Call me paranoiac but this popup came out of

February 7, 2021, 2:58 pm
Call me paranoiac but this popup came out of
Call me paranoiac but this popup came out of nowhere on my phone few seconds ago. Have you seen it before?

I got one too yesterday. Theyre on to us!

If they wanted to mess with your phone they would/will/can.... the message is for added frustration.

Lol. It doesn`t work like that. Once you accept it won`t show up soon. So I am guessing you haven`t accepted it.

Yup! I have seen those carrier updates from AT&T quite a few times.

your problem is the iphone.

I would think its MITM. Someones getting you to reset your APN settings so they can enter in. Which government you pissed off this time? If someones trying to get in your phone its probably a spy agency imo.

I dont think they are anything wrong with this. Already seen this on severals of my iPhones in the past years. Apple pushing settings update that match your Network provider. Its totally legit. It can happen if you chose to enable some options (WiFi calling etc). But yes, you can keep ignoring it, it will just bother you eternally. For example, when Free mobile went from 4G to 5G offers in their same plan, it asked me for a network settings update. It`s an expected behaviour. Source: I worked at Apple tech support.

Seen it before. Its likely legit, but I always find it puzzling that there is no way to check what the update is.

even i got one and i just blindly clicked `update`

So it will keep asking since it mandatory for the cell carrier

This is what happens when 1. You are being upgraded to anew cell site 2. An IMSI Catcher is trying to downgrade your band net and it reconnects to the main network 3. Or one flavor of OS has secretly tried to fool you. Don`t trust any of it

Did you accepted or denied?

It`s a provider update for your cell settings, but I must admit is scared the hell out of me also, and almost nothing to verify. Might check this before and after update iPhone user for almost a decade here. This pops up once a year or something. When your mobile carrier (Vodafone AT&T etc) updates some settings on their end. Just to be sure you should call up your provider and ask them the same.

I have iPhones since forever mainly on Orange network... the ISP pushes updates infrequently. The last one I got was a few weeks ago. About the same time when 5G became available in Franche on the iPhone 12.

Yes, some years ago,bin a few countries in SEA, especially with prepaid SIM cards.

I`ve seen similar things on Android (haven`t used iOS in a while). In that context it`s an app update via the Play store rather than a modal, "HI DO THE THING"

Did you update ur ios recently? Could be new network config for ur Data conn, ps iPhone is poop

Is your carrier changing their infra?

Yes, quite often (Proximus, Belgium).

What`s it? U r the expert. Tell us.

Its popping again and again. I got it 5 times since this tweet...

I get them every so often. More so since I switched from at&t to T-Mobile.

It`s a programable roaming list update so just a new list of towers to connect to.

Reminder: in your smartphone you have an other computer with its CPU, filesystem, applications which can be connected to the Internet: Your SIM card ! Happens frequently when roaming abroad for upgrading some country specific SIM parameters. Also used a lot by MVNO to steer trafic to specific operators.

Sir, I`ve received this too.. Should we update or not? Ive had it before thought it was just an update for the sim from my provider

Would you rather they alert you about carrier settings updates or just do it without your knowledge?

Im with Vodafone Uk, I received few times

You + Carrier Tower | Bad Guy Tower

I too got this pop-up today on my iphone

That`s a legitimate popup when updating carrier settings from what I remember using IOS. Is there an exploit for it? Idk.

Yes... When I inserted a new sim, discarding the one which I was using earlier

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Never experience it before. But, I`m pretty sure mobile phone doesn`t need a network update (?)

Yes. Occasionally, the network providers update their essential settings through it. For example, to enable VoWiFi call feature, disable Personal Hotspot, modify call management facility, etc. Check pre- and post- Settings menu while doing this update.

Yes. Ive seen it before. Infrequent but it does happen. Maybe every 1-3 years. Your mobile operator is updating their settings. Seen it on the other devices I manage too (eg work phones and elderly relatives phones)

5G is coming. Pigeons to prepare for death

If it ah iPhone 7 then that update might cost you $400

Not now is always a good option, until you call and verify IT IS from the carrier.

You are not paranoid. Trust your intuition - it will never let you down. Remember Big Brother monitors our hand held computers called smart phones.

Get them occasionally here in U.K.

Yes, not common but a couple times when visiting areas where my provider has updated some antenna with new protocolos and so on

This literally happens to every iPhone user.

This is normal. Your carrier is pushing config update to your device. You choose to update

Don`t worry, it`s only an update about the IMSI catcher

Hey it`s BJP IT cell. Please throw away the phone immediately

I have seen this maybe two or three times. Its just some updates from phone network providers.

Is legit. Yeah this happened to me before too and it low key freaked me out too. I researched it and apparently its fine.

May be due to carrier agnostic sim in your fone?

It Happened today to me too. But it is ok,

What do you mean precisely by `I didn`t touch my SIM card either` ...?

I saw this the other day, carrier is Telenor. Haven`t seen it since initial setup of the phone.

"Hello dumb iPhone user. Update ready. Press button. Enjoy!"

It is legit, but Apple is surprisingly cagey about what goes in there. One thing it apparently can do is to update your x509 root trust list, and just a reminder: IOS doesnt let you see that list or even the trust chain of certs it accepts. So it makes me very wary.

Is the APN called Stingray now?

NSO group is known to use zero days exploits and attacks directly from apples own servers or something like that. I might be making you more paranoid, but a simple way to find out if something is happening is to check your traffic. They r scared of anyone with a voice n a spine.

Its the telecom network provider setting if Im not mistaken

This is ancient , for the APN settings, never saw it recently, used to see this 5,6 years ago

just use privacy oriented android firmware. please

This is normal, and you can see the carrier settings version in Settings -> General -> About -> Carrier

It has come about 10 times on my phone in past two weeks

Very common in India tbh

It is a legit update push notification by the service provider. It kinda looks suspicious in a way but its a legit update. However, it may be very interesting if that can be compromised by the bad guys to push malware. That can be quite disastrous one might imagine

It has happened to me too. It seems to be clean.

just tap "update" already.

IPhone baseband update pushed. Usually only on older phones turning on to new scenario`s (e.g UK Orange network updates to newer network - EE) However could be an IMEI catcher or simply and update from the carrier.

It can absolutely be legit, theyre basically pushing config changes.

Ive already seen that twice

Had it several times during the last few years. Sometimes multiple times a day. Mostly when traveling abroad. Had it tonight too. I live in Toulouse too.

5G upgrade. I had it after I enabled 5g from my provider interface

y, Swisscom does that too... once every few years...

Lol. You`re not paranoid. Yes just 5 min back. I was wondering the same

Yup seen that I think when carrier updates their technology, iPhone also has to update. This is what apple says.. I got same pop up few weeks ago. Its legit m. iOS at least show these alerts. Havent seen them on Android.

Tmobile? I just got a notification for carrier update 45.1 on my iphone

I was thinking the same thing, this popped up on my iPhone after I jailbroke it so it seem very sus. I have just ignored it.

Got it sometimes on iPhone with Orange or SFR in Tls. No issue

Got it too just after my upgrade to last IOS patch fews days ago. Operator settings exist since a while but are not so frequent. Last time I remember been asked such an approval, I was using an Iphone 4S

Totally normal. It`s when your mobile operator made changes to the services available under Preferences > Cellular data > Services

I see this like always when I put SIM card into new iPhone.

Some iOS popups are scary and extremely annoying at the same time!

all the time. carrier setting updates, im with tmobile in the us

Yeah plenty of times.

Settings > General > About. .. check if its legit

Yeah I`ve seen that a number of times. It`d be much better if it happened in a more trust-able way TBH. It`s probably legit but a user has no way to verify it.

It updates the APN settings for 5G network. But I agree with you; its a bad UX.

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