Can someone explain to me why people nowadays buy

January 22, 2022, 11:09 am
Can someone explain to me why people nowadays buy
Can someone explain to me why people nowadays buy watches? Let alone luxury watches when smartphones do the same and have 1,000,000x the functionality? Full disclaimer: I don`t understand jewelry.

Very interested in the inverse of this. Not saying you like the opposite, but Id love to shed light on what you do enjoy..

Same reason people buy $800 Jordans, $1000 iPhones and anything that has a name and a brand on it.

Back in 2017 I almost got my partner a fancy watch for Christmas to replace the broken one he still wore every day I ended up getting him a Fitbit instead and he loved it. Its so much more useful than a regular watch and a fraction of the cost

Why do people buy Project70?

I think youre my spirit animal

Arent they similar to sports cards? Something to collect that brings the person some level of joy and possibility that it might appreciate in value?

they can`t print it fast enough! The beach thing is genetic, humans are drawn to them. You are therefore not human, case closed.

Why do people buy Paper when texting exists?

Jurassic technology

I have a watch, I like the idea of not being tied to my phone all the time. plus I think some of them look nice. sort of like jewelry for men

I was with you until beach vacations

So our arms dont weigh the same. *points to the sky at Mitch Hedberg*

Right? I wonder the same thing & was actually talking to my wife about that last weekend. My Galaxy Watch can look just like that & every other designer watch plus does those million other things...for a couple hundred dollars. I just don`t get it for something so basic.

Not at all. Timeless as in you could still pull it off in another 50 years (although I`m sure there will be massive advancements in smart watches by that point to where companies like Movado & Invicta will offer extreme durability smartwatches)

Oh I do love a good timepiece. I am all for analog watches. Classy and timeless look. (mostly) More durable than any smartphone/smartwatch. More often than not, weatherproof and many are great for diving/being under water.

My kid got an smart watch instead of a smart phone because he knew he was less likely to lose something that was strapped to his wrist.

He understands teaching law to strippers, hot chocolate, and being an author.

Full full disclaimer: I also do not understand NFTs, golf and golf courses, the need for cemeteries, the need for people to touch (gross), processed "healthy" foods, beach vacations and reality TV.

Same reason people wear diamonds. That being said I rarely see lawyers under 50 wear them anymore.

Statement piece. I wear a Garmin for my Strava achievements.

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