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July 25, 2021, 1:56 pm
Bruh moment https://t
Bruh moment

Even my old S7 got a security updates after 5 years. I also heard that Google is now doing 5 years of updates Idk maybe bcz it`s an old phone. Samsung recently started 4 years of security updates and 3 years of OS (for Galaxy S10 and later)

Idk then cuz like 2 or 3 or my friends have iPhone 6s and non of them is what I can call "fast". And for security yeah I agree it`s important. But you`re forgetting that Samsung and Google too offer Security updates for 4 years

Sure then don`t pretend like that 1 extra year of updates matters a lot. An iPhone 6s on the latest iOS version lags a lot so idk what`s the hype about iOS updates.

Nope. But you not accepting that iOS updates are shit AF with minimum new features and Android updates always bring new features and design changes

Maybe ask he can give you better answers

Literally everyone agrees to it you using android doesn`t mean you`re not an apple sheep and it shows.

A barely usable phone on the left. Updates are fine but stability is important, it`s drinks battery like hell and slow as tortoise. On the other hand Google pixel 2XL is very much usable

Make some Internet search, Im sure there is a custom ROM with great camera results, and btw tutorials show how-to step-by-step

System updates are through play services example old devices getting nearby share

Then you can rot your device and install a custom rom

Never said Android doesn`t copy iOS. Both copy stuff from each other. Have a nice day

Night mode was just an example also "widgets" aren`t new features

Lmao new android phones (flagships at least) are getting 4 years of security updates. And yes my "no new features" statement was correct. No iPhone older than 11 got night mode

3 years of useful updates with new features >>>> 5 years of updates with no new features


Why is the phone in Chinese Imao

I can I people saying the updates are different due to Apps.

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