Can anyone using @AppleMusic help me with this

January 22, 2022, 8:19 am
Can anyone using @AppleMusic help me with this
Can anyone using help me with this. I have completed student verification & tried giving card details but it was declined once. Now I can`t even go the the payment page. This is what`s happening. Any fix?


Also check DM

Add funds to apple id. I do it from iPad. Like google play balance in Android.

All the best when you do get a chance You made me discover there is a web player for AMusic too and thank you for that

It may work on the website Try from a laptop Try subscribing from the web once- did you not get three months free?

Ask help from I cant even add funds using my phone, I always have to open my Mac to add funds My friend even lost 500 rupees because he tried adding funds from his Android phone

Exactly the same problem I had, there is no solution to it. You need an Apple device or take some help from someone who has an apple device

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