Buddy, I don`t take no chump change as a

February 7, 2021, 6:58 am
Buddy, I don`t take no chump change as a
Buddy, I don`t take no chump change as a bribe.

an FBI and spy update would be awesome

Anyone else got an update?

Make and mythical creatures update Where you can be a Vampire or a zombie or a wolf

I mean like can you make ios updates into android

I updated my game, and now every time i click on my relationships it closes my game?

So theres a glitch were every time I open relationship I crash out the game

My first concept Hello bitlife love your game I put in a review on the AppStore can you plz read it and see if its good I had an idea (it might be the worst one Ive ever did but its up to you if you want to see it lol ) just followed as well again I love your game

hi!! i ran into a bug! when my sister complains about a bully it uses he him pronouns and not she her ! just wanted to let you know! Another one done! Not really a huge fan of this movie series but still a fun challenge to complete! Hey, I switched from Apple to Android. Is there any way to transfer my Bitizenship and God Mode? I miss playing.

add charts for the pop star career xx

hi bitlife, whenever i open the relationship tab on my game, it closes the app out. anyway you can fix this?

Quick Question: When you finish with the android update do you have any ideas on what the next update will be?

Hi, I recently updated the game and for some reason whenever I go on my relationships it crashes do you know how I can fix this? Thanks.

I wondering when will make a Redneck Update and Drug Lord Update also when they will give Mafia Update to Android.

Those goth people are really hard

I was once bribed 10mil when I was mayor nd I declined so I can work to President guess what I put 79 mil into becoming president failed everytime now I only got 200k

what do yall think about adding intersex to the sex option?

Please let us carry on as nieces and nephews

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