Built with 100% flaws and attitude

June 5, 2021, 12:55 am
Built with 100% flaws and attitude
Built with 100% flaws and attitude. Grab the Build Up Emote with moves by

Or I buy this or I buy The batlepass

code Wasicu ad

where`s that skin tho

my god this game is even worse now.

Dead game + ratio

Leave it to fortnite to credit a person who did a dance and not the person who made the song

Maybe on ios Season 3 isnt so bad



youngboy better

Turn the skin the other way round kill me.


thats a lauds emote

Wish she was twerking

This is a must! XD Why are the capes not attached like they are in your art work? You`re seriously allowing the design team to falsely advertise you`re skins, not cool. You lost 15.99 bc of your bad design choices Excuse me

where is the daily tweet :/

i figured this was gonna be an emote

Lexa and Orin doing it. Lexa pissed off EEK THIS IS SO CUTEEEEEEEEE

If I had to choose between meeting Tik tok stars or having a literal X-ray from mortal kombat performed on me I would choose the X-ray

Anyone with a support a creator code so I can buy the emote and support you.

Jumping of a cliff if someone uses this emote after killing me

Another CringeTok Emote...

fortnite is still safe from pride month

I think it would be pretty cool if you guys gave all the girl skins naked edit styles and added sex to fortnite in the new update

Day 11 of asking to bring back the astronomical set. 100% for sure this is the worst emote ever existed


Giving away free vbucks to someone who follows and dms me BE QUICK I swear if i die and someone does this emote i might quit

1 Hour Build up emote with different skins I didn`t expect to see this emote in the Item Shop this early. "" I didn`t even know it was in the game files.

Finaly an Icon Emote Let Goo Firee btw

fortnite bella poarch big butt compilation

so funny

. First learning about disgusting topics being taught to 1st graders on the news now being horrified to see a emote like this that lines up with all that weird garbage. Nope.

So how do I block emotes?

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the worst crossover is tiktok x fortnite

I Want This Skin!!

hahahahhah so funny change it back

u can dance by yourself just stop ruining the fvcking game

This is goated copping rn use code PACH!!!!! ad

Ratio + Not gonna follow you

A system in need of a review JusticeforCriterion FixLegendaries CrushTheDurian P.S. 3 legendaries in the shop without styles

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Bella is looking for way to enforce legal action lol

Oh no

ok get your money and leave

Since when fortnite became simps?

I am disappointed in humanity

What skin is that? I`ve never seen that one before

can we get some actual dancing emotes in this mf

People gonna hate when i flex this on them when i win


U do not know how many horny 9 year old I see singing over this emote

Idk so faking trash

Literally don`t even know who Bella is or that song lol. I`d rather have Rainbow Racer, the Dizzie starter pack or the Purrfect wrap.


hey fortnite can i get a creator code i got 1056 followers in TikTok tweet me back if you can

not a bad emote horny teens when they see this emote These tiktokers and dances are getting more cringe by day.

LOOK!!!!!! I TOLD YA!!!


You are down so bad fortnite

stop ruining the f game

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Nah and I can say that because no one here has me added on fortnite unlike some others

nope.we are not doing this

I think it would be pretty cool if you guys gave all the girl skins naked edit styles and added sex to fortnite in the new update

Use code Galactic in the Fortnite item shop ad

no thank you<3

Nos make the skin too!!

Is bad

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A rare fortnite L

New fav emote

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