-Challenge Question: From an Android user Perspective what is

January 22, 2022, 12:23 pm
-Challenge Question: From an Android user Perspective what is
-Challenge Question: From an Android user Perspective what is the best selling feature of the iPhone? Explain??

Processor and video quality..

For me, it is iphone`s consistency whether it is its cameras or UI and so on.

Probably the app optimization

Apple watch, ecosystem, apps design. But year after year feels the same phone again and again. I`m always switching between Samsung and iphone (now I`m using a fold 3)

Honestly, i think the best feature is the new thing that you can scan images for text and copy that text, idk what it`s called

App optimisation, that is the only reason i would switch to iphone, i use an S21 ultra and social media on this phone is similar to 300 mid ranger

I`d have to say the only thing that attracts me is the video features

1. Social media camera quality. 2. Long term support fo the OS. 3. The smooth UI despite only having less RAM 4. The prestige. (fr... at least in my country) Automatically accepted in the rich kids circle.

The phone itself is a bit meh , dont get me wrong its good enough but nothing amazing about iPhone. Its when you start tying in to the eco system then the phone and its counter parts become one amazing network. Ive recently come back to iOS after about 5 years of pixel and

iMessage hands down

The chip, the battery and the ecosystem

i am using a jailbroken iphone 12 pro max as my second device and jailbreak is the only reason i am keeping it. jailbreak community is great and there are lots of creative developers out there which kept me from upgrading to the 13 series since there is no jailbreak yet

Fluid animation

5-6 years of software updates and accessories

The processor and the battery life, but I`m afraid of the IOS.

Long software updates, highly reliable and customisable notifications system with "do not disturb" feature that actually works, location/motion aware features (e.g. Always calibrated compass and location-based reminders).

Apps overall: inapp camera, haptic feedback, better animations (WhatsApps in Android still looks like Android 4 because it has to be compatible with that version lol). It is not a good iPhone thing, it is just an Android thing. Ive been always using Android until now.

App optimizations and animations

The chipset and its software support. It`s great just how a 2016 phone is still on the latest version of iOS.

Smooth animations & geekbench scores...That`s it

Consistency i suppose

More than 5 years of OS and security update available right from the new version availability ?

Their pro phone is not huge

Only and only camera. And you know the reasons.

The logo, for flexing

The UX As a person who uses both daily, the iPhone just give me a overall better user experience. Don`t get me wrong, i love Android phones more than iPhones, but oftentimes, when i use my iPhone, it just a smooth experience, everything just works

tbh its just the simplicity of how it looks for me

Reliability. Its just work!!! (Im someone who switched to iPhone form Android)

My friends will get jealous only Nothing much

In my opinion the best selling point of iPhones is long software support

3D touch, battery, OS efficiency, iMessages, very rich Apple Music features. Android are now efficient too but just still near close than iOS.

Its all about iOS. If another manufacturer was allowed to use it the iPhone would have fallen behind by now.

A bionic and NVME storage, and amazing video capabilities

Most people buy them for brand name atleast here in India and very few but for actual features and experience ()

Well the camera especially the videos yes photos this year are a bit meh as hdr really sucks on iPhones its not terrible but not good. Then the ecosystem`s tempting until people realise Samsung has an even bigger or atleast similar ecosystem & build quality of iPhones are great.

Status Symbol. There`s better cameras out there, more popular messaging services, more expensive droids... but none of that has successfully been able to revert iPhone`s establishment as a status symbol. So they`ll continue feeling like they have the best of everything.

Only thing that makes me consider switching is how developers / companies work harder on making apps better on iOS then they do Android.

The privacy options.

The custom chip with optimized battery life and the ecosystem, especially Apple Messages and FaceTime

Stability of the OS and solid build

User interface/ user experience. You can talk about specs all day long but iPhone is always just pleasing to use imo

Ig No Compression is the only thing that I care about.

Videography that`s it

The apple only Much people get apple phone for just show off Having iphone in many communities means you are A plus

Good Instagram camera. That`s pretty much it.

For me it`s the camera, battery management, and haptics.

The ecosystem, the apps, the animations, iMessage, facetime, battery life (on the 13), good cameras.

A series chips and resale value

I still don`t why people rave about iPhones tbh I mean its a great phone DGMW but I feel its overhyped, I just wanted to give it a try and I lost more than I gained, andriodOS is more efficient and convenient than iOS, but I really like that hardware and cam on the iPhone.

For me it`s the cameras, I don`t care for iMessage cos over here we use WhatsApp more often and the WhatsApp on iOS is just way too buggy, I have been on this phone for 8 months now and I have had over 6 WhatsApp bugs that`s really frustrating

FaceID.. the only thing I missed from my iPhone X

Consistent UX. It`s what it is, and you don`t like tweaking.

Like others have said. iMessage and integration of their products. Things I do miss.

Camera, user experience

Battery life. That`s about it

For me updates & upgrades

The rubber band-y, fluid, animations. From a 5 year on/off iPhone users individual perspective, that is what attracted me the most and makes me want to stay. There is a good balance between the feature-set it provides and the usability experience. Restricted, yes. But art.

Definitely the 3rd party accessories, that`s the most fun part when I buy an iPhone.

Just the build quality

The bionic chip, nvme storage, app optimisation, security, long software support, build quality, the unique look, trustworthy cameras, Siri`s voice recognition abilities.

I think air drop is pretty cool. iMessage has some neat features.

iMessage and the overall integration if you are fully in the Apple eco system. Everything flows smoothly from phone to laptop to iPad etc. For some this is major and needed. I have found a way with Google services to do pretty much the same.

Being iPhone, ecosystem, cameras, iMessage

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