Bitcoin is Netscape Ethereum is AOL Bsc is Apple

May 26, 2021, 10:00 am
Bitcoin is Netscape Ethereum is AOL Bsc is Apple
Bitcoin is Netscape Ethereum is AOL Bsc is Apple. Sorry if you don`t like it.

Watch out that aol will not kick your a after update

I followed advices on Twitter Shitcoinery and scams

I am sorry for you bro`

A walled, privileged, centralised garden? Sounds great m8

So BSC is poor build quality and eventually is made obsolete by company`s design?

And Cardano is Bitcoin

And $ARRR is privacy !!!

$holo is the new $btc

What you say is dumb. Sorry if you don`t like it.

Chainlink is the internet it self. Let that sink in...

BSC is Window Phone. Only attract shitty, scammy and weird products because the best teams want to focus on Blue Chip plateforms. (ETH, Solana, Terra). Sooner or later, Binance will focus on what they are the best, and dominate that space: Exchange for Degens.

$LUNA = Apple + Google + Facebook + Amazon

None of them are anything like those fundamental social changes. Crypto has been around since 2008-2009. Why is it not fully mainstream adopted still? Because theres no crypto exchange regulations and no true tax structure. We talk about the tech and its bullshit for now.

Is this supposed to be a compliment of BSC? Because it`s not

Bitcoin is Napster Ethereum is Utorrent BSC is Pandora Sorry if you don`t like it

And DOT is Amazon, ICP is Tesla. You are not ready cmon wake up

bsc is essentially just an ethereum scaling solution, first one to go live but already getting surpassed. It`s like a Chinese imitation Apple if your comparison has any legs.

Bitcoin is the internet Ethereum is JavaScript BSC is a website Don`t be sorry we all made this mistake before.

Then $ATOM is what? God?

Won`t you rather look at ETH as Android? A lot more open, a lot more content and also a lot more inconsistency of speed and experience.

O1T is the singularity

BSC is a cesspool filled with scamcoins

BSC is that free internet CD ROM youd get in the mail.

If bsc is apple it means it does not innovate but replicates & copies its competitors. If we compare it to the current strategy of apple. **disclaimer apple copies android

Hbar is the whole all in all Universe

what`s fair land like? ^ is what fairy land is like

And chainlink is amazon!

and $nxs nexus is the internet

$RSR is telepathic financial and emotional transactions. Deal with that!

What about Terra $Luna?

$1inch is Metacrawler

BSC is ETH though just with parameter changes to make it more centralized. Not really a comparison here.

PancakeSwap is Amazon!

I was told BSC was Huawei sir

BUNK Narritive....Apple would exist without AOL...BSC copy and pasted nearly evvvveryrhing eth ecosystem pioneered

You should probably remake this with solidly above Apple. This is quality internet trolling.

What a surprise it will be when you see. [email protected] has the leader, the team, the tech, the UI and the community. $egld $mex $mpad

What about Fantom, Jebus? Have you trued farming in fantom? Its pretty cool.

Well bsc is centralized. Live or die with Binance. So not sure if I will call it the company pursuing best in tech.

If you think btc is Netscape it only goes to show how little you understand about what it took to develop Bitcoin

I like jokes , this ones real good

And $DOT !??! Cardano is the Apple and bsc is linux

BSC? Bowscoin? Huh? Need to Donsome research to find out what the heck that is.

eth is msdos will continued to run in the background

HFSP. Sorry if you dont like it.

Ethereum is Google bro

Never knew apply copied all of AOLs code, that`s crazy


Doge is Macrosoft, with the most users, one day.

So... BSC is what we should be focusing on?

What coin is Amazon? What coin is Microsoft?

Bsc is Android, Ada is apple

Eh, bsc too cheap to be apple. And I think eth is Google right now.

Apple dont get hacked....

get rekt or bend the knee.

Cosmos is Linux so presumably luna would be apple

$CAKE is the App Store

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