Blackpink switches over to iPhones after contract with Samsung

October 12, 2021, 5:33 am
Blackpink switches over to iPhones after contract with Samsung
Blackpink switches over to iPhones after contract with Samsung ends

My Question is why r they getting crucified now? The contract ended long ago we all know they never owned Samsungs jisoo simply upgraded her phone from 12 to 13


Wait mirror selfie equal to adv? Disloyal? Lmao

Sometimes i feel sorry for BTS. i know they are iphone user before becoming samsung endorsers. And sometimes they used their iphone in twitting.

Even before they became samsung endorser they already an apple user. Why do u think they did not renew their contract maybe because they not really fan of android phone. And thats the time why bts become endorser of samsung.

Did they just compare to their fav who are also paid to use it and be models.

Knetz once again think themselves as the core of earth and the world revolve around them

But when brands drop and move on from different celebrities they dont care LOL. The contract is over and they dont owe each other any loyalty hahaha

the contract is over ages ago. They`re so weird pls

I will never get tired to say knetz are just so weird like. I`m surprised everytime.

I know why K ppl feel that way, just because Samsung made in K :))) and I am surprised that so many ppl think this is a serious problem. I mean they it`s been a long time since the girls` contract ended and there`s no term for them not posting pictures of other phones.

lmao as if using iphones are now illegal

"It cheapens their image"

so now using iphone is illegal right after terminate the contract and they cant use what they really like dont be silly like that knetz

Lol, they`re crazy

Knetz are bunch of jobless weird people

they`re hurt bc samsung is a korean brand and they want the pinks to stick on using samsung AS IF most idols and kdrama actors are not using iphones secretly

So this is your way to drag down BP? I didn`t know using an iPhone is so big deal now.

30-40 y.o men are mad at women using iphone knetz really need therapy.

you all are so weird

Now using iPhone is a scandal

They were hating for breathing during they live singing.. so I am not suprised

These people are crazy af... They`ve always been iphone users lmao even when they were advertising Samsung please Y`all have serious issues. It`s not deep i promise you. Mind about your country real issues that you`re filled with it

Bunch of weirdos

Not them acting like bp got a divorce with Samsung

lol i would switch over quickly too. the awesome screen awesome camera long lasting battery life was cringey af

A contract is a job ???? Like its OVER, its a contract relation no more! They cannot say it hurts cause the company is Korean

"Samsung most feel so empty" btch they weren`t married, contract is over, move on

It`s been years LOL and it has contract for reason and here yall sore lifeless losers got nothing to do suddenly speak on bp

Koreans are so pathetic they will dismissed the issue when its surrounds dr%gs, r4pe, 4bused and misogyny but god forbid if blackpink switches to iphone

Not BLACKPINKs iPhone being more popular than some groups

let them breathe omg is it that serious .... anyways the pinks were v loyal w/ them, from reuploading pics that had iphones etc job done, they got their checks & it was done long time ago move on !

Help, not them actually getting angry over a bloody phone

I think knetz have a pact with Samsung just another day bp got hatred bcs unreasonable reason

they do have a competitive kink sorry not sorry

Other idols scandals : dr*gs, rap*st, etc BLACKPINK : using iPhone

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