By the look of things I`ll convert from an

November 25, 2021, 10:19 pm
By the look of things I`ll convert from an
By the look of things Ill convert from an iPhone 11 to a Samsung Galaxy S21 in a few weeks. W or L to go from iOS to Android?

Personal choice though, but i`d go with Android.

W More freedom, like having a Windows computer in your pocket

There`s the ultra version for 800 maybe you wanna this one, but I think it a W

I love galaxy but now that apple has 120fps the 13 just feels right

Oh hell yeah then!!! That`d be hard to pass up

W for trying new things

I made the switch years ago and won`t go back. Apple products suck! On Samsung you can cut and paste stuff into your phone real simple. With Apple you have to use iTunes and it take forever. Samsung phones feel more like a handheld computer iPhones feel like a big iPod.

I have the S21 and love it, both have the pros and cons but all down to preference imo

I`d wait it out for the S22 but do you player! That`s what I`m waiting to upgrade to. But I`m a huge Samsung guy, this a W either way in my eyes.

Both L`s, get a Windows phone like me.

I think in the end it will be very samey. Don`t think the switch is either W or L.

I`ve got an iPhone for work and an Android for personal use. Been on Android for years. I like the responsiveness of iOS, but I much prefer the accessibility of Android. The S21 is what I use, and it`s fantastic

I cant imagine leaving iOS. I have no brand loyalty Ive just been in it for so long and I know it.

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