Can we all agree that these posts aren`t funny?

September 15, 2021, 7:23 am
Can we all agree that these posts aren`t funny?
Can we all agree that these posts arent funny? Just make a good phone and dont stoke the flames of tech fanboy culture because its literally the worst

learn how to take a joke and stop crying

Yes, these are funny. But when apple shows worst android phone and laptop design in their presentaion is fine?

You are the only one who`s unfun I guess

And also , proMotion is different from that stupid 120Hz Oneplus or Samsung does , that static one , where it moves in digits like 1,48,60,120

BS & biased !! How about apple saying "our competition is catching with our 2 yrs old soc? Didnt watch the keynote? Its true that apple is 2 yrs ahead in soc just like its 2 yrs behind with 120hz screen. I bet you don`t remember "its android free" comment in one of its launch.

It`s funny though

One thing I admire about apple. They literally act like no other companies exist. I know they had a few direct ads against android a while a go but they hardly do it at all.

They`re harmless jabs, Apple throws some shades too. If it`s not funny to you doesn`t mean it`s not to other people.

This post is too salty. You can`t expect people to laugh at a company that deliberately makes jokes.

can we all agree apple is irrelevant lmao

Im not a fan of such too... But anyways its entertaning to read those comment section regarding such matter

"I`ve had [this version of Android] for years."

If Apple is going to make a big deal about features it`s competition has had for a while, I don`t see a problem here.

This is why it ain`t funny for him Fun fact. 10 smartphones that sold most worldwide in the first three months of 2021; - iPhone 12 - iPhone 12 Pro Max - iPhone 12 Pro - iPhone 11 - Xiaomi Redmi 9a -. 9 - Samsung Galaxy A12 Source I think it`s funny

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