"Bu bu but Gamepass is bad because you don`t

October 13, 2021, 2:43 am

"Bu bu but Gamepass is bad because you don`t own the games"

how many years will I be playing Halo Infinite for damn near free Crazy how we dont care

I`ll say it even at a discount to 50 returnal was a waste of money

I don`t Care about PS First Party until they arrived on PC and on Sale (pay max 20 for PS Games). Love my PC and XSX

Gamepass is bad. I been out the country for months for work. Games are still bland and boring.

>gamepass > still no games

Gamepass is the worst service EVER!

Lol why do so many people care. Let game pass people play game pass. Let Xbox and PS players play what they want and rent/buy how they see fit. Stop criticizing each other and go play your games.

Idk I own both Xbox and PS5 but for me personally like 80% if not more of the games on game pass get really boring pretty quick

That just proofs xbots dont buy games at least some

And to think Im playing Back4Blood and having fun with it. Damn you gamepass for being amazing.

Gamepass is bad because of that and many more reasons, he literally says he got his money`s worth out of the game.

Gamepass is the Netflix of gaming... its only a problem its on xbox..I bet if it was on playstation it be so called innovative.. Hold my Beer: Pays 79.99 for Jurassic Park the game on SNES in 93.

Your profile picture so blatantly shows your an Xbot.

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