just like math is.

You`re right, Tim! Coding is also one of the most valuable skills in the world. Im glad to know how to Code :)) Did you Code? Cheers, Thilo

Hello dear Tim, What about my company? Thanks and best regards. That is all!!!!!!


Dont make them learn Swift then what a shame

At the age of 37 I got myself a M1 Mac and started to learn coding. Wonderful to see the youth taking it on as well

can you help me with money?

Absolutely agree with you Tim! Its one of the most important and beautiful skills to learn or master if not the most!

Coding is not a language, its an action/activity based on a language.

Why teach Swift? That language sucks. Use something like JavaScript.

Great initiative sir

Why Apple helping only American students. However it sells devices worldwide. African, asian, European also deserve this partnership.

lets hope apls current blackbox business model gets outmoded soon and google search for WiFiLQMMetrics for example begets relevance rather than pre-planned obscurity .

Coding is dangerous ms Tim, it helps people write code for SIDELOADING

Ya definitely u`re right but the prices of ur apple products or any others products any brand are on sky everyone can`t afford there is no solution to this until big companies like apple,and others should bring down the prices then we all can agree that coding is necessary.

Mr Tim_Cook I am teenager please give me process to coding.

But some people can`t afford to buy a laptop or desktop to learn coding

Don`t u think this will spoil childhood? If they spend time in learning coding, when will they play,will do treking, swimming & other activities? Why r u encouraging kids to sit infront of PC for hours? Just for their career in making more money? Then about their health? Think.

When will swift playgrounds 4 be released

Hello, I`d like to ask you something politely. Can you listen to me? Can you tell me your email address?

I found `Scratch` app. and abidadu?? for many years ago. The children can do it very easily and joyfully

Then why dont you alllow windows user to learn Swift and work on Xcode? Not everyone can afford a MacBook to learn Swift or make apps natively for iOS. I too want to learn swift but unfortunately its not supported on windows

Please use your corporate power to do some thing for young girls. Move out of TX and support young girls right for control over their bodies. This young coder should go out and play, they need to physically and mentally strong at this age. They have whole life to learn coding later on. Look at the pic you jave tweeted he got glasses in such a short age, same story with my son as well. Let them be kids and enjoy

Great Dear Tim regards

If you`re not just virtue signalling, remove the recurring $100 fee you charge publishers to access your high ARPU monopoly.

This is big. Please put in a python course for the young kids to start developing apps. Thanks

The world will never understand how big of a deal this is.

How about teaching older folks whose jobs have disappeared with the digital age.

I had such a breakdown with swift, I gave up. But then I bought a better preforming Mac and its seems like a ball in the park (sometimes lol)

I teach computer science two classes per day, and Im training to get certified in coding for K-12. I currently teacher computer aided design, but they are having me change to CS. Why do people call coding a life skill? I cant agree with that. I need clarification. Thanks

This ratio was also coded

How about you give 1/3 of your Salary each year to teach the latest devops to the under privileged. I would if I had your coin amigo. We are going to fail if you do not. Think about the kids.

After seeing me working with Xcode, my 11 year old got really interested in coding too. So for Christmas I got him an iPad to run swift playgrounds. Second generation developer in the making.

Tim.this is fricken awesome for todays youth!!!

If you want to give those opportunities, I think you should start by putting xCode on the iPads with iPadOS 16. I think Swift Playgrounds is a great app, but we need more advanced apps on iPadOS in order to justify the M1.

Thank you for sending message. Can you bring gun and bullets?

What about when the code is smart enough to code?

Love it thanks this is coming from a stock holder in the company has changed my life and millions around the world with tech SteveJobs created

Can I ask a random-ish question just out of curiosity? Have you ever coded anything? How was it? xx

maybe also english when important conversations need to happen for everybody bein on the same page about values and human rights and ethics

When is swift playgrounds 4 for iPad coming out?

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