But why did Twitter have to differentiate between Android

January 28, 2022, 9:19 pm
But why did Twitter have to differentiate between Android
But why did Twitter have to differentiate between Android and Iphone

I might be talking from experience but who knows Because of looking faces

They really got to explain ooooo

I Dey by your side

Na phonism

Twitter for Multilinks Yeye yeye

Phone get race oo, e better as them no specify the phone cause people de wey de use Bontel

For us to know our mate

Seriously Life dont balance for us who are using pkalassa

E pain am, Samsung will soon leave you guys, then fowl yansh go open

Every app does, iOS is different from APK

Apple and groundnut na same taste ?

Opera-mini web browser. I swear Twitter dey catch cruise

Twitter for Nokia

come nd answer her

The taste is different

They are mad ni Looking for who to intimidate I rock my Android Iphone 7+ that I sold since then my Samsung is doing more than what my iphone did for me

Oh really here we dey same same we are together Samsung user we are here who else

Twitter for what is your own let us know fellow by us

Nah to sanction Twitter ....each phone brand should have their Twitter slogan

Yes, that`s what I`m using

we have a concern here ?

Them wan cause world war

I understand your pain

Perhaps the same reason why guys like Tariq distinguish FBAs from Africans..

They want to shame us Infront of the public

Lol pele my dear... I understand we`re in this together, you`re not alone

700k for phone yet it named Twitter for Android

But there is a way you can do it ooo and e go change from android to iPhone

Mek I no talk sha Because one senior one , when you start using iPhone. You go understand

Twitter for land line too

I really dont like it

This life no balance

Sorry Grachi. Dem no mean am laidat

They should have Twitter for Samsung .........

Asin eeh I tire for them

den itel users go fall under java users

Seniority Dey everywhere

It would have been so cool

Dem wan phone shame us

grachi you don high

Twitter for itel? No chance

They for kuku dey write the name one by one Twitter for Samsung Twitter for Tecno

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