Captured on #PS4 See you in a few hours

September 21, 2021, 12:56 am
Captured on #PS4 See you in a few hours
Captured on PS4 See you in a few hours :) KenaBridgeofSpirits spiritmail

I need this gameplay in YouTube

Playing this on my PS5

Sad thing that i only will be able to play tomorrow night, because of my studies... But i already preloaded It :)

LETS ROT & ROLL! KenaBridgeofSpirits This is gonna look beautiful on my ps5

Is it only a graphics mode and performance mode? Or is there something in between like with Insomniacs Spider Man?

Have a good launch! This One is on top of the 2021 list

Let Go Rot and Roll! The Most Important Game of the Generation GOTY 2021 KenaBridgeofSpirits PlayStation PS5 PS4 gamingpc Gaming XboxSeriesX NintendoSwitchOLED I sooooo want to play this beautiful game but unfortunately cannot afford it atm :/ have to wait few months :((((

Thank you guys so much for all the hard work you have done to get this game to us!! I absolutely cant wait to get In to it later tonight!!!!

The Epic Games store doesn`t have a countdown in the U.S yet, and for places in the world that are already on the 21st, the countdown does not align with 9pm PST of the 20th. Should we be worried that we`ll have to wait for even longer if we`re playing the PC version?

Where are the reviews?

Cant wait to play!! See you soon Yall cant get a PS5 either JK

This looks to be a GOTY contender for sure, love the game concept and characters . . . . wish you all the success with this game

I won`t be able to start it until after work tomorrow. Hope the day flies by...

Playing after work tomorrow! Cant wait!

Do I stay up until midnight to play this? Considering I have to be at work at 6am.

For some reason I thought it was coming out tomorrow night!!! Oh Im so hyped. Ever since the first reveal this was one of the games I was the most excited about.

Can`t wait to play. But the 6 am EU release is a bit frustrating

preordered....cant wait!

I wish I didn`t have to work tomorrow but super excited I have to wait till November but I can`t wait to play this on PS4!

Still no reviews. A little concerning

Just a couple more hours

a few hours for happiness to be in our masses

Woah. Looks great on PS4. Excited to see how great it looks on PS5 later

This looks amazing on PS4 and i know its gonna be just as much fun to play

Still deciding to play it or not. Gotta wait for that metacritic review

I wont be able to play by now, unfortunately. But one day I will!

Looks great! My pc can run games with ps4-like graphics, so Im happy about this.

Been very excited to play this! Hope I can get it once it comes out!

Why can playstation players play the game at 9am PST and pc players only at 6am PST? the release should be the same for everyone ... T.T

Counting the seconds! Even on PS4 it looks amazing

DAY ONE Just passing the time on Kingdom Hearts 2 till the game releases, very excited I`ve been waiting since it was revealed

Does anyone have an estimate for when this game will go on sale on PSN? Possibly Black Friday/Cyber Monday maybe? I ask because I just don`t like the idea of paying $40 for an indie game.

Please let it run silky smooth on PS4/5 <3 <3

surprise us and release tonight

Looks really nice!

Waiting ! The music Im in Cali so 9pm for me

These last few hours are dragging soooo bad.... Even for a standard PS4 this looks fantastic.

Looking forward to the trophy list and how long it will take to earn the platinum!

Congrats on the launch!!!

Locked and loaded on my PS5. Anxiously awaiting the timer to go away!

i`ll see you there my dude KenaArmy too bad epic games making me wait til 12am pst with no preload : (

Gonna be insane on the ps5 tho

60FPS? OMG, I was waiting for that

Can we download at midnight??

need to finish up some games before i can sink myself into this game but i cant wait for everyones reactions and early congrats on the launch of the game finally:)

Cant wait to play in a little over 3 hours! KenaBridgeofSpirits My PS5 is ready and waiting!! KenaBridgeofSpirits PS5 twitchstreamer

Cannot wait till 5am ps5

Looks very good even on PS4!

11 oclock looking real appetizing

surprised how good it looks on ps4

Is there any graphics mode option on PS4? Im just curious

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